40 Inspirational Kristen Bell Quotes

Kristen Bell began acting on Broadway with the musical ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’. She later went on to act on TV. She is an American actress.

The talented French-Canadian actress has been in many roles over the course of her career. Her most popular role came in 2001’s ‘Crocodile Dundee’ when she played the love interest of Paul Hogan and reprised her role in 2009’s ‘Crocodile Dundee II’.

Kristen is an all-around great person. She has an incredible work ethic, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

40 Inspirational Kristen Bell Quotes

Detroit, the heart of the country… I grew up on 8 Mile and 2 miles better than 10 Mile.

Acting should be about being yourself. If you want people to notice you, it has to be about you. You are the one that has to show passion for what you’re doing. Don’t do it for the money. Be confident and be proud of what you’re doing and others will notice.

The main character of “Veronica Mars” is a high school student. She is very intelligent but lives in a dysfunctional family where parents are always fighting. As a result, she doesn’t have time to spend with her friends since she has to work full time.

Kristen Bell said that you shouldn’t become a different version of yourself because that doesn’t sound like a healthy process.

After a string of guest-starring roles on hit shows, Kristen Bell has secured herself a starring role in the upcoming Frozen 2. Bell is best known for her role as Ariel in Disney’s popular franchise Beauty and the Beast.

Kristen Bell is a comedian and actress who was recognized for her work on shows such as House, Bones, and How I Met Your Mother.

9th of 40 Kristen Bell Quotes 

In the creative industry, working isn’t hard. Artistry is key. There’s no complaints unless you’re doing something you don’t want to do.

A lot of people want to write good and bad things. Like, you know, if you look at “The Twilight Saga,” Robert Pattinson is sort of a good guy. He’s really nice to his mother and all that. And then he’s a bit of a villain. So, what’s good about that? You know, you get variety. But also, if you like a character, you want to spend time with them. And Robert Pattinson, I know how he’s portrayed in the books. I know how he is in the films. And I know how he is to Bella. And I know how he is to me.

You have to prioritize more, I guess. She’s super honest about it. She’s not hiding anything. It’s not like she’s lying. But if you’re going to prioritize it, you have to be honest with yourself because you’ll have to change things around.

Kristen Bell says that she really enjoys Comic-Con because of the whole thing that everyone is enjoying the things that they like. She went on to say that there is nothing better than attending Comic-Con because there is something there for everyone to enjoy. She also said that she has enjoyed attending these conventions a lot.

When asked about her style, Kristen Bell said she tries to stay as classic as possible and said she tries to do a little mystery. Bell says she has a more “classic” style than the rest of the cast.

Kristen Bell has been vocal against social inequality and injustice. She has also participated in several other causes as well. She has worked for women’s rights, animal rights, LGBT rights, and she has also worked in the area of human rights.

There’s no doubt that Kristen Bell had quite a lot to say about her experience watching movies and why she doesn’t believe them. It’s definitely a hard thing to capture, and since it’s so easy for the audience to check out, it’s important to deliver great performances to make the audience believe the couple.

Bell is an admitted city girl. In fact, she likes it so much that she bought a house in a great neighborhood in San Diego a few years ago. It’s her home, and it’s where she spends most of her time. That said, she isn’t adverse to a quick trip when the occasion calls for it.

19th of 40 Kristen Bell Quotes 

I love working but I’d also say that I’m a workaholic. I love working so much that I work everyday and even if I’m not in a work environment, I always have my phone with me and checking emails.

Kristen Bell is empathetic to a fault. She really does tear up at the sight of bugs being squished, and admits to it.

Kristen Bell admits that she was once on the opposite end of the dress size spectrum. She said that it took her a long time to get rid of the negative views that she had about her appearance. She said that it took a long time to look in the mirror and see how beautiful she was.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks here. When the concept of geek fashion first started, the idea of a geek girl was that she’s a nerd girl. She’s wearing all black, big glasses and she spends all her time reading and playing video games. But since the word “geek” has now become a term of self-identity, the term “geek girl” has become a bit more complicated. So let’s break down the word geek.

For me, this is a pretty clear signal that this film is about the romantic comedy. That’s interesting because Kristen Bell is known for playing the comic relief character, which is often the role I’m most afraid of playing. With this film, it’s a chance for her to show her range and show that she can play serious, and be really fun to watch.

I would say that I think of this film as a rom com with a little bit more than that, but I think it fits the bill for a romantic comedy.

Bell has been vocal about her love of horror films — her upcoming film, “The Good Place,” is based on the hit NBC comedy, “Community.”
Bell said that she would “do anything” to get into the development process of the upcoming John Waters film and she thinks that the project would be amazing.

Kristen Bell says she had no problem playing the vulnerable side of the character while on set. “It was easy actually, I was very used to playing that role,” she said.

Kristen Bell and her twin sister, Piper Bell, had a pretty rocky time as kids, and have been very protective of their younger sibling since then. So it’s not surprising then, that when Kristen turned 25, she started making a list of the things she wanted to do before she hit 30. “I kind of crossed-off the list a little bit,” Bell admits, but she still feels a sense of urgency to live a life that will keep her challenged.

The number of geeky people living in our cities have grown to the level that we can now be considered as a tastemakers for the future.

Kristen Bell said that she is not recognized by many, which is usually flattering and an honor. She really tries to not think about it.

29th of 40 Kristen Bell Quotes 

A good actor doesn’t have to believe in their own character — that’s what the director says — but I would say that a good actor has to be able to make the audience believe in what the character is doing. It’s very easy to do when you’re playing someone who is right for that character.

The Twilight actress’ teenage years were no cakewalk – she was bullied as she made her way to school. When she was 18, she was carded for a R-rated movie and was told she wasn’t allowed to rent a car or buy a plane ticket.

I feel like the world is a pretty good place to be in your late 20s. Everything is still possible, you just have to look at yourself to get there. I really enjoyed playing her character in Veronica Mars, because she was so full of energy when she was young. I think it’s really fun to be able to tell that story in Carrie Bradshaw. It’s a fun show. I think she is so much fun and the way she writes, it’s like she’s always joking around, but she’s also super vulnerable.

Kristen Bell says that she prefers to stay at home more than hang out with other people because she can’t afford to buy a house that’s way too big for her. So, she chooses to have friends come over to her house.

There are some things that are just not right and when I see them, I try my best to make them right.

As a vegetarian, Bell chose to go vegetarian to help the planet. She was inspired by her love for animals. She had a hard time disassociating the animals she cuddled with – dogs and cats, for example – from the animals she would eat.

I can’t imagine why millions of gay Americans still can’t get married. It’s not like I can marry my brother or anything.

Kristen Bell said that even though she did have some crazy “bad boy” experiences when she was younger, that’s where those types of guys had their place which was not in real life. She also mentioned that she did appreciate some of the good “nice guys” who were actually nice, but not in a cliche way.

39th of 40 Kristen Bell Quotes

I heard that Kristen Bell has a problem with women who are obsessed with their weight because it makes them feel insecure about themselves.

Well I know you’re going to have all kinds of comments from people who think the bumpy knees thing is funny and stupid. I’ll tell you what, I’ll send you the link because it’s on my FB page but I think you’ll see it is true and you’ll understand why it’s funny.


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