Kim Jong-un Net Worth

North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un is not worth anything. He has no one to buy anything from, his people won’t eat, and they have no money for any military that is a threat to South Korea. North Korea is bankrupt and has no cash to pay for any weapons, and their people are starving.


The US would have a lot less debt if the United States was as prosperous as North Korea.

Although there is no reliable date of birth for Kim Jong-Un in North Korea’s official history, it has been suggested that his birth date is 8th March, 1982 in Pyongyang, although this is unconfirmed.

There were rumors saying that Jong-Un was dead. Many people believed that he is dead because he is not appearing in any public appearance. That is why people were going insane over that.

Early Life

In 2002, his father, Kim Jong-il, made him a four-star general in the Korean People’s Army. He later visited China in 2003 to study.

Kim Jong-un never attended, as he was studying at Military Academy of Kim Il-sung University. When his father Kim Jong-il was leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un received the highest academic qualifications among his class.


Kim Jong-un began his political career on 2011, by having a lot of his father’s top executives thrown away or executed, including his uncle who was thrown away.

There is a great chance that Kim will die on the way.

Chinese Communist Party

The CCP is reported to be planning for a number of contingency plans should Kim Jong-Un die, either by being executed, or otherwise.

North Korea continued with its weapon testing program, and fired a long range ballistic missile, which it says is capable of striking the United States. It also tested another nuclear device.

Kim and President Moon of South Korea have been attempting to get along. He is even visiting his former home country for the first time in 10 years.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister and her family made the first ever visit to the South Korean side of the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea and met with South Korean President Moon Jae-In, on May 9, 2018.

The South Korean government has blamed Kim Jong-un for the executions of dozens of North Korean officials. The executions take part during the purge of the high-ranking officials in order to strengthen the power of Kim Jong-un.

The review of North Korea’s human rights violations also found evidence that the political prison camps violate the rights of camp prisoners to freedom of expression, assembly, and of religion.

Kim Jong Un’s net worth increased to $5 Billion in 2019.

Favorite Quotes from Kim Jong-Un


The leader of North Korea is known, for certain, to be Kim Jong-un. He is married with a woman known as Ri Sol-ju. A dictator, he rules North Korea by force, not popularity.

Kim will keep his country shrouded in mystery and will start building his dictatorship.

The United Nations, a group of people, have estimated Kim Jong-Un’s net worth at $5 Billion.

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