Nicolas Cage Net Worth

His net worth is $20 million.
Nick was worth $16 million when he married Lisa Marie.
They lost their first marriage so the divorce settlement was $1 million.
He also got $1 million for acting in Moonstruck and a $3 million payment for producing the sci-fi movie, Ghost Rider.
So, his net worth is $20 million.


As of July 2022, Nicolas Cage’s net worth is estimated at 25 Million.

He has also produced ‘Maze Runner’ and ‘Lords of Dogtown’. His films have been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category. His films have also received nominations in the Golden Globe Award. He is the one of only three actors to win the award for which he has been nominated.

Early Life

Nicolas grew up in a strict Catholic household. He became an adult when he was 18 and he was raised a good Catholic boy.

Sofia and Roman Coppola are the daughters of Francis Ford Coppola and he is the uncle of Gian-Carlo Coppola.

In the 1980s, Cage started acting to pay for college and he dropped out of UCLA because he wanted to be an actor. He was making more money than he needed and he was spending it on acting classes.


He played the role of Sean and his character was the youngest of four siblings.

He played a cockroach named Peter Leow in a movie called ‘Vampire Kiss’. They said he would eat a live cockroach for the role but he only chewed it and did not swallow.

Daniel Day-Lewis spent his early years as the son of an Irish railway station master, who, after an unhappy separation, became a traveling portrait artist. His mother is an Irish teacher.

In 2007, Nicolas Cage took over the role of Frank Castle.
2008 saw the actor appear in ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, alongside Eddie Murphy.
At the start of 2009, Cage was cast as the iconic comic book character, Bane.

The year 2010 was a wonderful year for Sean Cage as he starred in a historical film called ‘Season of Witch’ and also appeared as the sorcerer, ‘Balthazar’.

Cage began his professional career in 1999 with a role in ‘The Rock’, in which he played the part of John Rambo, a former marine.

Nicholas Cage may live in a $50 Million mansion. The house was previously owned by former world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman. It has a lot of rooms and also contains his own private pool and spa. The backyard of the house is filled with trees and other green shrubbery.


Nicolas Cage became a movie star with the movie “Leaving Las Vegas”, where he played a hitman who murders his own wife and daughter.

Favorite Quotes from Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage thinks that his blood father may be a toxic person, and he may only consider that statement to be interesting if it made him feel worse about himself.

Nicolas Cage’s quote regarding mixed reviews comes from the website Mubi, which is a website dedicated to independent movie reviews (which in turn gives Cage the title of being one of the “best movie directors of all time” according to CinemaScore). However, Nicolas Cage doesn’t only consider mixed reviews positive, he also considers them negative, implying that mixed reviews are a bad sign.

3 Life Lessons from Nicolas Cage

Learn to accept feedback and critique, and even be humbled by them.
Learn to be humble.
Learn to keep your life simple.
Learn to have fun living life.
Learn that success does not come from the outside, but rather from the inside.
Learn to be honest with yourself, and others.
Learn to love yourself.

1. Never Say No

Despite being universally panned by the critics, Nicolas Cage loves every role he has ever been offered. He’s never ever too good to turn down a movie and rarely accepts them all, so his films have more range than the happy animals Chipotle uses in its burritos.

2. Be a Role Model

The actor’s most well-known movie role, however, is arguably his role as the title character in 1972’s “Rocky”, in which Cage (as Rocky Balboa) literally fights his way out to the top of the mountain.

3. Put your best face forward

When you’re a celebrity on the internet, you have to really know what you’re doing. People may say that I’m overdoing it.


He was born Nicholas Paul Cage in Sacramento, California, on April 28, 1953. His parents were Nicolas Cage Sr. and Rosemary Lafferty-Cage. His parents were originally from Alabama and California respectively, but relocated to Sacramento when Nicolas was in the first grade.

Nicolas Cage can be seen playing Detective James Gordon in the new Netflix TV film, Batman vs. Superman, directed by Zack Snyder.

Cage has recently done three roles, one of which is not for his own studio.

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