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Mr. Donald Bren is an American billionaire businessman, the co-founder and former chairman of The Irvine Company, an international builder of residential and commercial developments.


I think this guy’s name might be Donald.

He was an investor in Silicon Valley when it was still being a quiet rural town.

In 1958, Bren built his first home and began his business career when he founded the Bren Company which built homes in Orange County, California.

Donald Bren is a billionaire and a philanthropist who’s been giving away money to help people for years.

Early Life 

Donald Leroy Bren was born on the 11th of May, 1932, in Los Angles. He was the only child of George and Lillian Bren.

Marion and Milton had 4 children. After the death of his young wife Claire, Bren moved to Mexico in 1954 to be with his two youngest siblings, Jack and Karen.

He went to the University of Washington on a scholarship and he worked on his graduate degree. After his time in the Marine Corps, he worked as a business owner. He was later elected as a Democrat member of the Senate for Oregon, where he served for four years.


Bren began his career in the construction business by helping his father build houses in Orange County, California.
He began his career in the construction business by helping his father build houses in Orange County, California.

He bought a property in Orange County.
He was also an investor in two apartment complexes.
He was named the vice-chair of the board and chief operating officer…

It is not hard to believe that Bren had “something tangible” to show for it. He was investing in property. But, as we shall see, with a strategy and discipline that few could rival.

Forbes, in its 2019 edition of “The 400 Richest Americans”, is ranked among the richest people in the US and among the 32 “Richest Americans” with an estimated net worth of $17 Billion.

The Irvine Company owns more than 125 million feet of land in California and more than a hundred million in Texas. Their holdings include several hotels, golf courses, office buildings, commercial developments, and shopping centers.

That’s according to the 2019 Forbes list of wealthiest Americans.


Donald Bren has been involved in the business of real estate for over 40 years. He’s been head of the real estate division of the Irvine Company since 1980. He also served as president of The Irvine Company from 1996-2007. He was also president of ICG, The Irvine Company’s holding company.

Favorite Quotes From Donald Bren

For me, the first step was to gain support from the community. We found that people were excited about the possibilities for open space, and I began to build relationships with the non-profit organizations that represent the best interests of the community. It was not unusual for me to meet with a representative of the Sierra Club or the Natural Resources Defense Council and work out a way to create open space that would improve the quality of life for everyone in Orange County.

Newport Center is a living Mediterranean town that exudes energy and energy. The climate is the same as the Mediterranean’s and so the architecture. It’s a special way of life for everyone.

3 Motivational Lessons From Donald Bren

There is no time limit on success.
The most time consuming part of achieving anything is the mental and emotional time it takes to move forward.

Don’t expect to achieve overnight success.
Don’t expect to be instantly successful after you make a change.

Take risks.
Some risks make you more successful than others. Successful people take more calculated risks than people who try to avoid failure.

1.  Always Stay Open To Learn Something New

As a successful business owner, you must learn something new every day. If you are not learning something new, you will become outdated and unable to grow.

2. Think Outside Of The Box

Successful leaders always need to look for new ways to improve their processes. They are leaders who look to others or outside resources to help them get their team better organized, help them improve processes, or look for new options.

3. Be Transparent

Business owners should take ownership of their mistakes and be transparent with their team and their customers. They need to be transparent. They need to be listening.


Brens company has built over 100 residential and commercial buildings in Orange County.
He is responsible for the development of the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, a massive mixed use development that includes four malls and a 16-story office tower.
Bren has donated millions to the schools he attended and his family’s philanthropic foundation has donated nearly a million dollars to the UC Irvine and UC Riverside communities.

He believes in making the world a better place, and is known for his philanthropy and giving back to the community.

Donald Bren is worth a little more than two-thirds of U.S. Fortune 500 companies combined.

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