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Jordan Peele is a professional Comedian and Screenwriter, he has a net worth of $50 million. He makes a living by selling sketches and scripts to television shows and movies. He also started the company Monkeypaw with his brother and also has a production company Monkeypaw Productions.


He made his fortune from selling a TV show he created and produced called ‘The Twilight Zone’ to networks.

Peele rose to fame after he took over the starring role in the horror/comedy movie he wrote and produced the following year,’ ‘Key & Peele’. He also directed the movie ‘Machete’ and starred in the critically acclaimed comedy ‘Tower Heist’.

Early Life

Peele had a turbulent teenage life. It was during his senior year at the prestigious Bronx High School of Science that he witnessed a violent altercation between two of his friends. When he got home from school that day, he found his mother covered in blood. Peele later said that he never forgot that incident, and it would have a lasting impact on his outlook on life.

Peele started out in New York City by attending the Computer School in Manhattan, graduated from The Calhoun School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and went on to Sarah Lawrence College.

He attended the University of Virginia from 1994 to 1998, majoring in English and Philosophy.


While at college, Peele made his directorial debut with his short film called “Get Out”. It garnered many recognitions including the Grand Jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival, which was considered a great success for Peele.

After college, Peele moved to New York City and wrote and directed a web series called “Totally Gross People”.

Peele was nominated for a 2008 Emmy Award for his music video “I Am President” which parodied a video about Kanye West for his song “Gold Digger”.

Get Out was a massive success for Peele and his film career began to take off. He’s since directed multiple original films and been cast in various other big budget films. His work includes Black Panther(2018), which became the first superhero film to ever win the Academy Award for best picture, and Bad Times at the El Royale (2018).

Get Out was a commercial success because its story and characters were relatable to audiences. It is a horror film, but it was funny and entertaining.

Jordan Peele has an estimated net worth of $50 million.


Peele made his career with Us. He also produced Get Out and Us Too, which were great movies.

Favorite Quotes from Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele spoke about the challenges he faced as an African American director with a predominantly white cast. He revealed that he knew he was not the only black director at the Oscars despite the fact that he had a white cast. In fact, there were no white people in his movie.

When naming their children, Jordan Peele and his family opted to name their children using African American names, and they wanted to include the names of the leaders of the American Rebellion, which made it into the name of their youngest child, as well as his mother’s maiden name.

According to Jordan Peele, there’s a story among African-Americans where, in the African-American community there’s an individual named Orangejello or Lemonjello.

> Jordan Peele said that Barack Obama is a man who is in some ways emotionally similar to a father figure.

This was widely reported as Peele saying Obama is an “inspiring” figure, yet this is not actually what he said, just a paraphrase, which is a common journalistic practice.

3 Strong Lessons from Jordan Peele’s Movies 

1. Don’t let your ego get in the way.

2. You can lose your reputation and still influence people.

3. Sometimes the things that we want are the most valuable thing in the world.

4. We can change someone else’s view of reality.

Let’s look at some of the best lessons from the movies he’s been in.

1. Tapping the Genre Power of Social Thrillers

Peele said that he feared that it would be divisive. He also said that he hoped the movie would be a film that the black community would accept despite it being a “hard look” at subtle white liberal racism.

After he began reading reviews that talked about how black people saw the story through his eyes, he began thinking about how it changed the way he saw the story and how he made the film, and was able to see it differently.

2. Good Writing = Fun

Peele was so uninterested in making the Black Panther movie (or other high-budget blockbuster), that he wrote an original story with no pressure to make it happen, and he treated his script with the same care as his hobby.

He said he learned this lesson from writing for Comedy Central and also being a comedy writer. He said we are having fun writing it is going to create something funny and entertaining.

3. Subverting Genre Tropes: The White Savior

He could make sure that he did a much better job of making sure that the people who were going to be in the movie were diverse. He could make sure that there wasn’t a white savior because it is the biggest problem with Hollywood right now.

The audience knows that Rose is the white savior because the villain is black. We’re told that she saves everyone, but that’s not what happens. The film does not give us a satisfying resolution to Rose’s story. She gets the guy, and we don’t get to watch her grapple with the fact that she’s still a racist.


In the movie ‘Get Out’, Jordan Peele has written, directed and produced a phenomenal tale about black men and women who are targeted by a group of white people. It is a dark and mysterious movie!

* Jordan Peele is a successful filmmaker.
* He was born in 1967.
* He is from Chicago.
* He grew up during the civil rights movement.
* His father worked as a doctor.
* He has been married to actress and model Yvette Nicole Brown for two years.
* He is a Democrat.

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