Traci Lords Net Worth

Traci Lords net worth is $3 million.


Traci Lords is a celebrity that has not been known to do much outside of the porn industry.

Traci Lords started her career as a model at the age of nineteen. She has also sung for artists such as Bon Jovi and Marilyn Manson. She has been an adult film actress since the early nineties and has had several adult film awards.

In the mid-1980s, she starred in some very controversial X-rated films and was one of the most sought-after pornographic actresses in the adult entertainment industry.

Early Life

Nora Louise Kuzma [born on the 7th of May, 1968] is the eldest child of Louis and Patricia Kuzma. She was brought up in the town of Steubenville, Ohio. She has two brothers, James (born in 1965) and Joseph (born in 1970).

She spent most of her childhood living with her father, and he was a violent alcoholic who beat her mother, which ended their marriage when Traci was seven years old.


The movie was a huge success, and the character Baby from the movie, was later on dubbed in as the iconic character, Amber Waves by the American audience. Hollywood was impressed by the character, and she soon became a household name. The movie, however, also had its share of critics, who felt that the movie was too childish. Many critics even went as far as to call it a horror spoof. The movie turned out to be a huge surprise hit, and Amber Waves is still loved to this day.

She was then spotted by a modeling agent in London. The agent took her to New York in 1990 where she was featured in the swimsuit catalog for Calvin Klein. She was also featured in a photo shoot for a French magazine.

Since they are an alternative band, they are always in the limelight. They have a number of hit songs in the UK, such as ‘This is the sound I’m searching for’, ‘Spiralling’, ‘I don’t wanna be a hero’ and ‘Laid to rest’.

In 1995, the singer released the album 1000 Fires. Her lead single was “Control” and it reached the second spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs.

She appeared in the Sci-Fi movie, Princess of Mars, in 2012.

Traci Lords is a porn star that has an estimated net worth of $4 Million dollars in July, 2020.

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She is a porn star who became famous in the 90’s for her acting skills. She also appeared in several high-profile movies like Fatal Attraction and Dirty Dancing.

Favorite Quotes from Traci Lords

On August 22, 2009, while trying to get her life back together after leaving her modeling career, Traci Lords had a dream that she was a little girl and she was hanging clothes on a clothesline in her driveway. In a strange coincidence, on that very same day, a news story about Lords and a sex tape surfaced on the internet.

I am climbing to the top of the tallest darkest tree I need to know where heaven stops, what is beyond the dream.

3 Life Lessons from Traci Lords 

First, when you want to achieve great success as a model, you have to have a goal, and work hard to achieve it.

1. Courage 

Courage is the most important virtue, because without it, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.

2. Choices 

Attitudes are just a choice. Happiness is just a choice. Optimism is just a choice. Happiness is a choice. Kindness is just a choice. Giving is just a choice.

3. Being Loved 

We need to love ourselves enough to let others love us, and then make the choice to be in relationships with people who really do matter to us — people who love us the way we are.


Traci Lords is an American actress who was born in San Francisco, California on April 13, 1970 to a mother who was a former Playboy Bunny.

Although she started her career in films where she was considered to be a supporting lead, she later started playing more significant roles which eventually made her career skyrocket.

As of the 2020’s, Traci Lords still has a net worth of around $4 Million.

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