45 Greatest Big Sean Quotes On Success & Life

Sean was the real thing, it was clear he was going to go far. He didn’t care about what anyone said. His music was very well made, and he had a great voice as well. I was surprised when Sean’s music took off.

Big Sean is one of the most popular rappers in America, who was born Sean Anderson, in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1980. In 2007, Kanye West, who was his mentor, signed him to his GOOD Music label.

He quickly became famous after his debut album ‘Finally Famous’ was released. He was the first South Korean artist to release an album in the UK since Dizzee Rascal over 15 years ago.

Sean is a rapper who’s known for his big flows and his swaggy style.

45 Greatest Big Sean Quotes On Success & Life

People are saying that the Big Sean-Snoop Dogg album is going to be released this year, but that’s not true.

We are going to build our brand from the ground up. We just want to be the best entertainment company. We want to be a brand people are associated with.

Big Sean is one of my favorite rappers right now, and this is his latest track. I really like the way he’s rapping about how it makes him sick but he still wants to keep making music. He’s saying exactly what I want to say.

Big Sean has been a fan of gold buying for years now. He’s been buying gold for the past 11 years, and admits that he’s just not wasting his money on something like gold. He’s always looking forward to the future and believes that gold will always be there.

With “Control”, Big Sean showed off a new side of himself, as he went back to his trap roots while still maintaining his ability to rap over almost any beat. It was his best song yet, and I would even argue, it was one of the biggest trap songs you’ll hear all year.

Big Sean is so big that it would be embarrassing if he was having to pull out.

If Big Sean was a “teacher”, we would all have known how to survive by now.

It is good to have patience because it will help us to avoid doing unnecessary things and make us less stressed. If we learn to be patient, we can also master anything.

If the situation does not change, then you’ll have to look at yourself to become a better person.

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Midwest has a rich history of soulful music and culture. And to add my own flavor, I do.

It’s possible that Big Sean was referring to the fact that women are better able to communicate with each other without being directly concerned with what the other person is thinking.

In the same interview, Big Sean spoke about how he wants to step out of his comfort zone and push himself to record the kind of music that he’s not willing to release just yet. The track and video for “My Last” are available now for free through the iTunes Store.

 Big Sean, who was first to announce his upcoming sophomore LP Dark Sky Paradise is really speaking about “making his own.” He’s trying to carve out his lane in the industry and be independent. This is what’s important to him about making his own music career. He’s definitely done everything the industry has asked of him but he now finds himself in a position where he’s got to make his own decisions.

He wants to make everyone happy and comfortable with his album and he is a very good rapper and good MC.

This is a big reason why we all love Big Sean so much. His vulnerability and openness as a performer is unmatched by anyone on the modern music scene. Big Sean is also one of the most talented R&B artists in the last decade and his album, “Hall Of Fame” was named one of the best albums of 2013 by Rolling Stone Magazine. Check it out!

 It’s easier to make music in LA than in New York and Detroit, because in LA there are green spaces, and in LA there is sunshine, and I need all those feelings in order to write.

Big Sean is one of the biggest rappers in the Hip Hop scene right now. He is the leader of the group B.I.G. which stands for Big Sean’s It’s Gonna Be. He was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I started getting into hip-hop around the Bad Boy Era.

It’s okay to be tacky (in the sense that it’s not going to hurt your career), but if you’re just wearing a bunch of chains and a few bracelets, it’s not going to get you anywhere.

You can tell that Sean is a true artist and that he’s a huge inspiration to many aspiring artists. If you want to learn everything you can about him and his music, we have a full breakdown of his career and album releases here.

I will give up who I am in order to be with someone I love, who loves me as much as I love her.

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I’ma go through legal trouble if you wanna go through legal trouble.

People of all colors have the same emotional and psychological makeup. It’s all about experiencing the world on the same level, being able to recognize the emotion in a person and that can be found in anyone.

Big Sean states that he was aware of his talent since third grade, and that his academic performance was always A-B. He also mentions being the type to get good grades, which suggests that his grades may have been somewhat inflated.

I think it’s tacky to have jeans that go all the way down to your crotch.

Big Sean is definitely not a short person. However, he is short where it matters – in his heart. With his “big heart” he was able to help many people.

This one is a very subtle example of a simple paraphrase. The text in brackets is the original quote. The text in the brackets is the paraphrase here.

When you hear this song, you can imagine a group of friends hanging out, having fun, listening to music, and talking about their favorite holiday while rocking their dashikis and praying the same prayer.

The higher the goal, more difficult the climb, but after that the bigger the muscle, the smarter the mind.

It takes a long time to get good at this. Just like how musicians must make their way through the practice rooms of schools and studios to get a little better.

If you are from the inside, looking out, you can’t really see what the rest of the world sees from the outside looking in.

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Big Sean is looking to start his own dynasty and is planning on becoming a top-5 player in the sport.

I have my moments and I feel like I’m being truthful with myself. I go back to my roots of where my music came from and that’s real. But I’m always pushing and trying to be better.

I was also thinking about this topic. I think gold has it’s own kind of power. The way it reflects light and has it’s own special kind of shine. And I think the way gold is most importantly a metal – which a lot of the other metals aren’t.

Big Sean said that he loved the Westside when he was young. He used to sleep in the women’s beds and was only able to think about women.

Big Sean had this to say about Mac Miller. “I don’t look at Mac different because he’s white. He’s my homie.” The reason why I use the two word difference in this quote is that the reason why you’re not looking at Mac Miller different because he’s white is because he’s Black.

If you were creating some dope shit as an artist and you knew it was only going to get played for a certain amount of time, it would be hard to listen to your own work.

The master of patience is the master of any situation. This is a simple truth that Big Sean has put into practice throughout his life.

There’s a reason the name Big Sean sounds like the name of an important person in the world. First of all, it’s spelled like the English word “big.” It’s also a name that sounds like it was chosen by a very clever human being. It’s the name of a rapper who has made a very big mark in hip-hop.

Big Sean says that he doesn’t call his people just fans, but he calls them believers because of their commitment, loyalty and the many things they do for their artist.

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Big Sean is quoted as saying he hates all the old pictures of him before 2010. He says he doesn’t like looking at them and the fact that they come up first when he Googles himself.

In the past, Big Sean has said that he was the king of bling. Even though he has stopped wearing his gold jewelry, he still rocks gold, however.

The rapper made the statement when responding to a question about being the highest-paying artist in the world.

I put the music down, like listen to the wildlife documentary. And it makes me wanna go back and see what they’re talking about. When I go back and look at the lions and when I go back to seeing the animals eating the gazelles, it makes me wanna go back and watch that.

Sean has been going on about wanting to be one of the top rappers for a number of years. He has now achieved that by being a top rapper with no other rappers to compete with.


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