Dalai Lama Net Worth

The net worth of Dalai Lama is estimated to be around $2.26 billion in 2014.


The Dalai Lama is a title often given to the current spiritual leader of the Gelug or “Yellow Hat” school of Tibetan Buddism.

When the 14th Dalai Lama speaks it is with the guidance of the great scholar, Tsongkhapa, and the blessing of the supreme beings.

The Dalai Lama’s net worth is estimated of $1 billion.

Early Life

Dalai Lama was born on June 6, 1935, in Takster, Tibet. He had seven sisters and four brothers. Six of his siblings died before reaching school age, including three of his sisters. The six remaining siblings completed their education and were able to read and write, although many were not literate.

It’s said that the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama had been predicted several times in Tibet. When he was born, the government issued a proclamation of great public rejoicing.

The body of the 13th Dalai Lama faced from east to west and the head of the body was facing northeast. In Tibetan Buddhism, the head of the preserved body turns to face the direction from which the next reincarnated Dalai Lama will come. After that, the body of the 13th Dalai Lama was buried in the northern foot of the Potala in Lhasa.


Tenzin was a Hindu before he became a Buddhist. He was taught at the monastery where he was a monk. He studied the various Buddhist schools of Tibetan Buddhism, including the Nyingma and Kagyu schools. He also studied the Hindu tradition.

While at a boarding school, Tenzin was introduced to the outside world, one of his tutors being a man named Heinrich Harrer, who taught him about the outside world.

Tenzin Gyatso was exiled from Tibet (now known as “Dharma-kingdom of Tibet”). He travelled to China in 1959 to negotiate with Chairman Mao. When China was already under the communists, Tenzin Gyatso was declared the Tibetan independence (or “Dharma-kingdom of Tibet”) in 1970.

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibetan buddhism. According to tradition, he was a great and compassionate man devoted to the welfare of all sentient beings. He has spent his life promoting world peace and the welfare of humanity.

William Hartog has written books and conducted hundreds of conferences, lectures, and workshops about engaging in wisdom, compassion, and, more recently, environmental sustainability.

This is what I am currently doing in my first year of graduate school. I am going to become a professor at a small liberal arts school in the US. My work will focus on intercultural diversity and cultural studies, and my research will have to do with the cross-faith relationship in Tibet.
This question is about the Dalai Lama. I am also interested in the Tibetan Buddhism as a religion as well as a culture. I am especially interested in the practice at the local monastery.

There are several reasons for choosing a pope from among the world’s Christian denominations: The first pope was chosen from a single congregation, and over the following centuries, the papacy has grown to be representative of many different congregations.

As the government tries to ban him, he owns around $1 billion.


The Dalai Lama has said that the biggest challenge of the past century was bringing about peace. He has been quoted: “Tibet is a region of peace, and it has been like that for a thousand years. But it is not a place where there are many opportunities.” The Dalai Lama has been the target of violent protests over Tibet’s status, and he has been forced to flee Tibet for India.

Favorite Quotes from Dalai Lama

People may take different paths in search of fulfillment or happiness, but I find that most people take an intentional and mindful approach to their relationships with the world and ourselves.

Silence is a powerful tool for achieving your purpose.
Silence is a powerful tool for helping you achieve your purpose.

Tibetan refugees and asylum seekers have been tortured and beaten and have a long way to go. No one can deny this. The Dalai Lama has a deep understanding of this reality, and has a profound compassion and wisdom to help alleviate the pain of these experiences.

Peace, Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Restraint & Humility. These are the qualities that the planet and the human beings need. “Successful people” are those who have succeeded in not thinking or doing things to harm others but have instead worked to make the world a better place and who have taken action in their lives to benefit others. They are the heroes and heroines of the future.

I have been told that as a child, the Dalai Lama used to wear a long-sleeved overcoat made up of colorful patches, each one representing a particular virtue. The child would wear them all at once.

3 Lessons from Dalai Lama That Will Change Your Life

Before you decide to pursue any passion, you must find your strength; A strong passion will help you overcome the challenges you will face.
So if you want to start a business or a journey to pursue your passion, you must find your strength and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

1. The world doesn’t belong to leaders

The world belongs to all of us, all of humanity, not to the kings, not to the princes, not to the priestly classes, not to the prophets, not to the apostles or to the saints, not to the bishops or archbishops, not to the cardinals or the popes. It belongs to all of us.

2. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich

I am content with what I have. I am not looking forward to more. I can do more for my life. I can also help others.

3. Your Home is where you feel at home

A place where you feel content after you had been given the care you deserve.


The longest living, Tenzin Gyatso, is the 14th Dalai Lama, which is head of the Tibetan government in exile.

Dalai Lamas promote goodness and compassion for all living things, and Tenzin Gyatso is also considered to be an ethical leader of the world.

Dalai Lama’s net worth is a few hundred million dollars.

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