Swae Lee Net Worth

He is the co-founder of Odd Future and the younger brother of Frank Ocean.


Swae Lee’s net worth is estimated to increase to over $10 Million by 2020.

Swae is an American rapper from California, often compared to the likes of Kendrick Lamar or Chance The Rapper, for his unique voice and distinct style.

In early 2018, the duo Rae Sremmurd released an album that became a surprise hit. The duo released “Black Beatles”, which reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart, making them the first white rap acts to do so.

Early Life

Khalif Malikibnsham Brown came to the entertainment business. He’s just one in a long line of rappers who have used their skills to rap about life and love.

As a young man, Jxmmi struggled to deal with his environment and his family’s low socioeconomic status. After being rejected in nearly every direction, he eventually turned to music for his solace and salvation.

After their parents separated. They searched for a shelter. Although, they’ve been through several hardships in their childhood they’re still passionate towards music.


Swae began performing in Atlanta, and later on became affiliated with the local rap scene. Lee was first introduced to the music while in school, and began performing at various venues, mostly parties and high school shows.

At a time when they had little fan support, the group uploaded its first song on the internet, titled “You Know You Like It”. The group gained recognition from the song and fans as they became more popular with the group.

The song reached no.3 at the Korean internet chart. The video had over 200 million views and received over 4 million likes.

In 2016, EarDrummers teamed up with the group The Ketchup Crew and released an EP entitled ‘The Ketchup Manifest’. They later released the studio album ‘The Sound’, which was a mixture of songs recorded in studio but mostly from the road. They’ve recently released the single, ‘It’s On’.

After leaving the R&B project I, I am Swae Lee, will be releasing my solo debut album.

Swae Lee has a net worth of $9 million dollars.

Swae Lee has accumulated a net worth of $9 million as of July 2022.


Swae Lee is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. And he’s a huge fan of President Donald Trump.

Favorite Quotes from Swae Lee 

The “no flex zone” is an area where a lot of people can be themselves. They can get their money.

“I’ll hear a beat and think, ‘How can I make this a banger?’ I’ll write the lyrics on a piece of paper, and then I’ll just go over them and change them.”- Swae Lee.

As the second part of the interview, Swae Lee is asked about his collaboration with Drake, who he met as a student at The University of Texas at Austin.

3 Great Lessons from Swae Lee 

When Swae Lee was a teenager of 10 years old, he was a part of a group that traveled to Africa to volunteer. They learned about the problems they had to solve and how they had to think out of the box.

That was the last time that he was given an opportunity to see a problem from a different perspective, and this was the time where he realized he had a gift for problem-solving and this was the moment where he started learning to be more independent, and also became the role model for the rest of his team.

1. Your Words Have Power

You will only regret what you say when it is too late.

2. Aging Gracefully is Not Something All People Can Master

By letting yourself look older, your body will feel better and you will be able to feel comfortable with your age instead of feeling worried about your age.

3. You Cannot Force Anyone to Love You

I believe it is God’s choice to have me where I am, in the middle of nowhere.


Swae Lee is famous for being the first artist signed to the independent record label, Ear Drummers, which was founded by rapper and producer, Jake One.

He was a gifted and talented singer-songwriter who was able to gain attention from the music industry and within a short span of time he was recognized in the industry and became a successful musician.

Swae Lee has a net worth of $9 million dollars.

Swae Lee has accumulated a net worth of $9 million as of July 2022.

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