50 Magical David Copperfield Quotes

I like to imagine that a magician lives in each of us. And that when it’s time, we simply have to summon our inner magician to step forward and create a magic show of our own.

David Copperfield is an American magician who is famous for his magic tricks.

His biggest business achievement is the Magic World Championships that he has organized, held and televised for the past 17 years.

There are plenty of impressive accomplishments in a career which has spanned over 40 years. He has successfully amassed 11 “Guinness World Records,” a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame,” been knighted by the French government, and earned the title ‘Living Legend’ from the US Library of Congress.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono believed that the world was a beautiful place and that you could live in harmony with one another. They have stated that the world was beautiful, and they believed that it could be made peaceful.

I’m a magician, and people who can’t get a good mental picture of a rabbit pulled out of a hat can’t get a good mental picture of me.

50 Magical David Copperfield Quotes

When you’re putting magic into someone else, you have to know the techniques to make it look believable.

New technology has always been a good part of the magic industry. As people start realizing the potential of the tech industry, we will see more and more people trying to use it to their advantage.

David Copperfield says people are too busy to stop him from making the rain appear.

The most important thing in magic is to make people believe what you want to tell them.

People in the field are so enamored of the fact that I’ve been able to get into their secret files and uncover this, and then go on to use this technology for my own benefit.

For my purposes, the main point is to ride through the obstacles, because I want to win the race.

This is an example of how I can use the technique to avoid using unnecessary words. It is very important to be able to use less words than necessary.

The last example is also done with anaphora.

The board that David Copperfield bought at Macy’s was a very small wooden board, where a quarter would appear and disappear.

David Copperfield said that his show is constantly evolving, new tricks are added and some are dropped, and it stays fresh because there is a random selection of audience members from the audience that makes it fresh and provide some of the best comic relief.

You should be as excited about what you’re doing as the audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the Oscars or the kids’ playground. You should care about what you’re saying, and you should try to make sure that everyone knows about it. If you can’t do that, it’s better to not say anything.

10th of 50 David Copperfield Quotes

Dreams are illusions, and we can’t let go of them, because we would be dead.

David Copperfield has many methods available to him to do his illusions. Having many methods for doing the illusions is a good thing.

When I was a kid, the tricks came so easy for me, when I was 8, I started to perform, and by the age of 12, I was already published in magic books.

Let’s see what happens to those dogs when the truth gets out.

When people say you can’t do something, don’t think of it as a fact – think of it as a challenge. Never lose hope – that’s
the key that will open the door.

The real secret of magic is the presentation of something really amazing.

I never really thought about how audiences might not see a stage show as “amazing” as a magician sees it. I’m sure that there are people who only know what happens on stage from the illusionist. Those people don’t get to see the magic that’s happening and aren’t able to suspend their disbelief.

David Copperfield says that creating a believable magic trick on-screen is always very difficult. He says that the story is the most important thing because that is what should win. If sacrifices or compromises are made, it’s usually for the story.

When David Copperfield was asked what he thought of the fact that God didn’t make him gay and he answered in the affirmative, David said he was glad he was not gay.

David Copperfield had been making magic without having the audience know it, but this was different. We were going to use the internet to create magic as well as perform it.

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It is believed that Dora took on the form of the Fairy that the author loved to the fullest. She was so close to the author, and Dora liked the freedom and liberty that the author gave her. She took on the form of a Fairy so that she could be with him for as long as she possibly could. She could live her life as a Fairy. The author could also live his life as a normal person.

This comes straight out of a book I was reading called “Grit”, by Angela Duckworth. It is a book about leadership and developing grit in those that you lead.

David Copperfield stated that he needed a form of escape even while he was working really hard.

I don’t believe this ever happened and I’ve never seen it happen anywhere else. You have to be very careful to do everything correctly the first time. There’s always someone smarter and better positioned to use a new skill.

This is pretty much an exaggeration, but not far off. Magicians don’t necessarily use film as much as they use other tools for visual effects. However, they use the camera much more than other people do, in a similar way you see with today’s digital cameras.

David Copperfield is known for his ability to create excitement by using unexpected elements in his act. The emotional hook is what makes him stand out.

You know that I am a magician, do you not? You know that I can take you on new journeys? If you are willing to be taken on new journeys, I will reveal new things to you.

David Copperfield said that in order to grow, he has to know about the foundation that came before.

If you want to be a success, you have to be willing to be foolish.

It’s possible to feel better about yourself in a very short time period depending on the type of magic that you are doing.

30th of 50 David Copperfield Quotes

I discovered Musha Cay and the islands around it in the Exumas in the Bahamas.

Since he was a kid, David Copperfield has always been good at magic. There’s no doubt in his mind he is a born magician.

Being an expert in magic and a magician, David Copperfield knows that even though there might be a safe spot within any tornado, his job is to find it.

If therapy is hard work, then rehab is even harder work, since it is even more painful.

To do magic seems to be easy, but in reality it’s hard to be a great magician. To perform a trick, you must be talented and quick-witted. If you are neither, it’s hard to keep people fooled.

The key is to create an illusion that keeps the audience and the performer guessing. To be successful, the performer needs to create a new illusion every time he or she does an act.

In the past, David has always been interested in pushing magic forward. He has worked tirelessly to make magic as accessible to the public as possible and is a living example of the fact that you can come from a non-magical background and still do magic.

My job is to make people think. Of course, there’s a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes and a lot of hard work behind it, but I get to watch people see the result of that hard work and feel that wonder and feel that discovery, all the time.

As a young magician, I struggled with the idea that I was the only person who believed magic could be done. David Copperfield is a renowned magician whose stage shows are still watched today. In an interview with the New York Times, Copperfield described how he struggled with magic for a long time. When asked about why he became so good at magic, he said that he learned magic from his father and watched and learned from other magicians.

There were three of us in the same room, and one of them was the same one I was.

40th of 50 David Copperfield Quotes

As a magician, David Copperfield is well-known and loved for his magic tricks. But more than performing, he uses his own tricks to help people realize their own dreams.

We are creating wonder by telling stories and the blank page means that it is completely open to interpretation. There are no constraints. Everyone has a story to tell.

David Copperfield is an American magician who has been involved in the magic community since 1994. He is best known for his books “Trick of the Mind” as well as “David Copperfield: The Making of an American Magician.” As of 2009, he has been engaged to his girlfriend, the former model, actress and television personality, Vanessa Gekas.

While I’ve never been in a fire or in a plane myself, I’ve seen my share of them, and it’s probably one of the clearest nightmares I’ve ever had. I’ve also always had a few “fire dreams”, and I’ve always had a pretty vivid imagination.

It’s important to have ideas, dreams, and aspirations.

David Copperfield says a magician doesn’t have the opportunity to experience wonder. It’s just a job to perform tricks.

I have discovered something amazing. It has caused a lot of controversy. I am not allowed to tell anyone about it.

David Copperfield says that it is the unspoken ethic of all magicians not to reveal secrets. Because magicians are the keepers of secrets and magicians make magic look easy, magicians do not reveal secrets.

I often dream about what I’m going to do when I wake up. It’s like a dress rehearsal. When I dream, I think that I’m doing the thing that I will do in the real world.

David Copperfield doesn’t think that revealing secrets is reprehensible.

David Copperfield says that he prefers to perform magic on the stage rather than on TV. He says that it is more difficult to make a TV show “credible and resonate” when compared to it being “magical on stage”.


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[David Copperfield]: The more I know about you the less I know about me.

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