Russ Net Worth

Russ is worth $750 million.


As of October 2019, Russell owns a $10M property that’s estimated to be worth $25M.

Early Life 

Russell Vitale was born with an eye condition called heterochromia, which meant that his eyes had different colors. While Vitale’s eye condition usually does not cause any problems, it does cause him to be different from others.

While in Atlanta, his father took him to a concert featuring local country artist, Rascal Flatts. The event was a big success and Russ was mesmerized by the performance. He was so inspired by Rascal Flatts that he started forming a country music band with three of his friends. Their name was Rascal Flatts and the band soon became famous. Russ went on to pursue a career in country music.


This is an African American group which was formed in 1991 making it one of the oldest groups in the history of underground Hip Hop. They are known for being a rap group and is often described as being a rap group with a live band.

Russ wanted to have something different and unique in his music he was born and raised in California so he decided to make his own type of music that was like a mix between trap and country.

He got this massive number of followers because he was already having a huge following on SoundCloud (11, 000 followers) and people were interested to hear what he had to offer.

This track was composed specifically for the film and the soundtrack album, The Jungle Book, which earned Jiddu Krishnamurti triple platinum status in Canada.

He used to release new songs every other week and even faster now since he has moved to Australia. However, even though he’s been busier, he has not let his music quality drop.

Russ is very successful and is doing very well.

Russ is an investor and philanthropist.


Russ is an artist. I just think it’s super interesting that he’s this incredible painter. I think he’s just incredibly talented, and I think he’s an amazing human being.

Favorite Quotes from Russ

While he may lack the technical skill and training of his contemporaries, Russ is an exceptional lyricist and is one of the most distinctive voices in the game. With hit after hit, “Russ Music” has taken over the world with his unmatched ability to tell stories in a melodic, musical fashion. “I started playing instruments before I started making beats…” is the best way to describe Russ’s skill set: He is a master of all facets of music making.

“He’s also a businessman. You have to know how to produce, you have to know how to do it, whether it’s mixing, mastering, or producing. But then I think having a lot of those things, being self-sufficient, is important. Just because you make a record doesn’t mean people should be buying it or anything.

If you want to get your own domain, you’re gonna have to learn how to host it yourself. If you want to have a full stack site, you’re gonna learn how to do that. If you want to have a responsive website, you’re gonna have to build that from the ground up. You’re gonna have to learn how to do all of these things by yourself and learn it by hand. What I’m trying to do is help people be as great as they possibly can be — not to make them feel bad for not being good at it yet.

3 Powerful Lessons from Russ

In Russ’ personal life, we see that he’s always made sure to stay in shape, even when it comes to his career. He’s always been active throughout the years with many different endeavors, including his philanthropist work. And one of the best tips that we can learn from him in business and money is to always go for more. Because when he first got started in business, he had so much of a business to be in just because he was still in college. Then, as his business grew he always looked for ways to keep growing his company.

1. There is Power in Silence

When we interact, we get the most value out of the conversation when we listen to others, allow them to talk and give them the opportunity to say their turn.

2.  Life is Happening as You Read This

If you’re struggling with life and you’re on hold, until you get that promotion or after you retire, then you’re missing the point of life altogether. Life is what you’re making it right now. Make it count.

3. Regardless of What You’ve Achieved, There Will Always Be Someone Better Than You Are

Your goals and values are defined by your beliefs. When you are not happy with yourself, it will show in your behavior and your relationships. Your happiness begins with the moment you have the courage to admit to yourself that something is wrong, and the strength to make the necessary change.


He is an American hip-hop recording artist, producer, and singer who is part of the rap group Diemon Crew.
He first built a steady fan following through social media interactions with his fans via platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube.

Russ is very successful and is doing very well.

Russ is an investor and philanthropist.

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