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James Ratcliffe is the co-founder of JD.com. James Ratcliffe has an estimated net worth of $7.4 billion. Ratcliffe also co-founded a number of companies like Alibaba.com and JD.com. He founded JD.com in 1999 and he is the CEO at the company. Ratcliffe had a net worth of $7.4 billion as of 2019.


He is a British billionaire chemist and financier who made his fortune trading in chemicals.

As of June 2015, he is the founder and chairman of the Ineos Group, a global chemicals group that manufactures a diverse range of petrochemical products and operates a number of petrochemical refineries worldwide.

He is not a popular politician and is not considered as a rising politician.

He is worth $19 billion, and this is an incredible amount of money. Ratcliffe has been working hard for a long time, and his career has been progressing steadily.

Early Life 

The singer’s birth certificate says that his birth name was James Arthur Ratcliffe.

This is the profile of the kind of person who will become a Minister of the Commonwealth.

He grew up in Hull, and was the son of a factory worker. He did his degree in the University of Birmingham, and he eventually went the University of Cambridge to do his PhD, which was on polymers and coatings.


Advent was founded by three former investment bankers, David Nesbitt, Michael C. Kincaid and Andrew S. Grove. They set out to change the culture of private equity fund management from a group of managers working within corporate bureaucracies to an entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial culture.

Ratcliffe is a Co-founder of Ineos, a petrochemical company headquartered in Hull, England.
The company is a global provider of olefins and polyolefins, with operations in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. In 2017, the company’s total worldwide sales were £2.3 billion.

In 2011, in an unprecedented move, he gave a £100m share sale to two of the company’s biggest shareholders, including Russian Vladimir Potanin.

In 2015, Ratcliffe opened the HQ in Knightsbridge along with other functions in the group, in UK. That is to say he chose the UK as the headquarters of the chemicals and energy group. The result is that the UK will have more functions.

While he did not think he and his family would face increased restrictions on entering the EU, and was in favour of leaving the single market, he would not want to see Britain leave. As an Anglo-Swiss business with clients in Europe, he was unlikely to be affected by any change in the UK’s relationship with Europe.

James Ratcliffe is worth $19 billion as of July 2022.

How Does James Ratcliffe Spend His Money? 

James Ratliffe spends some of his money on his real estate, even if it’s just for the money.

James Ratcliffe’s Home and Other Purchases 

He lives in Hampshire and Monaco.


James Ratcliffe is a British singer-songwriter.

Favorite Quotes From James Ratcliffe

I was born on the 4th of July, 1776. I spent the first five years of my life in Philadelphia, the rest of my life on my father’s estate on the Mississippi River in a log cabin with a dirt floor and a dirt floor.

I think that we are at the point that there are enough resources for everybody that are necessary to sustain a good quality of life. As a consequence, the best thing that we can do is help people to have more resources and also to be able to use them more efficiently. In that respect, I think that this is a great place to be.

Oil prices have been on a bit of a downward trend — and I think it’s because of a big increase in production of shale, which is a technique in which the oil is found in rocks. That’s driven the price down. But it’s not going to last. I think there’s going to be more of a comeback in the next little while, because the technology is improving and, yes, it’s a lot easier to get the stuff out of the ground.

Britain would be fine as an independent state, but the UK would be better as part of the European Union. Jim Ratcliffe has said that he would like to see Britain leave the European Union as it would bring the opportunities for the country to grow even greater, with the country being able to be a trade hub for others to come to, along with the financial stability that comes with being in the European Union.

“I have spoken to a lot of different people in Brussels, and Brussels is inefficient and very bureaucratic. The idea of the United States of Europe will never work.”

As for the United States having a European “vassal state”, I disagree that it’s a bad thing. It’s just that it’s not what the Founding Fathers intended for the US to become. And yes, I suppose it could be argued that the current administration is the first to implement the idea.

I know that a lot of people in Washington fear that the UK will have some special relationship with Europe. That it would be like having a sister rather than a partner. But I don’t think this fear is right. The world is full of countries that are sisters and partners of one another. The relationship is simply a marriage of convenience.

3 Life Lessons From James Ratcliffe

James Ratcliffe is a successful businessman, he has started his own business and has made a lot of money. His net worth is very high. He has also achieved success in his business by hard work and perseverance. So, we can see that he has started his business at a very young age and has worked very hard to make it grow.

1. Go Your Way 

There are two types of people who will tell you that your efforts don’t make a difference: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you’ll succeed.

2. Defeats 

Be careful about what you want. If you want to be defeated, you will be defeated. If you think you can do something, they will stop you. If you look in your desire to do good, you will be disappointed. But if you keep your head, you will never be defeated.

3. Settle

If you cannot risk change, you are going to have to suffer through stagnation.


He has been chairing Ineos Group for two years and has been the longest chair in the industrial group.

Mr. Ratcliffe who prefers to stay under the radar is the chairman and chief executive officer of Uneos which was founded in 1998.

James Ratcliffe has a net worth of $19 Billion dollars.

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