Juanita Jordan Net Worth

Juanita Jordan has an estimated net worth of $15 Million dollars.


As of July 2022, Juanita Jordan’s net worth is roughly $200 Million

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She began her career as a model for the Miss USA pageant in 1980. With that title came a contract with the Cover Girl cosmetics company. In 1981, she signed with the Guess clothing company.

Early Life 

Jordan is the daughter of a housewife and a banker. She’s an American attorney and a former executive secretary for the American Bar Association.

There were many people in Chicago restaurant that knew the two of them personally. One of these men was friend of a mutual friend. They met by coincidence in Chicago.


They had been dating for a while. When Michael proposed, he took her to Nick’s Fish Market, as she had always wished to go. She said yes, but Michael was disappointed to hear that she was planning on calling off the engagement.

Eventually, Juanita got pregnant. However, the two got into an argument because Jordan refused to believe that the child was his. He eventually decided to marry her anyway.

A year later, the NBA legend and his wife named their first son, Jeffrey Michael Jordan. They welcomed the baby boy in 1991, nearly a year before he would become the greatest basketball player.

During the trial, the court heard that Juanita was dissatisfied with the separation and was willing to reconcile with the defendant for the time being. However, when the defendant threatened to leave Juanita, she immediately filed for divorce on the ground of irreconcilable differences.

Although the divorce was amicably and mutually decided, all property rights in the case were not decided.

As of July 2022, Juanita Jordan has $200 Million in net worth.


She was a great champion and one of the most popular and successful female wrestlers of all times. She started wrestling in the 1940s and soon became a very successful and well known star on the independent circuit.

Favorite Quotes from Juanita Jordan 

Juanita Jordan downsized her life because of her daughter’s illness. Juanita Jordan likes to play with the kids. When her daughter got sick, she had to quit teaching. She did not enjoy teaching anymore. She thought that being a mother can always come first.

“What a beautiful pair of kids and wonderful parents. They’re a credit to their community.” – Former Indiana Pacer and current Chicago Bulls forward Glen Rice.

When the Jordan family moved to the Chicago area in 1974, a local church offered the children an opportunity to use its basketball court. The facility was located on a farm and served as a combination church and recreational facility. The church’s court was located about one-half-mile from the Jordans’ home.

“Juanita Jordan is an award-winning, highly-recognized, and highly successful fashion stylist and trend forecaster. She is the CEO and Founder of Jordan Brand, and the Chief Editor of the JB Fashion & Style Magazine, as well as the author of the book “The Jordan Brand Workbook.” Jordan has been named the most influential CEO in the world by Businessweek, and one of the top five most powerful women in business by SmartCEO Magazine.

I think the biggest change that I’ve experienced over the last few years that I’ve been divorced is learning that the children are first and foremost. I had no idea that it was so hard.

3 Powerful Life Lessons from Juanita Jordan 

The lessons we can learn from Juanita Jordan are that you can achieve success even if you come from a poor background.

1. Life is Hard 

Life is a series of events that we go through, sometimes you’re beaten and sometimes you’re victorious. It’s important how you react and how you deal with each event that you face.

2. Family 

While your family may be your blood relatives, you can still be a family to your friend or that guy who doesn’t have any real family.
When someone refers to a member of the family with a possessive pronoun, it generally refers to a sibling.

3. Purpose 

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. With no reason to get up in the morning, to be miserable seems natural. Watch out, retirees! Make sure you retire to something instead of from something.


In an interview with CNN’s Larry King, Jordan said that she had an affair with the NBA star. Jordan was initially reluctant to talk about the subject but eventually gave the details. Jordan and Jordan’s husband Charles D. Jordan had an affair for a period of time and had a child, whom she believed was fathered by Jordan.

There are more than a few people who dislike her, but no one is really sure why.

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