Ridley Scott Net Worth

Ridley Scott is a British director with a net worth estimated at $200 million.


Ridley Scott is the founder and director of the production company Ridley Scott Associates and the director of most of Scott’s films. Ridley Scott is the English producer and director of the film Blade Runner and Gladiator.

Ridley Scott’s career as a director of films has been a long and successful story. His work has earned hundreds of millions of dollars, and is still growing.

Here is some of the recent work in Ridley Scott’s filmography.

Early Life 

Ridley Scott has always been considered to be a very gifted and well-versed director whose career began when he was a teenager. His father would often leave him and his family to travel and work abroad even before he began to direct films, something which eventually had a great influence in his character.

He grew up in Battersea and lived with his mother and his younger brother. He later decided to join the Merchant Navy and left home before he was a teenager.


Ridley Scott’s first feature, The Duellists, was released after a four-year battle to get an initial release date. It cost only US$ 6,000 to make. He chose a real-time location filming style, then shot the film on black-and-white, then converted to color.

The film was a huge success and Ridley accepted the job to direct Aliens by 1979. It was a science-fiction horror film, which turned out to be a huge international success and brought Ridley immense respect and appreciation.

Ridley Scott was having a bit of a career resurgence. With his directing career on hiatus, he was focusing on his production company, RSA Films (and its future film, Alien 5, which has now been officially announced). Ridley returned to directing with the British miniseries ‘The Hunger,’ based on the best-selling novel by Anthony Burgess and loosely based on the 1983 film directed by his younger brother, Tony Scott.

Ridley Scott was nominated for ‘Best Director’ at the Golden Globe Awards. The film was also nominated for the ‘Golden Globe for Best Picture’. ‘American Gangster’ also won the Golden Award for ‘Best Sound Mixing’ (the score and the effects are mixed in one channel).

In 2017, his next film, ‘Alien: Covenant,’ was released. The film was a sequel to ‘Prometheus.’ There were a few critics that enjoyed the film. However, Scott himself was disappointed in the movie. He had expected more from the film. The film grossed over $600 million at the box office.

It was the follow up to ‘Blade Runner.’ He was the producer of that too.
The new film opens in theaters on October 6, 2017, and stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Ridley Scott’s net worth is $500 Million as of July 3rd, 2020.

Ridley Scott has a net worth of $400 million.


Ridley Scott’s career has been nothing short of amazing.

Favorite Quotes from Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott is a true legend of the film industry, and his comments on what it means to be passionate about filmmaking are spot-on. In addition, if you’re looking to find someone to produce your film, Ridley Scott is a great person to seek out.

This isn’t necessarily true, but I think the main reason that he didn’t bother with movies is it’s more profitable to make a movie about the future than it is to make a movie about the past.

Ridley Scott was a student at Art College when he shot Boy on a Bicycle. Not only did he do this film he also taught himself the art of film making. He made a movie for £65 in one month, but that did not stop him from going on to have a long career as a director… and winning an Academy Award.

Ridley says that he is always looking for material to inspire his work, both for his original films and for the many TV shows and films he works on. “I spend a lot of time just developing material, or the company does. That material can come from a book, can come from a newspaper, can come from a discussion and sometimes it can come from a script that got passed over and is floating around.” There is no doubt that Ridley Scott is a man who always has something up his sleeve.

3 Lessons from Ridley Scott

Be yourself.
Always strive to be better, learn, and give your best.
Be smart, be aware and be ready to learn.
Achieve your goals in your field of interest.
You don’t always have to be the most important person in a business.
Always work smart, but work hard.
You need to get to know people, even people you don’t know if you ever want to get to know them.
Make your decisions and stick to them because they will come back to you.
Success has a lot of different factors.

1. Don’t Assume That “White” is the Default Setting

So far we have looked at swords and sandals movies and it would seem that the genre was largely invented by Italy in the 1950s and 1960s, although it had its origins in the US around the same time.

The casting usually warrants whites with white skin colors for the roles of the black characters and other minorities are casted with white actors or played by non-ethnic actors. As an example, I’ll show you some pictures of two different films, “300” starring Gerard Butler and “The Blind Side” starring Sandra Bullock.

2. Don’t Confuse Tokenism For Diversity

The history of Native American representation in cinema is a rocky one.

Now, it looks like Mara may be off the project altogether, but I’m sure her replacement will be way more experienced and talented than her.

The Internet reacted by making a petition against Depp’s casting. It also didn’t help that Disney received similar criticism last year when they cast Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger. There were also multiple petitions asking Disney to apologize, but that didn’t happen.

In an effort to appeal to international audiences, Wright plans to create a diverse Neverland and challenge audiences’ preconceived notions of the magical world first depicted in J. M. Barrie’s classic tale.

3. Don’t Miss the Forest For the Trees

Exodus is just an old fashioned hollywood film. It’s a big budget film and all the actors are just good looking, so they get their roles. Some of them are even from Canada.

Although there were some people of color in the cast, they were mostly minor characters whose purpose was only to add a bit of cultural diversity to the story. But of course, when the White Man is involved, Hollywood automatically makes him the lead character.


Ridley Scott is a Scottish director, who’s probably one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Oscar Nominations and Wins are some of the biggest honors an actor can receive. He has been nominated for two Emmys.

Ridley Scott’s net worth is $500 Million as of July 3rd, 2020.

Ridley Scott has a net worth of $400 million.

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