Bruce Willis Net Worth

Bruce Willis has a net worth of around $60 million.


He is considered the second most famous living person in the world.

Bruce Willis is worth between $250 Billion and $2 Billion.

The iconic film ‘Die Hard’ was a box office success and brought along the actor (Bruce Willis) who portrayed the character of John McClane. Yet, the film is still on the big screen to this day and Bruce Willis is still living a prosperous life as an actor.

He’s been in everything, he’s been in the biggest budget movies, he’s been in smaller movies and he’s been in independent movies.

Early Life

Bruce was the youngest of the four, he is the only son, and has never had to work. He was born in Idar Oberstein, Germany.

Willis started with some great cars back in the day, but he was not an original driver. He went to the track to be around the cars, rather than doing the driving.

Bruce Lee’s father was a martial arts instructor in Hong Kong. He suffered from a speech impediment and was mocked by his peers. Bruce started doing martial arts as a kid. He was very good at them and his father also encouraged him to start acting.


Before starting his acting career, Bruce Willis was in an American football team called the “Buckeyes”. He played for 10 years as fullback until a knee injury forced him to quit.

Willis ended up leaving university and moving to New York, where he began working as a bartender. After this, came a move to California, and was a contestant on television series Miami Vice, Moonlighting and The Twilight Zone.

He was very successful with his acting, which led to advertising deals with Golden Wine Cooler Products–and he received his first few million dollars (of earnings) before he began acting in films.

Willis took this chance and continued to work, so he became more famous and rich. The movies are still being made and the franchise is still bringing in massive money.

Willis has previously shared the screen with Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

He is considered the second most famous living person in the world.

Bruce Willis is worth between $250 Billion and $2 Billion.


Here are some of the best highlights from Bruce Willis’ career in the United States.

Favorite Quotes from Bruce Willis

 “Even though we will never experience pregnancy, we will still be able to open our own jars. We will still be able to have babies.” – Bruce Willis.

I think it’s great that you are becoming a dad, at this stage in your life.

“I like having the dough to come and go as I please.” – Bruce Willis

However, there is an exception. When you use the indefinite pronoun there, you can use a contraction, but it’s only optional.

Bruce Willis Motivational Video

3 Keys to Success from Bruce Willis

1. You don’t have to do everything on your own
2. If you do this one thing and do it well, others will follow.
3. Be the best you can be at what you do.

1. Do the Hard Things

I’m guessing Bruce didn’t always have the nickname of Buck Buck. I’m guessing Bruce only started having trouble with his stutter once he started going to a new school, and at that time his parents gave him the nickname.

2. Ignore Mean People

I was driving around with the windows down and the radio blaring. I was trying to see if I was getting anywhere…
When I looked down to see that I had stalled my car.
I’m sitting here thinking, “Well, why is this happening?”
I took the key and put it in the ignition.

3. Surprise People

Prior to being cast in Moonlighting, Bruce worked as a private detective. He had worked with Robert Stack on such shows as McCloud and Mannix, and was actually the first choice to play the role of Harry Callahan on The A-Team.


If you’re reading this article, you probably already know my work and love of “Die Hard 4”.

As of August 6, 2018, Bruce Willis is listed as one of the richest actors worldwide.

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