Magic Johnson Net Worth

The net worth of Magic Johnson is estimated at around $200 million dollars.


Johnson currently holds a net worth of about $200 Million, which is not as much as he once was worth.

Johnson was born in Cincinnati Ohio in 1958. He was named after his father, a famous professional basketball player and coach in the league. Magic is the youngest of four children. His two brothers both played professional basketball. His sister also played basketball.

Early Life

Earvin grew up in Lansing, Michigan. He attended Lansing High School. Earvin Johnson’s father was the founder of Executive Sports, which was later rebranded as Johnson Outfitters Inc. The company was a brand of clothing and accessories focused on the active lifestyle and has a retail store located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Earvin Johnson’s mother is Christine Johnson, a licensed realtor with the Johnson Outfitters.

He was raised in a home of manual labor, in which his mother worked full time to care for her four children while his father never missed a shift at General Motors, until the family was evicted due to a lack of money.


Johnson became famous and a sports hero in the 1980s and 1990s. He became a major figure in the NBA and became one of the greatest players of all time. He was one of the most dominant players in the league and he dominated in the 1990s.

He was the second-leading scorer for the Lakers behind Worthy and averaged 18 points, 12 assists, and 6 rebounds per game in the 1984-85 regular season and led the Lakers into the 1985 NBA Finals.

The following year, he again played in the All-Star Game and was voted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

He was very well known person and everyone loved him in the basketball team. But after he had made the announcement of his status he did not play any more. But he continued to be a basketball player in the team for a few seasons of the basketball competition.

Despite being a well-known NBA superstar for most of his career, he had trouble making the big shots against the defense. He was considered to be a good decision-maker, yet had the ball knocked back at him too often. He was also unable to keep up with the younger guards of the league.

On July 15, 2017, it was reported that Magic Johnson had a net worth of $600 million, making him the richest basketball player in the world.


He was the 7th and final pick in the 1979 NBA draft.

Favorite Quotes from Magic Johnson 

Basketball player, Magic Johnson, has been living with HIV for more than five years. He’s had a positive attitude about his condition all this time, and he’s not going to give the disease to anybody by playing basketball.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best people and businesses at every stage of my career. It’s been an honor and a blessing. I’m grateful to all my partners and friends that have partnered with me over the years to help build and drive our success. We have so many opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of so many people.

Injuries are common in American sports and the best doctors and trainers work tirelessly to give their teams the best chance to win.

“Any NBA star who could maintain a positive attitude without much playing time will certainly earn my respect.”

I’m a big fan of both of us. I wish him the very best.

Magic Johnson’s first stint as the head of basketball operations for the Lakers in the early 1990’s was a time of growth for the franchise. The Lakers became a dominant team in the Western Conference, and the team is still a force today. But despite that, Magic was not the head of basketball operations for many years. He was fired by Jerry Buss in 1994, and replaced by Jerry West as the Lakers’ general manager. The next time we see Magic Johnson as the head of basketball operations, was in 2003. Since then, the Lakers’ star has transitioned into his role as an executive advisor to the club.

3 Life Lessons from Magic Johnson 

He started by building a basketball court, and then, made it into a basketball team; he used the basketball team and court to build a shoe company that became one of the biggest in the world; he had to overcome racism, and he succeeded; he was never afraid of failure, and took risks whenever possible.

1. Make Some Time for Yourself 

It’s the people who make time for themselves to get inspired, that inspire those around them.

2. Have Discipline 

Get rid of toxic people and negative energy so you can make more positive, high-frequency choices in life.

3. Limits

If we push our limits, we can face more fear, and if that fear is so large that it makes us feel like we can’t do it, then the moment we face it, we change.


Magic Johnson was born James Earl Johnson on February 9, 1963 in Lansing, Michigan and raised in Lansing, Michigan. Magic Johnson was named after the African-American actor James Earl Jones. Magic Johnson is a retired American professional basketball player, counted among the greatest basketball players of all time. Johnson is famous for his powerful arms, agility, and speed that helped him become one of the most formidable players in the world during the 1980s.

A few days ago, Magic Johnson’s net worth was estimated to be $300 Million.

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