Snoop Dogg Net Worth

Snoop Dogg has a lot of money after selling his real estate and music interests at the beginning of the year. He has around $100 million worth of real estate and has $30 million in his bank account. He also has some money in stocks and also holds some money in his pockets.

Snoop Dogg has amassed a net worth of $150 Million. He’s made his living as a musician since the early 1990s, but he’s best known for his time with the Dogg Pound. He also used to work for Death Row Records, but he went on to found his own label, Doggystyle Records.

Snoop Dogg is the first rapper to release four albums with songs certified double gold, platinum and triple platinum by the RIAA. He also holds the Guinness World Record for most time served in prison. He’s survived two stabbings and was charged with a count of voluntary manslaughter in the death of a man named Mark Mattison.

Snoop Dogg – Key Facts

Early Life

The family home was a pretty rough environment for him, and in his youth Snoop suffered from substance abuse because of being neglected. At the age of 13 he was sent to a jail in Long Beach to finish his high school education.

Snoop had been living in LA, but because his mother was a school teacher, he had trouble finding a job and could not provide for his family. His father was a rapper, however he had passed away from AIDS some time ago.

He started rapping in the seventh grade, joined the gang Crips in Long Beach as a teenager and lived with the group for several years. He spent his teen years in and out of prison. When he was 18 and was released from jail, he formed the group The Doughboys with Nate Dogg and Lil 1/2 Dead.


Snoop Dogg auditioned. Dr. Dre and Suge Knight heard him. Snoop impressed them, and they signed him to Death Row.

The year Dre is credited with his first solo studio album, ‘The Chronic’. With the album, Dre was able to launch a very successful solo career, and it is for this reason that he is credited with the first ever solo album.

The Snoop Dogg’s debut album “Doggystyle” was a huge success as a street seller, and continued heading towards greatness in the music industry.

Snoop Dogg’s rebranding from Snoop to Snoop Lion made the hip hop industry to think about the rebranding of rappers. This is why Snoop Dogg’s rebranding was a success.

MTV and Complex list him as a hip-hop legend, his music was even sampled by Snoop Dogg on his debut album.
He’s got a gold medal from Guinness for the most streamed song in hip-hop history.
He’s in two of the best films of all time and has a feature on “Friday” in “Fright Night”.

Snoop Dogg is estimated to be worth $150 million dollars.

How Does Snoop Dogg Spend His Money?  

Snoop Dogg bought this mansion that has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, and 5 other amenities for $10.5M.

He has a 1967 Pontiac Virizion convertible in his car collection which he enjoys driving. He also has a ’69 Ford Mustang in his collection. His cars are classic and have been for years.

Snoop’s 1967 Cadillac has a black exterior and a black interior. The 1967 Cadillac has a V8 engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission. Snoop’s Ferrari has also been included in his unique car collection.

These cars were acquired from the likes of the Gooding & Company Auction, Barrett-Jackson Auction, and the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. You could see his previous cars such as the Maserati Quattroporte, Jaguar XJ220, and many more.

Snoop Dogg is famous for his jewelry collection is massive. He has been collecting jewelry for over a decade and still continues collecting as we speak.


Snoop Dogg is one of the greatest rappers of all time.
He’s made millions of dollars, and helped raise the standard of hip hop.

Favorite Snoop Dogg Quotes

When Snoop Dogg has not written a new song for years, he wants to open a parlor and call himself Scoop.

Master your craft. You can’t do something without mastery.

If you like the ride more, you have to buy it.

Snoop Dogg is a very creative person who also has his own production and rapping skills. He is also a very social person who likes to meet new people. He is a free soul who doesn’t care about rules or restrictions. He doesn’t care about critics, fame, or money. He is a free spirit who thinks of himself as an artist, and also as a person who is loved by millions of people.

Snoop Dogg loves himself too much to actually say that he actually has a voice in music.

The people of California are not slaves to the federal government. They are free to secede if they wish.

Snoop Dogg Motivational Video

3 Success Lessons from Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has a number of lessons that can be used as life lessons. The first one of these is that you have to be your own best friend. This is the type of person that stays true to themselves, and not the things that are around them.

1. Believe in Yourself

It was a really great time and we was playing a lot of gigs in a lot of different places and I think we was just having a really good time. We was a band.

I wanted to say that my generation is a generation of people that believe in the potential of every person. And I thought maybe I could encourage the youngsters out there, to believe in themselves, and believe in their potential.

2. Be Original

The reason why it’s difficult to be original is that there are too many rappers in the world. In saying that, it is also very difficult to sound like you, to sound like you means to sound like a certain artist. That’s why my advice is that you should be original.

3. Make Some Noise

You have to be yourself. You can never take that away from yourself. When you are a star, you have to be yourself.

Personal life

On November 5, 2017, during an interview with Vibe, R&B singer Chris Brown discussed the alleged domestic abuse he experienced from then-girlfriend Rihanna, calling to “break up” in the process. Brown stated “I was in a bad relationship with Rihanna… it was a very toxic relationship… We were arguing a lot and I was trying to get out.

Snoop Dogg – Net Worth Over the Years 


Snoop Dogg was discovered on his famous mixtape called “Da Drought 3”. He has been rich from then on, selling albums, doing albums, and he has an incredible net worth of $150 Million.

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