40 Incredible Ray Stevens Quotes About Life & Music

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

Raymond Stevens sings country and pop songs with a comedic twist.

Rapper, singer and most notably producer in the music industry, Drake, who has successfully sold more than 17 million records worldwide. His third studio album ‘Take Care’ and ‘View’ have also been very successful in earning him several international awards.

Steven’s work ethics and amusing multi-talents as a producer, music arranger, songwriter, television host and solo artist have got him inducted into the ‘ Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame’, the ‘Georgia Music Hall of Fame’ and the ‘Christian Music Hall of Fame’.

The recent nomination for the induction into ‘Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’ was a milestone for Willie.

These are some of the most hilarious quotes about Ray Stevens, an American singer-songwriter born in Georgia in 1930.

40 Incredible Ray Stevens About Life And music

 It’s well known that Ray was an over-the-top rocker, but he was quite a drummer too.  He told the story about how Elvis had played on his records, including “The Bells” with “A Little Less Conversation” in the background.

You may not be Ray Stevens but you can still give yourself a bit of a sermon.

I figured, these poor songs, they need somebody to take pity on them and make a record. See what the potential might be in some of these songs that are… forgotten.

Ray Stevens once played keyboard on a Waylon Jennings single. He also played on Johnny Cash’s “I Still Don’t Believe You”.

Ray Stevens says the reason his first record was made at a radio station is because he knew Bill Lowery who was a music publisher in Atlanta. He also says the reason everyone wanted to work for Bill’s operation is because it was the place to make your wings and that everyone around Atlanta gravitated toward Bill and his operation because that was where they could make their wings.

There are many versions of this quote. This one might be one of the most common. However, it was not an original quote from Bill Justis or Ray Stevens. In fact, they didn’t even know each other. Rather, the first quote is from George Carlin (1937 – 2008) and the second quote is from Stephen Collins (1950 – ). The reason this is important to know is that both quotes from George Carlin, as well as Stephen Collins, can be found in the original and paraphrased versions below.

Ray Stevens produced Dolly Parton’s first record. It was a great record, but didn’t make him money. But he tried!

In the Spring of 1946, while attending the college of Albany State (now SUNY Albany) on Radio Springs Road, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stevens were exposed to the great jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, and never lost his love for music. They are also the grandparents of Ray Stevens, the Grammy winning Country-Pop singer.

We’ve talked about comedy music before, and it’s something we’re also starting to get into in the upcoming comic scene. Now that it’s becoming more mainstream there’s a whole new audience to embrace it, and it’s something we’re really excited to do.

10th of 40 Ray Stevens Quotes

When your parents are yelling at you on the phone, and you’re in your room, and you think you’re going to die, it’s like you’re bracing yourself for that.

I know I’m a terrible trumpet player.

Ray loves music, but he likes country even more. He has also been playing guitar for a long time.

Ray was thrilled that Nashville was a major center of musical activity in the U.S. and that you could find studios, record companies and talented professional musicians.

Ray Stevens once said “People liked music but they didn’t consider themselves candidates to be in that business and those of us who did rushed in there with all the enthusiasm that we could muster.” This might be a good time to mention that people also like to listen to music.

There is no price to pay for the kind of work that you do. It is only the price that you pay. The real price is when you are not doing what you set out to do- when you are not doing what you love. I love what I do. I feel like I have a very personal relationship with the audience of the theatre. My job is to create magic on stage. I have a blast doing what I do.

It’s more of a self-help book than a “how to lose weight” book. It covers a lot of topics about overcoming adversity, self-doubt, and other things that a person has to deal with.

The brain is a funny thing: it’s very susceptible to melody and to tempo. You put the right words to it, and it becomes very influential.

Ray Stevens is one of my all-time favorite entertainers and my dad was a huge fan of his. This was one of the first songs that my dad taught me to sing, and when he passed away, I was able to sing this song to him for his funeral.

Ray Stevens was not the only one not to record this song. In fact, no one covered this song for over 40 years.

20th of 40 Ray Stevens Quotes

Ray Stevens loves Nashville, Tennessee and he is going to be performing there in a couple of days.

Ray Stevens told his country audience not to worry about him being over the hill. He still loves what he does, and will never get tired of it.

Music is the art form that connects people from all over the world. We all enjoy listening to music and television, but what about the next generation? How are children and young people finding out about music?

A: We want to ensure that young people have their own experiences on the web. They are the ones who are going to use the Internet and mobile. We don’t want the web to be something that is exclusive. If people want to connect with their friends, they will.

I couldn’t tell you. At the time, I didn’t really have an understanding of the kind of career that was in this. I just knew that I wanted to be in the music business and I wanted to make music. I just always wanted to be a musician. So, this is what we’re doing. My goal was to make music that I felt was really good and that I could get a job with. That was really it.

The government has been into your lives a lot more than they should be. If I were president, I’d roll everything back. Everything!

It’s been a good 10 years since we’ve been together. The team has grown, the place has changed, the team has changed, the town has changed, and we still have a lot of fun. We still have a lot of fun together. We are all old and we know our jobs and we are getting better at them. We still get to hang out and do things together. We still have a lot of fun. That being said, I don’t think it’s lost anything. I think some of the early days had great characters of town, and they were a lot of fun to be around and be with.

I think that comedy is more compatible with country music than any other style of music.

Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle” organ is my all-time favorite sound from a record, and so now that it’s on vinyl, I’m going to be listening to it all the time.

Ray Stevens said people used to get started in his town. It was pretty easy to do back then. But, now, he feels sorry for lots of talented young people because it is just too crowded.

I can’t imagine this coming from someone who’s spent his life in music. It may be true that he’s found his true calling (as a writer), but I can’t help but notice that he’s a pretty good musician, too.

I can’t help but notice that this guy’s voice has a certain je ne sais quoi when you listen to it – and that I have a crush on him.

30th of 40 Ray Stevens Quotes

Ray Stevens would have loved to get the opportunity to sing on some of Waylon Jennings’ hits. These were days when Waylon and Willie Nelson were in high demand, so they had many hits at the same time. As a singer himself, Ray Stevens could relate to many of these songs.

Many songs can be used to tell a story, and one of the most common is a love story. People will be able to recall the songs that they heard at the time they were written and performed, as well as being able to enjoy the music for years to come.

When it comes to making music, I like a nice balance between playing songs and improvising. I’ve always been able to put a song together but I’ll never say that I have a signature style. All of my songs are different from each other. I’ll never say that a particular song is a favorite because I’ve never had a favorite. I’m always trying to improve and move forward.

As Ray Stevens’ own career soared off into the stratosphere, he became even more interested in the musical legacy of his idols. In fact, he became obsessed with the work of songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
By 1962, he was ready to record a comedy album that included some of the songs they wrote for the Coasters.
The result was “The Coasters: The Lost Album” — a double album released in 1972 on the Atlantic label.

Stevens says he’s never regretted the idea.

Ray Stevens is quite a smart man, especially when it comes to words. So, as long as he remembers that he started out as a “loose cannon,” he should be okay.

Minnie Pearl grew up in a poor family and made a living as a maid in the 1930s. She started her radio career with the Grand Ole Opry in 1939, and was the top star until country music transitioned to Top 40, a format she despised. But she was well known to audiences in the region, and her show and radio career was a success until her death in 2010.

Ray Stevens says he made the record in 1969 and got rejected by several record companies. He ended up giving the recording to B.J. Thomas.

The Jordanaires sang in lots of recording sessions. They were good singers. They didn’t sing that much jazz though.

The most important thing you need to know about politics is that if you don’t live in a city that has a strong political machine, you probably won’t see and effect of who gets elected. I’ve seen a few candidates come out of nowhere and win and I’ve seen some who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and lost their campaigns.

The record business is the most developed medium in regards to the dissemination of information, and thus the most developed as an art form of information. However, many people think that the book is the better way to express ideas in a different way that the internet. Therefore, the book is the less developed medium, and the internet is the more developed.

Ray Stevens was in the Nashville studio with Chet Atkins and they were singing duet on one of his songs. Chet Atkins was so surprised at Ray’s ability to mimic his guitar playing that he asked him if he would be interested in being his guitarist. Ray was flattered and said yes. Ray went on to be one of Nashville’s most popular singer song writers before dying at the young age of 56.


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