Colin Firth Net Worth

Colin Firth, 57, is known for his role in the Bridget Jones’ Diary films. The Brit is worth £20million.


Firth is an English actor who has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a BAFTA Award. He has also received three Screen Actors Guild Awards. He is also an animal rights activist.

Firth has made a name for himself in the comedy and film world after starring as Prince Charles in The King’s Speech and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

Early Life

Firth was born in England and he belongs to the British nationality. His ethnicity is English. His mother was a lecturer while his father was an instructor. Firth was born on the 10th of September, 1960. He is the son to Shirley Jean and David Norman Firth. He has never been married.

In his early teen age he returned to the U.S. to attend the Montgomery High School. Finding no way to fit in amongst the American students, he was constantly ridiculed so much so that his studies were affected.


He made his debut on a UK television series called Holby City. It was here that he got his break into the business which led to him becoming one of the most successful and most recognized actors today.

In the BBC drama ‘Tumbledown’, which was broadcast during 1988, he played the role of Robert Lawrence, who was a very brave and courageous British soldier. His role was highly acclaimed.

After the success of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, his career took off, he became a household name and was called the new British heartthrob. It was a surprise for many as the British actor Andrew Lincoln hadn’t played the lead in a number of years.

The year 2009 was a remarkable one for him. He was selected for the role of ‘King Henry VIII’ and was also chosen for the character ‘King Arthur’ in ‘Excalibur’.

Brad Pitt plays King George VI/Her Majesty the Queen in the movie ‘The King’s Speech’, which is set in 1940. This movie shows how King George coped with a stammer while being crowned King in 1937.

You can increase the net worth by $25 million.


Firth’s best performances have been more than a few roles as a character actor, but he’s one of the best British actors working today.
His performances range from his first film role, in 1988’s A Bridge Too Far, to as the dandy in The King’s Speech and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Favorite Quotes from Colin Firth 

I love working with my co-stars, and I love working with the options I have in front of me. Sometimes I take a job because it’s a group of people I’m dying to work with, and sometimes it can be a desire to shake things up a bit and not to take myself too seriously.

If you are a viewer of TV drama, you are likely watching a lot of people making all kinds of bad decisions. You are likely watching people make all kinds of bad choices, and you are likely watching people make all kinds of bad decisions.

I was on the phone for 2 hours at 10pm on a Wednesday night because I could no longer bear to be alone. To you who have known me for a long time know that I am not a social person and have been able to function without any company for months at a time. However, my friend called and I was a terrible host, the two of us chatted and laughed and giggled and giggled until I found myself unable to talk for hours.

I think this is a great example of a paraphrase.

[Firth]: When they were shooting of the movie “Mr. Darcy”, we all said this is a disaster. We all knew that he would go to Mars, because he’s an astronaut. But we wanted something else. We needed something that shows that Mr. Darcy was actually a real person, and that we could actually make a whole movie together. That’s what happened.

3 Awesome Lessons from Colin Firth

Colin Firth’s success has taught us a lot of lessons that can be applied to our lives. We can learn to take control of our lives from someone who’s had a pretty successful career already.

1. Persist 

I had to pull off the car at the right moment and didn’t use the back door. It’s no use to be angry, you should have played the game more carefully.

2. Find a Mentor

Bertie is unable to walk, talk, or eat without the help of a machine. He is put under Lionel’s care so he can learn to walk and communicate again.

3. Do Whatever it Takes

The only person who will have to say the tongue twister when he’s a bit older will be Colin Firth. He was the first choice for the role in “The King’s Speech” and now he’s playing the king in a new biopic.


In the last few decades, we’ve seen the emergence of a new breed of political party – the “party of no”, the party of “not in my back yard”. These parties have arisen from social movements with the very clear intent of holding the establishment at least temporarily to account.

Since the age of 19, Colin has always been a professional actor. His first major role was as Parson Jack Elliot in Brideshead Revisited. A few years later, he played the lead role of Dan in A Single Man.

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