27 Ryan Serhant Quotes About Success

Ryan began acting when ‘As the World Turns’ was on and he was a teen. After appearing in other TV shows and movies, he became an actor and producer and he was part of a major motion picture titled ‘The Last Tycoon’.

Serhant’s business has also grown as a result. He is now able to make a living from his real estate business. A couple of years ago, Serhant did not have a stable income – he was forced to work at several uninteresting jobs just to make ends meet.

So Ryan, if you’re gonna do it, make it count.

27 Ryan Serhant Quotes About Success

You need to be ready for promotion if you want to be promoted.

Promotion is a given, but don’t waste time on it. Instead start planning for the promotion.

Promotions need to be planned for.

Don’t just hope for the promotion. Plan your promotions.

This is the story of a man who lived by the hour.
He lived hour by hour without living by the year.
So he decided to live for the hour, but with the intention of living by the year.

When he reached a great age, he decided to retire and live with the intention of living by the year.
And then one day he died.

I have been amazed at how I can predict things in the future. This is because I am confident in my predictions.

The most important thing in your communication is to communicate. You should always speak less, and do more. If you communicate less, people will listen to what you say more and pay more attention. And if you communicate more, people will pay more attention to what you say, and you will have more influence.

I’m grateful whenever I’m not awake, but my life would be so different without being able to wake up every day.

A successful entrepreneur is one who understands the value of being able to be a good friend while also being a bad enemy. One who understands the value of building a brand and being a great brand ambassador. One who understands the value of being a brand and leveraging that brand to drive sales. One who understands the value of working with clients in a way that drives sales and is mutually beneficial.

You have to have a mission statement for each day to determine which tasks to complete that day.

If your nervous because you have to be in the work force and need the money pretend that you already have the check in your pocket.

This is said by many people, and by Ryan Serhant, the star of the hit ABC show “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

You’ll be working with Ryan and Matt Gourley from Nerdist Podcast on Season 3 of “The Game”. You’re going to help them interview people and find out what their roles are. I can’t remember exactly what they’re doing, but I can tell you that it’s going to be amazing.

Life can be a really, really shitty place sometimes and it is best to be cautious and aware of the consequences of making decisions.

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Ryan Serhant always remembers that he has come a long, long way from his earlier days. He is very grateful to all the people who have helped him along the way.

Don’t be a dick, play the game with a smile on your face.

We are responsible for the success of our lives and the direction our lives take.

 The quote above goes along with a good reminder to live the moment. This is a quote that makes me think about that I’m doing, while at the same time reminding me to enjoy the moment. I like to start of the day with it, especially since I have a new job.

Most people think that others do not have the courage to do what you are doing. It is just because they do not understand you well.

Taking yourself too seriously is a great thing to avoid.

When opportunity knocks, you must be ready to open the door and answer it.

You must be ready to meet it, to look it in the eye, to listen to what it has to say, and to follow it wherever it leads.

And when it pulls out a gift, you must be ready to open your heart to receive it.

You must be ready to see it all.

If you are going to create trust with your clients, you have to build up a relationship with them. It is not always the case that you are going to sell them something. When I meet someone for the first time, I try to get to know them, get to know their family.

We can either wake up and get to work, or we can sleep and play.

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People who work out in the morning are more productive than those that work out in the afternoon.

A win is not just one that you achieve–because that’s common and it’s not something you really want–rather, a win is the legacy you leave behind. When you win, your legacy should change you, and it should be something that you really want.

When I first started getting into the game, I became a bit cocky. And now I have to keep myself humble, and it works for me.

The people who will do it are the ones who have no problem in the first place.

If you think it’s a great idea, and you want to take it to the next level, go for it. No matter what your initial thoughts, it’s a step that will definitely help your career, so it’s best to say yes.

26. Wake up happy and chase your dreams.
26. Wake up happy and chase your dreams.

You either hate waking up because you go to bed way too late, or you’re not sure if you’re getting out of bed because you’re not a morning person or because you’re waking up because you haven’t slept.


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