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According to Forbes, PSY is a billionaire.


PSY is on top in terms of net worth. Net worth is calculated by looking at the value of an artist’s assets (such as his/her art, cars, and money) compared to the value of debts. As of July 2020, he has about $40.5 million in assets, so his net worth is about $19.5 million.

He is the most famous of the K-pop artists. He sings songs that are sometimes controversial but are fun to listen to.

He is the rapper whose hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ is the world’s most popular music video, with more than 700 million views on YouTube.

Early Life

Park Jae-sang’s father was an architect and worked for the Korean government, which provided the initial funding for the boy’s education. Park earned his degree from Seoul National University and continued his education at Yale University, where he is now a graduate student.


PSY is said to be a very controversial person due to his mental condition. He is known to be mentally unstable. Since he was young, he has been known as an uncontrollable brat, and has been criticized for his wild behavior. His album ‘3 PSY’ was a huge success.

After the Korean war ended, he found himself suddenly surrounded by girls (who were attracted to a man sporting a pistol). PSY went to Japan to further his education and started a family. A few years later, he decided to work as a male nurse. He married and after some time with his wife, PSY returned to Korea to pursue pop music.

His fifth album ‘PSY-5’ contained two singles including his smash hit ‘Gangnam Style’ which earned him the title ‘Korean Music Pioneer’.

In December 2015, he released two ‘tongue in cheek’ style videos titled ‘Daddy’ and ‘Napal Baji’ from his next studio album titled PSY7 which includes guest appearances by some of the most popular American musicians such as Black Eyed Pea and

PSY is regarded as one of the most renowned and influential internet celebrities and most influential K-pop artists. He is the first musician to have crossed two million followers on the social network site Twitter and the first to cross 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has also been hailed as the first internet celebrity to get in-studio appearances from the most popular media outlets in the world.

His family now lives in Canada, which would make more sense for a world-wide phenomenon like PSY.


The following is a list of some of the highest points of PSY’s career.

Favorite Quotes from PSY

I’m optimistic by nature, and I’ve always looked for positive things to do. I think you can grow as an artist by creating more.

Psy has a habit of saying things that make people who don’t know him think that he’s not very smart. However, this is the first time I’ve heard that he regrets missing classes. I have to wonder if this is a hidden form of respect for the way he grew up, a way of showing that he understands the values of a Korean family.

3 Success Lessons from PSY

So with these lessons of success, I will now tell you a few more of the 10 lessons we can learn from PSY.

1. Happiness

We become happier by creating richer experiences. Creating richer experiences increases the amount of happiness.

2. Self-Identity 

To have a successful life, you must retrain your identity to be as successful as you want to be, and you must be self-confident.

3. Joyful 

I serve my fellow man and I feel happy because I am happy in my self.


He was discovered by BIG in 1999 and rose to fame due to his song ‘Gangnam Style’ which went viral. He wrote a book about his life and became a good singer. He became a global sensation by featuring in many movies and TV shows too.

As of July 2023, PSY will be worth $150 Million after re-releasing his latest album “Dura” under Sony.

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