Interesting Online Math Games that Keep Students Engaged

This online platform consists of math games based on the main concepts of mathematics, children are provided with printed worksheets and are asked to solve them by sticking to the given time limit.

The process of solving math games online creates great amusement among children and helps them work better at their strengths and weaknesses.

The online math games allow competition among children which not only strengthens their grip on the subject but also helps them gain confidence.

There are quite a lot of math games available on the platform with fixed modes like easy, medium, and hard so that children can improve gradually with no load.

4 Interesting Math Games Online that are Easy to Play and Master

Let us go through some of the most interesting math games that are available online which students from lower classes to higher classes can play and enjoy.

Monster Math

Monster math is an online math game designed for students in lower classes, specifically from the 1st grade to the 6th grade.

This game strengthens the arithmetic skills of players. Players need to solve many riddles and help Maxx, a friendly monster in rescuing his best friend, Dextra. An interesting feature that is available in this game is that it offers players the multiplayer mode. This further helps students to compete with each other.

Math Tic-Tac-Toe

I am sure you must have heard of or played a tic-tac-toe game. This popular game is popular across the globe. However, developers have added the flavor of math in this game and developed math tic-tac-toe so that you enjoy as well as be very well versed with math.

Like the usual game, there is a square in the 3* 3 grid. Each grid has a mathematical sum that needs to be solved by the students. Upon solving the sum, players are allowed to put X or O in that specific square.


Sudoku is one of the best math games that is played across the globe. This is a single-player game where players need to arrange a specific set of numbers in a proper sequence or order. There are different levels of difficulty in this game. There are many versions of this game. Sudoku is suggested by many teachers as it develops the thinking capabilities of students and makes them think about many permutations and combinations. 


2048 is a recently developed math online game that is available on Android as well as iOS devices. It is very interesting and addictive. Like Sudoku, 2048 is also a single-player game where players need to tilt the tiles and make a bigger number.

Players start from the number 2 and they slowly need to progress and reach the number 2048. To raise the difficulty level for players, various other versions of this game have also been developed. 

Identification of Different Sequences

Often we come across different sequences of numbers that have a recognizable pattern. In some of the sequences, the difference between any two consecutive numbers is the same number while in other types of sequences, the difference ratio between two consecutive numbers is the same.

You must have come across these sequences while encountering different numbers. These sequences are popularly known as the arithmetic sequence or the geometric sequence.

The concepts of an arithmetic sequence and geometric sequence are very interesting as they deal with real-life problems and also help us master the subject of logical reasoning.

Visit Cuemath and explore the world of arithmetic sequence and geometric sequence with interesting math games online, math puzzles, and math worksheets. 

If you want to master the subject of math along with engaging in interesting online games, puzzles, and worksheets, Cuemath is the best online math platform for you.

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