G-eazy Net Worth

G-Eazy has a net worth of around $12 million.


G-Eazy has gained a cult following since his introduction to the music industry with his independent album The Beautiful & Damned in 2015. After releasing 2 more albums G-Eazy has gained a strong following of fans.

Gerald Gillum is an American rapper and producer. He was born in Oakland, California.

He gained recognition when he started his career at the age of 19 years when he became a record producer working with artists like Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and Lil’ Wayne.

Early Life

Gerald Gillum is the first child of the marriage of David and Elizabeth Gillum.

The school in Berkley was in North Oakland, where he joined to the school. After completing his schooling he enrolled in the University of Florida, where he later on studied Economics and Finance; however, he dropped out of his course. Gillum later on joined the Martin Luther King Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a civil rights organisation to fight segregation at the university.

He started as a rapper and then evolved into a producer. He collaborated with many musicians and the band “The Pack”, that included two of his brothers.


The producer found the new style to be interesting.

He was influenced by a local hero Lil Wayne. He was set on a career in hip-hop after graduating his bachelor’s degree in arts. After several mixtapes including “The Tipping Point”, “Sikkis on the Planet” and “Qurban”, he decided to focus on a career in music.

The album was well received but not universally so; many reviews were negative. However, over time, the album was met with high praise as critics and fans began to acknowledge its greatness. However, the album did not have any music videos to speak of, and that helped its career progress.

I’m from that time when hip-hop was just popping. When you could walk into a record store and hear somebody rap, it was totally hip-hop. That was the first time I heard the music. The first time I heard rap, I was in the car listening to it. Somebody had a tape in there. I remember it just being wild that somebody actually could break down into a rhyme and do it so well. You know, all those names that I had never heard, I remember those names starting to pop up. The first rapper I really respected was De La Soul. They were in the middle of a lot of the other music.

G-Eazy is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is best known for being a founding member of the record label Interscope Records where he started his career and first signed a deal with them. He released his debut album When It’s Dark Out in 2015.

In March 2017, he released a single from Britney Spears’ ninth album “Good Life”; a collaboration with singer Kehlani that had more than 13 million YouTube views in its first month.

G-Eazy is working on his third album for RCA. He is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million as of July 2022.


G-Eazy has made a name for himself with his hit song “Me and My Girlfriend”. The song debuted in the Hot 100 in early April. By the end of April, the song hit number one. The song has a total of three weeks at number one, making him the first artist to hold the number-one spot on the Hot 100 with a single and album. The song was officially certified double platinum by the RIAA.

Favorite Quotes from G-Easy

G-Eazy feels a sense of pride for his creations. He always says he just makes things out of thin air. And he feels amazing when people like something he makes. He wants to make it clear that he’s not arrogant in what he does, and you should always trust his voice.

G-Eazy also spoke about his debut album and how it affected him.

G-Eazy has many interesting quotes and sayings for fellow fans to enjoy.

3 Success Lessons from G-Eazy

He is one of the most popular Hip-Hop artists, and is ranked 3rd in the list of most successful Hip-Hop artists.

1. Stay away from fake friends

Some people never want to look back on their life and say they wish they had done more, it’s just better to live your life and not look back.

2. Do whatever makes you happy

Life is short, so make the most out of it. Tell the truth, don’t lie. regret nothing, and live in the present.

3. Don’t make excuses

If you want to change a situation in your life but you don’t have an idea, you just start making excuses and that’s not going to help.


G-Eazy is one of the hottest rappers in music, he has collaborated with some of the top artists in the rap industry. He has worked with Halsey, ASAP Rocky, and Chris Brown.

He has a net worth estimated at $12 Million, as of 2020.

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