Ryan Serhant Net Worth

Ryan Serhant has an estimated net worth of $2-10 million. His net worth has significantly increased thanks to the success of his television shows.


Ryan Serhant has a net worth of $30 million as of July, 2022.

Ryan Serhant is a real estate broker who lives in Houston, Texas. He currently stars on Bravo’s television series Million Dollar Listing New York and its spin-off Sell it Like Serhant.

Early Life

Serhant grew up on the campus of Rice University in Houston, TX, where he played tennis, ran track and graduated from Rice University in 2006 with a double major in Art History and English. After graduating, Serhant moved to New York City to pursue a career in visual arts.

While at the camp, Serhant worked in various camp offices including the mail room. During this experience, he became a part of the office community and the administrative staff developed a lasting friendship. During a summer where he got paid to work, the experience inspired Serhant to pursue a career in the arts.


After having done several photo shoots for products like Nespresso pods, Evan landed his first role in a soap opera. However, soon after his acting career slowed, he began taking advantage of his celebrity status by posing for more products.

In 2009, Serhant, with the backing of his mother and business partner, began his career as a real estate agent, ultimately launching a brand identity and website in 2011. In 2013, Serhant secured his first Hollywood agent.

He has become a sales machine, selling millions of dollars worth of real estate and is helping millions of people in this nation become better at buying and selling homes. He has become the top selling author of the last decade.

Even though he is still going strong, Ryan Serhant has had some legal issues in the past.

When Ryan Serhant started out he was valued at $3 MM.


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Favorite Quotes From Ryan Serhant 

Serhant was so good in The Real World: Atlanta, he got the attention of VH1 for another reality show. They called and asked him if he would consider doing a show called The Real World All-Stars. It was an idea they had had for a while. They were looking for people that the original cast didn’t really know, and asked Serhant if he would consider participating. He ended up being one of the original cast members. The show aired from August 20, 2010 to September 10, 2010.

The fear is that you can’t find the job that you need to find to pay the bills, and you’re sitting in a studio not having any money, and it’s kind of like a death spiral. So you’ve got to find a way to combat that fear.

3 Life Lessons From Ryan Serhant 

Ryan Serhant proved that you do not need a long list of famous people you’ve worked with.
You can build a successful career without a long list of impressive credits.
You can use Ryan Serhant’s success as a cautionary tale and an inspiration to pursue your own dreams.

1. Build a Business For The Next 50 Years, Not Just For Today

Too many business owners focus on the “quick-buck” and “getting something done” mentality. They make little effort for sustainable growth. Instead of spending money, they spend time.

2. It’s Okay To Find a New Passion

Ryan originally tried to make it as an actor, and later a hand model (no, his career didn’t go the way of George Costanza’s hand modeling career), but failures in these domains forced him to find a new passion, which he did in real estate.

That’s it.


I’m going to go with…

If you can’t find the right job to fit your life you can always find something else to do to pay the bills.

3. Adversity Is a Speedbump, Not a Brick Wall

After Ryan’s card was declined at The Food Emporium 10 years ago, he focused on his self-image and drive, rather than on what he didn’t have. He decided to go into real estate and become a multi-million dollar real estate broker, a TV star and author.


His clients were stunned and delighted when they received an offer on their dream home, and they are often heard telling their friends that Ryan Serhant is the best real estate broker in New York.

Even though he is still going strong, Ryan Serhant has had some legal issues in the past.

When Ryan Serhant started out he was valued at $3 MM.

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