30 Notorious Kim Jong-un Quotes

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North Korea is a very undemocratic country where the government is not free to rule the people. There are not any free elections and the people cannot have any freedom of speech.

In December of 2011, Kim Jong-il died and Kim Jong-un was publicly declared the Supreme Leader only a few days later.

One of the most controversial moments of Kim Jong-un’s rule was his execution of Jang Song-thaek, the uncle and former right-hand man of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il.

Here is our collection of the Kim Jong-Un quotes.

30 Notorious Kim Jong-Un Quotes

In North Korea, people have to obey their leaders above all else. Kim Jong-Un is the leader of the country and you’re supposed to do whatever he says. If you don’t, you will be punished.

Kim Jong-Un said that our party and the government will go hand in hand with anyone who truly desires the country’s reunification and the nation’s peaceful prosperity and will make responsible and patient efforts to accomplish the historic cause of the fatherland’s reunification.

This is a songun policy of the Korean revolution, a policy which was pioneered by Kim Il Sung in the 1950s and led by him and Kim Jong-Il. If Japan is to become a true ally of the DPRK, it would be best if it could follow the DPRK’s Songun policy.

The General was so good, so loyal, so kind, so honest, and so pure of heart that he gave everything from his heart, not taking anything for himself. If we were to apply Kim Jong-Il’s patriotism, we should try to do things for the country and with the spirit of the General.

6. The goal in the basic industrial sectors and other sectors is the development of the economy and [the] production of various products.
7. The goal in the vanguard sectors and other sectors is to develop high-tech small- and medium-sized enterprises for the mass-production of products.
8. The goal in the vanguard sectors and other sectors is to develop high-quality, high-tech, and high-value-added products.

7th of 30 Kim Jong-Un Quotes 

I think a country that has a strong and developed home industry is important to have a powerful country.

Our cause is just, even though we are weak. The might of Korea that is united with truth is infinite.

A nation is where one’s heart is. My father Kim Il-Sung said, ‘A nation is the one where the people identify themselves with the government.’
The people of North Korea are proud to be citizens of the fatherland and love our Leader Kim Jong-un and our country. We never forget nor forgive those who harm our dignity and our dignity-loving people.

The military might of a country represents its national strength. Only when it builds up its military might in every way can it develop into a flourishing country.

Saying that they can never become patriots, Kim Jong-Un said that those who do not cherish affection for their parents, spouses, and children and for their homes, villages, and workplaces, are not fit to be regarded as patriots.

Kim Jong-un said that innovations should go into the coal and steel industries. And the country should revitalize the economy.

There are so many things to say about him, but I will just say this: Kim Jong-Un is a good man.

This phrase comes from the speech given by President Kim on 10 December 2018, where he was talking about the New Year’s resolution of North Korea. President Kim noted that North Korea should make all-out efforts to accelerate the industrial revolution as the nation’s development path on the road to prosperity, and at the same time, it should maintain the quality of its science and technology and work harder to become a powerful military power.

17th of 30 Kim Jong-Un Quotes 

There’s nothing the South Korean National Security Office has done wrong when it tried to develop relationships with the North, and a more glorious future is unfolding before us today.

My friend, a few years ago, I was talking to the former South Korean president Kim Dae-jung about what the world was going to look like in the year 2020. Today, we are already there. This is reality.

> All sectors of the national economy should make “scrupulous arrangements” for economic planning and guidance to boost production by tapping every possible reserve and potentiality, and work out in a scientific way the immediate plans and long-term strategies for stage-by-stage development and push ahead with them in a persistent manner.

Our party’s strategy for resolving the nuclear issue is not the same as the policies of the preceding president: no more threats, no more words of war.
We have no interest in the U.S.’s new military exercises nor do we wish to engage in a nuclear war.

North Korea has nuclear weapons. It has long been assumed that the country would use them, or would threaten to use them, if any outside nation tried to invade. The government has been pretty blunt about the situation.

To understand this, you must first know what a Songun revolution is. A songun revolution is a revolution that relies mostly on the military for its success. And a Songun revolution is the main form of revolution in North Korea.

The Sun of Juche (Juche Sun), the Sun of Ever-victorious Kim Il-Sung (Kim Il-Sung Sun), the Sun of the Immortal Sun of Ever-victorious Kim Jong-Il (Kim Jong-Il Sun) and the Sun of the Ever-victorious Sun of the Party, the Sun of the Army and the People are shining brighter than before with the mighty power of Songun.

*”If I don’t keep my promise to always and continually protect the people’s republic of Korea, there will be absolutely no meaning for me to be alive.”
*(What are the people’s interests and goals?)
(They) are in desperate need of our strong leadership.

All the sectors and all the units of the North Korean economy should launch a vigorous general offensive to boost production in hearty response to the Party’s militant slogan.

It is important to launch a society-wide struggle to drastically increase the production of consumer goods, and we must use our mass mobilization to produce and raise the quality of the products and then give them away for free.

27th of 30 Kim Jong-Un Quotes 

I have never seen a group of people so loyal to a political party as the people of North Korea are loyal to me. They will believe just about anything I tell them, including the most absurd and ludicrous lies. I have to tell all of them that the lies I am about to tell them are not lies at all, the people of North Korea really do love me and are completely loyal to me and the people of North Korea will believe anything I say, including the lies, because they love me. If they were not loyal to me, I would not be their supreme leader for all eternity.

I want to tell our enemies that their day of the nuclear blackmail is coming to an end. They thought the end was near and that we would be unable to do anything about it. What they did not know was that the end is finally near and that I will definitely take any action needed against them.

The sun flag of the great Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il will forever flutter in the van of our revolutionary ranks that display only victory and honor and will always encourage and drive us toward a new victory. It is no different from the sun flag of the great Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Kim Jong Il which forever flutters in the van of our revolutionary ranks that display only victory and honor.

The Supreme leader of North Korea had a message for the people of North Korea and the world. He spoke about the great, historic, and wonderful achievements of the North Korean people. He also said that he wanted to see an improved socio-economic life for the North Korean people. He stressed that the great leader Kim Jong Il had set this goal.


Kim Jong-Un is a dictator that will not give up his nuclear weapons and is trying to build a missile that can launch from his golf course.

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