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Michael Buffer is an American actor, singer, motivational speaker and occasional model. He has appeared on television shows such as Saturday Night Live, WCW Wrestling, WWF Superstars of Wrestling, and A&E’s An American Family, as well as had a starring role in the short-lived 1997 sitcom, Max Headroom (1997 TV series).


Michael Buffer’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $400 Million due to his success as an entertainer in the Wrestling World.
Michael Buffer is one of the most recognized voice actors in the world.

Michael Buffer is a famous ring announcer for professional boxing and wrestling matches. He is known for his trademarked catchphrase, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”.

Early Life 

Michael Buffer is a professional wrestler, a host, an actor, and an author. He’s won numerous awards both domestically and internationally during his career in professional wrestling, mostly as a promoter of the World Wrestling Federation. He’s the founder of The Michael Buffer Entertainment Group.


By 1985, Buffer was on a $100,000 per year contract and had just been elevated to a higher position in the organization, becoming the network’s lead voice for all fights broadcast on ESPN’s weekly boxing telecasts.

Not long after, Buffer retired from the fight game, but his legacy was not forgotten. His name is currently etched on the Nevada Sports Book and on Las Vegas’ fight purses as the chief ring announcer. The name of Buffer’s friend and partner, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, is also engraved at the sports book.

Hulk Hogan and the rest of the wrestling world’s favourite former heavyweight champion has returned to the squared circle. He wrestled his first match in 14 years at Wrestlemania and it was a perfect match!

In 2018, Buffer joined forces with DAZN to serve as ring announcer for their boxing broadcasts. They have previously worked together to handle boxing broadcasts for Manny Pacquiao and to announce UFC events.

Michael Buffer said that his net worth is $400 million.


Michael Buffer had been taking part of boxing ring contests for years and the experience made him the face of boxing in Hollywood.

Favorite Quotes from Michael Buffer 

Michael Buffer, an American comedian and ring announcer, said that the fans should be excited for the fight which they will both win, and he will be the one who makes a comeback in the ring.

Boxing analyst, former Ring Magazine commentator and boxing historian Bert Sugar said after the fight that the fight was “one of the fights of all time, and both fighters are in the Hall of Fame. I’ll always remember it.”

The fight won Fight of the decade by Ring Magazine in 1984.

My uncle is Mike Buffer, who is the ring announcer at some of the biggest fights in the world of boxing. I was raised watching boxing in Atlantic City. And of course, I’ve been with him all my life. And so, when I got into boxing, I worked for Mike Buffer. So, I was, like, I was born and raised in Philadelphia. When the casino industry started in Atlantic City, which was just a little over an hour away, they started to have a ton of boxing. My oldest son, at the time, we were watching a fight and the ring announcer gave a split decision.

Michael Buffer, a boxing announcer, registered the phrase ‘Let’s get ready to rumble’ as a trademark, as he sought to “monetise” the phrase and increase its recognition. His company, Michael Buffer Entertainment, was founded in 1983.

3 Business Lessons from Michael Buffer

I hope that now you know all about Michael Buffer’s net worth, and how he achieved success.
This lesson is perfect for you if you want to become a well known speaker.
It’s always a good idea to create a profile for yourself.

1. You Have To Believe In Your Ideas

Follow your gut. Have no doubt in your heart of hearts. That’s your job — no one else can do it for you.

2. Great Ideas Only Come When You’re Listening For Them

We start to listen and hear things that we hadn’t paid attention to before.

3. Trust 

You must trust the people around you and your teammates before you can be a team.


Michael Buffer is a successful American boxing announcer, and entrepreneur who is best known for announcing boxing and wrestling matches.

After that announcement, he announced that we are going to the pay per view event, which is World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship match.

The number of times that Michael Buffer has done a promo for Floyd “Money” Mayweather was 20.

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