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Kristen Bell net worth is $5 Million. She is best known for her role as Kristina on television series “Veronica”. Kristen Bell was born on July 2, 1984 in the city of Novi Sad in Yugoslavia (now Serbia). She completed her education in the State University of New York.


As of July 12, 2018, Kristen Bell’s net worth is approximately $35 Million.

Kristen Anne Bell is an American actress from Michigan, she is known for her work in The WB television series, Veronica Mars.

She later worked with director David Cromer on the film adaptation of Cromer’s play The Real Thing, which premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was released in 2010.

Early Life

At her debut, Kristen was in a car accident, where she was only injured but suffered a concussion. Kristen says that this was the beginning of her acting career. After that accident, Kristen started acting in school plays.

She loved the drama and music club at her high school and was always making her friends laugh by acting silly. She decided to be an actress even though she was told she would never make it.


Bell has appeared in over 120 commercials through her career. Her first break came in 1996 when she landed the role of a banana for The Hershey Company. With the support of her agent, she was able to land the role of a tree for a P&G commercial in 1998.

In 2001, she quit her studies for a role in the Broadway musical, ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ as Becky Thatcher. She won her first credited but insignificant role in ‘Pootie Tang’.
She was offered a role in the 2003 film ‘Bobby’ starring Ben Affleck and in ‘The Girl Next Door’.

She was working on projects from then on. She is the recipient of the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Lifetime Achievement Award.

A year after she sang the theme song of ‘Fame’ on the 57th ‘Annual Primetime Emmy Awards’, she sang the theme song of ‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World’ on the 58th ‘Annual Primetime Emmy Awards’.

She was in the 2008 movie ‘The Other Woman’. It was a comedy that starred Lindsay Lohan and Kate Bosworth. The film was released on 18 October 2008.

She first gained global fame in 2012 when she made her Bollywood debut in ‘Chennai Express’. She also starred in the show ‘House of Lies’, which was released the following year.

Kristen Bell is an actress and comedian.


Kristen Bell has played in movies such as Veronica Mars, The Break Up, In Her Skin, and many others. Bell also won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress – Solo for the movie The Ugly Truth.

Favorite Quotes from Kristen Bell 

I agree that you do better in the gym with a trainer. I also agree that reading a recipe is like therapy. I know that both those things are necessary to be really productive with a skill. I didn’t know that Kristen Bell read recipes. I never realized that the world was more interesting when you knew what Kristen Bell read.

Kristen Bell is known for her work in films such as “Ted” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. She also starred in the popular TV show “House”. This is her second acting role since “House” and she has now landed a role in a film that is due out in 2019.

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3 Inspirational Lessons from Kristen Bell 

Be kind to yourself, even when you are going through rough times.

Never take things for granted.

Take responsibility for your mistakes and learn from them.

Learn from your successes and failures.

Know when to stop.

Try always to do your best in everything.

1. Learn or Retire

I believe that once we’ve graduated from school or college, we’re done learning. Wrong. We must remain students until the day we die. We should create our own syllabus for what we will learn next.

2. Be Responsible

Successful, responsible people don’t do things that are childish. They square away the little things.

3. Think Like a Leader

Always trying to lead people to do what you want them to do will not get you far with anyone. But if you want that they should understand and agree to what you want them to do, then, you should act like a student.


Kristen Anne Bell is an American actress and singer. Her first prominent role was in the series of the same name, Veronica Mars.

Kristen Bell has made an impressive $40 Million after getting her first role in the TV series Veronica Mars. She got her first role in the movie Sausage Party.

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