50 Amazing Lily James Quotes

I have to say, I was really really impressed with the new cast. They are all so young. Some of them look like they have just finished school and some look like they are in college. And they all seem to be really good friends. So, I’m looking forward to them all building relationships, and some of them may even fall in love!

Lily James came to popularity when she was cast as one of the leads in the popular British historical drama ‘Downtown Abbey’.

Through her work in the international film industry, she has managed to get international recognition and has been able to successfully get into the international market.

James began her acting career after graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama when she landed a role in the British TV series ‘Just William’.

James’s film career grew exponentially after the release of ‘Cinderella’. She gained recognition as a leading actress and was eventually offered a role in a major American production. James has established herself as one of the Hollywood’s best leading actresses, winning many accolades for her great work in the industry.

The “Game of Thrones” star has made history as the first Brit to get an Oscar nod for a leading role, and we’re loving it!

50 Amazing Lily James Quotes

When she was 16, Lily James was cast in the role of Ethel in the BBC TV show ‘Just William’ and became the first of many.

The idea of someone else playing your dad in a movie is weird, but it’s nice too.

There was a time when the only real work one could do was waiting tables, and if you waited tables in Hollywood, you could have a career. People were constantly taking acting classes or auditions – and waiters make great character actors.

 She told us in an interview that she thinks our sense of ourselves as actors usually depends on our last, or most recent, experience of acting, which doesn’t necessarily connect us to truth.

The underdogs in Cinderella are always portrayed as being oppressed and helpless, even though the prince already has money and power and is ready to marry anyone that comes along. The reason James found the story so important to portray is that she wanted to make sure that when girls see themselves in the story, they don’t feel like the prince can just take Cinderella away from her without consequence.

While we can’t imagine Lily James’ life without her uniform of jeans and a baggy jumper, this quote from Fifty Shades Of Grey is a great reminder that dressing for success doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to the clothes you wear. You can take pride in your personal style and still look effortlessly put together.

Lily James wants to focus on things other than her body right now.

I attended boarding school in Tring when I was 8 until I was 12. Hackney was the next thing on my radar, so I went there.

The clothes for the movie include corsets, big skirts and long dresses. They are not as free and flowing as the outfits in the film.

10th of 50 Lily James Quotes

I had a really hard time warming up to the costumes this season… I actually liked the dresses a lot more than the jackets! I also liked the ’20s costumes a lot more than the ’60s. In fact, I found the ’20s dresses to be really fun, and I loved the fact that the actresses accentuated their figures. I liked the dresses they wore on the show. They were really fun and chic.

Lily James has been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for “Cinderella”. She knows that she will not be in the spotlight when films are shown at the Academy Awards.

She went to the British High School Of Performing Arts, and got straight A’s on everything. She worked so hard on her GCSEs that she would eat her lunch and then come back to the school to revise, which wasn’t easy – she was working with the other students, not just going home to her parents.

Lily James said that it’s a real struggle for actors to break through and get into the acting industry.

Lily James talked about her time in drama school and how it was very nurturing for her. She said she just clung on and was determined to become a successful actress.

The actress said that she had learned not to believe the images when she was growing up.

Lily James shares what she enjoys most about being a princess: feeling happy. The 26-year-old actress and model admits that she feels amazing when she feels happy. She also reveals that she enjoys feeling happy with her family and boyfriend.

It has been a very long time since a British actress has topped the list of Hollywood’s “it” girl — and, quite frankly, it’s about time. But with A-list actresses making headlines for their love lives and career pursuits, Keira Knightley’s choice to go off the grid in The Imitation Game is the break her generation needs.

Lily James said that she was lucky because she has always had a healthy attitude to her body.

I think it’s best to work out in the morning to get it out of the way. My ultimate top tip is to drag yourself out of bed and into a sit-up – it’s really not that bad once you start.

20th of 50 Lily James Quotes

Lily James is really good at talking about things that people don’t usually ask her about. She is really smart and it’s fascinating to watch her talk about things like the theater and the way you can express yourself through theater. She is an amazing actress and I love her.

Lily James said that corsets were restrictive. She wore corsets so it was interesting when she put them on. The corset was constricting.

This one I think was just on a TV show. She’s saying that she used to like going to musicals on her birthday. She said that she went to London and she saw the musical ‘Mamma Mia’ 5 times.

The younger James, who is best known for her role as Cinderella’s sister, Princess Aurora in Walt Disney Studios fantasy film “Cinderella,” was born into royalty but has always felt like an outsider because she doesn’t have a title.

Lily James trained with Olympic athletes to get ready for her film role. Training with Jeanette Kwakye, the Kenyan marathoner, helped her to learn how to run, as well as learn how to run in high heels.

James said that she wanted to inject the excitement of the flapper era into the more controlled British atmosphere. She is the daughter of Sally Hawkins and the actress’s older sister.

When I was a little girl, I used to watch the classic film “Runaway Bride” with my mother and we used to always laugh at that scene when Julia Roberts puts on the amazing wedding dress and looks at herself in the mirror and goes, “Swish, swish”. I love that moment so much!

Beauty comes from within and everyone is beautiful, don’t let society dictate what you think you are.

Lily Jams said she had a dream that she would play period. It was the first of many years before she had the chance to prove herself as a great actress.

Lily James’ comments about feeling grief over the death of her mother in the tragic plane crash.

30th of 50 Lily James Quotes

I believe in love sometimes.

I can still believe in love, even if everything’s going to hell around me.

It’s not going to work out, but I’m not going to give up hope.

I would love for her to do another film, and I would love for her to star in an action film. She deserves a chance to show the world what she can really do.

32. Love is a wonderful thing, but it is an entirely different thing to live with somebody day in and day out.

At this point in her life, she’s just had to wait, and wait for this, and then wait some more, she’s not just waiting for herself, she’s waiting for everyone, you know? Every little girl wants to be a famous singer, and it is good to see that James has finally found a way.

In regards to your love life, there are sound bites to haunt you if something goes wrong. If you’ve been able to stay quiet, there are no sound bites to haunt you later when you’re crying into a box of Kleenex.

My first time acting was at age four, when I played Princess Aurora in one of the plays that my mom put on for charity kids. The play wasn’t very good, but I went through the motions because I wanted to be able to say “I acted!” out loud.

Frozen helped change the princess genre in a positive way. This is an all-star cast, with great songs and a very funny script. But this was the first time I actually saw a princess movie in a positive light.

Lily James believes that any child anywhere in the world has the same potential to be great in whatever they decide to do.

Lily James’ dad did every single accent under the sun, and he would read bedtime stories.

But it’s not just accents. Other words appear with a subtle shift in tone or feeling.

James was the lead in the film “Cinderella” which is why she got the chance to work with Nighy. She said he was nice to her.

40th of 50 Lily James Quotes

I have a sister, she’s amazing at everything. She loves me unconditionally and is unconditionally proud of me.

When I got my first big role in an international Bollywood movie, I realized how expensive the world is becoming. So I promptly returned the £700 bag I had bought with my part of the money.

Lily James loves to go to the gym in the morning while she is still in her clothes.

43. [James] says that if her mother found out that she was to [give a speech at the UN], she would have a panic attack.

You were born to play interesting roles. You don’t want to work, so it’s a balancing game to maintain your career while doing interesting roles.

Lily James thinks that skinny celebrities are not the ideal body shape, but they are perfect for their careers. Lily James says being skinny does not make you happy. Lily James loves seeing her celebrity friends embrace their curves.

Lily is such an amazing girl; she’s just so lovely. She’s a really really genuine person. And I’ve got a really lovely friend called Rebecca Corbin who’s just amazing at picking out clothes. She’s sort of taught me everything. I’m really lucky to have that kind of a friend.

Lily James is a Brit who became famous for playing Cinder in X-Men: Days of Future Past. She is now famous for playing one of the leads in The Favourite. Her latest project, a film titled Mary Poppins Returns, has become a big hit so far.

From the trailer, the film takes place in the 20s, and one of the things that the movie tells us is that Snow White is an independent businesswoman. She’s not a princess, she owns her own company, and she runs what she wants. To me, this seems like a great message for girls to learn from the beginning.

Lily James said she feels it’s easier to be a different person on the big screen, than the small screen.

Lily James says she really likes the idea that Amy Adams went off-duty as a princess. Her character in “Cinderella” is a fairy godmother. James says she was inspired by that to imagine her own character as a real person.


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