50 Poweful J.k. Rowling Quotes That’ll Motivate You

Since she started writing her bestselling novel, Jo Rowling has become a highly successful author and movie producer. She’s sold 500 million copies worldwide.

Rowling’s Harry Potter books were adapted into a multi-billion dollar film series, beginning with ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’; which was released in November 2001. She also produced and written the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.

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50 Powerful J.K. Rowling Quotes That’ll Motivate You

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If you are able to recognize a majority of your life is ordinary, you are less likely to let your day-to-day activities define you. There are few true “high-risk” moments. You can deal with problems as they arise.

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Rowling said that she had always thought that she would write novels.

When you are a writer you have two options. You can write and hope that you reach others, or you can write and hope that you reach yourself.

Being human is a failure by default. We cannot stop trying and we must live while we are trying. We will fail but we will not stop trying.

Trust is a two way street. You cannot ask others to trust you if you do not give back to them and to yourself.

7th of 50 J.K. Rowling Quotes 

Being human, we all have a secret inside that isn’t on our outward face.
It’s our secrets that make us different from each other and this is why we should be more cautious about revealing our secrets than others.

People are like this. I’ve noticed that people who know people who know people are like this. I mean really, these people are the rich. Those are the ones reading the newspaper. Those are the ones who know what people think and those are the kinds of people who are the middle class.

When we look at our life, death is just like it was with the characters in Harry Potter. They lived and died during their adventures. Death just made the character stronger and better equipped to face their next adventure, and they went on to make more memories.

People are not the same as they were when they were younger. The older we get, the more we look back at the things we did when we were younger…

After years of dreaming about it, the Harry Potter series is finally complete. While we will likely never have a book like it again, there’s still plenty we can learn from it.

There is a huge difference between self-awareness, and thinking critically.

The only way to have moral responsibility is to keep a clear head and to think logically and to do what is best for society.

I love the “inferior” part of this quote. It makes me think of how I am sometimes treated or how I treat others. It makes me think about how much better I would be if I treat people as they deserve to be treated and not how I think they should be.

I try not to spend too much time on my dreams and also remind myself to live every day.

To be ashamed of your mistakes is to know that others think better of you than you do, and is a sure way to failure. No man is good enough to be accepted by you, if once you find him so, and if once you bring him into your circle you will never find him to be a true friend, because you will always be comparing him with the rest of your friends.

17th of 50 J.K. Rowling Quotes 

Poverty is just a terrible thing to have and I’m not sure if it’s something to be proud of. I’m really glad that she wrote about the difficulties of being poor, even if she was speaking as a rich woman.

J.K. Rowling said that is the first story she finished when she was six years old.

There is no formula for happiness.

Rowling starts thinking that anything can be achieved if you have enough nerve.

It turns out, being a bigot is probably the thing I detest most.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has said that she is not a believer in magic.

I think this quote is a bit vague because of the line break, which could be read two ways. I think she meant it as “I would like to be remembered as someone who did the best with the talent she had.” In other words, she wished that she could be remembered as someone who had talent, and not just for being a writer, but for her talent.

Neglect and indifference often do much more damage than outright dislike of a person.

I want to make sure that I am a little bit more like J.K. Rowling.

27th of 50 J.K. Rowling Quotes 

I’m not surprised to hear from Mr. Dumbledore that the fame thing is pretty important. I don’t really want to be famous either. However, I think it’s really important that children everywhere can know that Dumbledore will always be there.

There are many things that you can’t share without ending up liking each other.

When you fail, it means you have learned to trust your gut. You are learning to trust your instincts and when your instincts are in the wrong, it helps you to understand that you have to stop and make a change. This helps you get back on track and succeed.

With the right amount of self-belief, you can achieve anything and that is true for everything.

I don’t really have a reason beyond that. I just write what I want to write. I write what amuses me. It’s totally for myself. I never in my wildest dreams expected this popularity.


I was thinking the same thing. I think the “Paraphrase” is the reason of success.

It is like she is tired of writing and she doesn’t want to write more Harry Potter series.

When a writer is successful, the idea of a long stream of writing flows out; that can be overwhelming, so it’s best to put a lot of things down, then expand and put the best things down later.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to our enemies, but just as much courage to stand up to our friends.

37th of 50 J.K. Rowling Quotes 

The most useless subject on this planet is Greek mythology.
The most useless thing on this planet is Greek mythology.
Greek mythology was the most useless thing on this planet.

When we are wrong, we regret it.
We must learn from our mistake.
We must make a change.
We must eat our wrong words.

You can’t just start talking about the truth, without giving some sort of warning first. If you don’t know how to tell people the truth, you don’t need to talk about truth. So, just be careful.

The following example is a little different, since it is not a quote.

J.K. Rowling wrote her first complete novel in longhand. She kept it with her at all times and wrote at a cafe while she had lunch. The novel was titled “The Cone of Silence” and was published in 1997.

When one is talking with their friend, the other one can hear voices no one else can hear.

The author, whom you might remember as the author of Harry Potter books, and whose name means ‘light of dawn’, talks about how she enjoys the ‘simple life’ and her family who live nearby.

I was set free because I was finally able to realize that the greatest fear of every human being is death … and I had a daughter I adored and a typewriter and a big idea.
Then I rebuilt my life.

Imagine a world that has no limits. What if dreams were real and reality was a dream.
How would you define yourself? Are you an artist, a scientist, a philosopher, a poet, a warrior?
The world is a great big stage, but are you ready to play your role?
We are all different. That is why we are one. We are all different and that is why we are one.

We’re no one if we do nothing. Choose our futures as we choose our words.

47th of 50 J.K. Rowling Quotes 

“If I got an extra couple hours, I can write faster, and it’d still be better than nothing.” And she really didn’t sacrifice anything … she’s got a whole other life in which to put the time in that she wants to put in.

It is always wise to surround yourself with smart people, but they are no guarantee that the fates will not change their mind at any time.

Responsibility comes with age; this is part of the reason why we adults often struggle to understand what life is like for children. We don’t understand the decisions they make, the challenges they face or even the simple things like making friends.

I think this is similar to the same as the ‘no-plan’ rule: sometimes you just have to go with whatever your intuition is telling you, even when you don’t know what that is or why it will work.


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