Carlos Ghosn Net Worth

The net worth of Carlos Ghosn is estimated to be around $6 billion.


Carlos Ghosn is a Brazilian born French businessman.

Ghosn is best known for being the CEO of Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors, Renault, and AvtoVAZ and other companies.

His net worth is now $120 million, despite the fact that he has not been charged with any offenses.

Early Life 

Mr. Ghosn was born on the 9th of March, 1954, in Porto Velho, Brazil. He did his secondary studies in Beirut, Lebanon at Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour. In 1974, he was accepted to the engineering school of Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France.

He joined in the company as a Junior Engineer and helped to invent the first synthetic tire, now widely known as the Michelin tire. Along with his colleagues he filed a patent in 1985. The patent made its first appearance in 1987. After joining Renault, he became a vice president and then a Chief Executive Officer.


Ghosn was given the job of managing a new Michelin operation in Rio de Janeiro. He had to report to a Michelin director and he was expected to make decisions on behalf of the rest of the Michelin group.

Ghosn was the CEO and chairman of Michelin North America, one of the world’s largest tire companies.
That’s when he realized that the key to a successful business is to have a clear and simple goal.
Through the years, he learned various fields of business, including engineering, marketing, operations, accounting, and finance. He also gained a wealth of knowledge from his experience with Michelin.
In 1997, he returned to Renault as executive vice president and CEO, and in 2010 was appointed president and chief executive officer.

Nissan was heavily indebted, yet Ghosn was able to turn the company around in less than 10 years. He made several strategic steps that improved the profitability and reputation of the company.

In addition to its increased profits, Nissan was praised by the Wall Street Journal for Ghosn’s radical methods. Ghosn was credited by the Journal for the company’s improved finances. Nissan was praised for its ability to become profitable despite having to deal with the aftermath of a fatal auto accident that occurred in 2010.

Nissan has been at the forefront of autonomous electric technology and recently introduced a prototype vehicle that can drive autonomously on the highway.

He’s now under house arrest awaiting trial on financial charges.


He’s the first person to be indicted in Japan for corruption.
He’s the only person to have been indicted for tax evasion in the United States and Japan.
He was the first executive to be suspended from serving on the board of any financial institution in Japan.
He’s the only executive to be indicted in Japan for embezzlement and corruption.

Favorite Quotes from Carlos Ghosn

It’s the most important word to me. I believe it because I’ve seen so many times people who just commit that are much more interesting, much more reliable, much more deep than people who don’t.

Carlos Ghosn said that we should follow the markets. As the markets go up, we should follow the market, but if the market is moving down, we should jump when consumers start to think one way or the other.

Carlos Ghosn believes that when it comes to getting the most out of people, managers have to learn to follow their example. They also have to be able to recognize whether or not they are doing what they say they are going to do. If you preach accountability and then promote a person with bad results, it doesn’t work.

Carlos Ghosn explained that you don’t implement change easily in Japan unless you explain very clearly why you need to do this change, how you’re going to do this change and what is going to be the outcome of this change. If you offset or you forget to explain one of these three steps you’re not going to do it.

He has the reputation of being a “results” leader. Carlos Ghosn is known for being a man who makes decisions quickly and sticks to the plan he’s made. He is also known for keeping a good balance between business, business ethics and society.

3 Leadership Lessons from Carlos Ghosn 

Carlos Ghosn’s Net Worth is $4.6 Billion. How did he do it? I believe Carlos Ghosn’s philosophy on leadership is: Think Outside the Box, Focus on Your Strengths, and Look to the Future.

1. Multicultural Environments 

We know that our intuition, reflexes and instincts help us learn, and we all grow up in a mixed environment.

When you have a childhood, you are often bathed in an environment that is natural. You are also learning things, or learning how to do things. If you are only getting “basic responsiveness”, then you are probably not taking advantage of the environment that you are in.

2. Leadership 

The role of leadership is to make it easier to understand the complex situation and prioritize small tasks.

3. Being a CEO 

When you’re a CEO, your investors need to trust you and your ability to run the company.

A great way to look at your life is to look at what you did last week and what you are doing this week. Your job is to look at things in the past and make the future happen.


Carlos Ghosn is a billionaire businessman and the former chairman and CEO of the Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi Motor companies. He is also the former CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance and a director of Japan’s Mitsubishi.

He gained celebrity status in the world of Business & politics in 2003.

The following is one of Nissan’s advertising campaigns for their car, Leaf.

Carlos Ghosn’s net worth fluctuated greatly in 2019.

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