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Kingston’s $6 million net worth was revealed in 2015. Kingston earns $1.5 million per episode of “America’s Most Wanted” (which is a reality TV show) and earns about $2 million each from endorsements.


Sean Kingston’s net worth as of July 22, 2022 is $500,000.

After the release of Kingston’s debut album, Sean Kingston is a talented songwriter, rapper, and singer. He began his career as a songwriter for other artists, and when he released his first solo album, Sean Kingston, he started making his own songs. His debut album, Sean Kingston, is very popular and has sold millions of copies.

The world was introduced to Kingston. He was discovered on MySpace by Tommy Rotem. ‘Beautiful Girls’ was his first single that topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Kingston’s debut album was a bit disappointing as the songs are mostly of the same type; a couple of pop numbers and a couple of dancehall cuts.

Early Life

After receiving his first call up, Anderson made his debut for the national team in a friendly against Canada on the 22nd of May, 2008.

When Kingston was 15, he tried to play football for the U.S. Football program. Kingston was not selected to the U.S. Olympic football team because NFL and Canadian Football League teams were in season. At the time, the only professional football leagues were in the U.S. and Canada.

David Bowie’s dad is Jamaican. He was born David John Jones in 1938 in Brixton. Bowie was called David in Jamaica. David Jones is also the name of the character in the musical Oliver!


Kingston started his professional career when he was discovered by his manager, JR Rotem, on MySpace. Kingston was signed to Beluga Heights, which was owned by JR Rotem. He was thought of as a raw singer.

In 2007, Kingston became popular after the release of ‘Beautiful Girls’ in the US and in Brazil. It was a huge hit in both countries. The song was successful worldwide.

Jamaican singer/songwriter and rapper, Drake has been one of the most successful artists in the music industry worldwide. Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ was the first single he released. It was a song in which he used his real name and in which he spoke of his mother.

He was a member of a rap group called ‘Young Money’, which featured rappers including Bow Wow, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake.

R&B singer and producer Future released “King of the South” in March 2015 to positive critical reception, peaking at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

In 2014, Kingston released a track called ‘All My People’ on the posthumous Marley album ‘Legend’. Also, he appeared in a Bob Marley episode in ‘Black Dynamite’ and guest starred on the show ‘Adult Swim’ along with David Alan Grier, Kid Rei, and Chance the Rapper.

A year later Kingston went on Twitter and said that he worked with producer Redone, he later released a single ‘Wait Up’ and announced that he would be releasing a mixtape on June.

Sean Kingston’s net worth is estimated at being $500 Thousand. Sean Kingston is famous for being an R&B singer, and he has also been a rapper.

The estimated net worth of Sean Kingston is $500 Thousand which is quite impressive.


Sean Kingston’s career hit a high when he was signed by Island Records in 2005. He was signed as a solo artist, but also as part of the duo Sean Kingston & Usher.

Favorite Quotes from Sean Kingston

My mom made me come to my aunt’s house and when I did, she took me to the back yard and told me to play. I was like…”What? I have to play?” I never did it again. I was so upset. I just left and started writing a song. The more that I wrote the better the song became. I was so determined that I wasn’t going to quit. Even though I was homeless, I wasn’t going to quit this dream.

Sean Kingston is a pop artist that is also known for his R&B and reggae songs. He is currently one of the most influential musicians in Jamaica. Kingston received critical acclaim for his debut album “A Different World”, which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart on November 14, 2006. He also appeared on the soundtrack for the movie ‘Soul Food’.

3 Success Lessons from Sean Kingston

It is important to not compare yourself to others. Instead, try to look at yourself and what you can do to enhance your life and better yourself.

1. Find your passion and stick to it.

1. Surrounded By Good People

Always surround yourself with good people, who are there to hold your hand and be there for you, and to laugh with you and be honest with you. Those people will help you when you fall, and never let go of you.

2. Ignorance

The ones we like, we love more than ourselves and the ones we ignore we hate more than ourselves. But I don’t know which one I hate less.

3. As an Artist

It’s important as a person and an artist to not always think inside of a box. It’s important to be brave and try new things and not always think in the box.


One of the best singers on the planet, Kingston is a great musician who is known for his smooth, soulful voice and catchy rhythms. From the first time I heard him he was right there with the greats like Michael Jackson. Kingston has been on my play list since he first blew up. He is one of the best vocalists of all time and everyone can’t say that they haven’t heard him at some point.

It’s important to remember that Kingston has received multiple awards for his music. One of his biggest hits “Beautiful Girls” has won two Grammys and the Grammy for Best R&B song.

Sean Kingston’s net worth is estimated at being $500 Thousand. Sean Kingston is famous for being an R&B singer, and he has also been a rapper.

The estimated net worth of Sean Kingston is $500 Thousand which is quite impressive.

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