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Billy McFarland is an American entrepreneur. He is a public speaker, a media personality, a social media influencer, the founder of the group “College Kids,” and an actor. Billy McFarland is a graduate of the University of Nevada, the University of Arizona, and the University of Southern California. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Arizona.


There were many people who were arrested for fraud. Among them there was a man named Billy McFarland who was accused of being the creator of the Fyre Festival.

McFarland was convicted of defrauding investors of $27.4 million by marketing and selling tickets to the festival and other events. In 2013, he founded Magnises, which marketed a credit card, using $1.5 million of investor funds.

After selling his stake in the popular college basketball league, Billy McFarland’s net worth has dropped to about $7.5 Million, a drop of about $20 Million.

Early Life

William McFarland grew up in Millburn, New Jersey. He lived in affluent surroundings and was exposed to all aspects of American life.

McFarland, and his wife, founded the online outsourcing startup, that matches clients with web designers. He attended Bucknell, a college in Lewisburg that teaches computer engineering in less than nine months.


In 2017, Billy McFarland started a platform called Spling, where he served as CEO. Spling was a platform through which they could provide online advertising. He also started a financial services venture called Magnises, where he served as the CEO. The company got $1.5 million of funding in 2013 and he was the president of that startup.

He was a founder of Fyre Media, and a music promoter working with rapper Ja Rule to put on an extravagant music festival in the Bahamas. It was supposed to go down in 2017 but was only a matter of time before it fell apart.

Although they had been invited to come in March, we ended up having to cancel the festival due to the hurricane.

McFarland borrowed more than $7 million to fund the festival, took one loan at an effective annualized rate of more than 120 percent. The lender sued, alleging McFarland defaulted on the loan and sued for a return of its funds.

McFarland pleads guilty to wire fraud and also faces the possibility of more than ten years in prison.

The amount of money that people who are “influencers” on social media make per month.


This episode started when Bill Gates had a problem with Internet Explorer. He asked everyone in the company to leave Microsoft and join him at McFarland.

Favorite Quotes from Billy McFarland

“We’re going to take every measure to make this right for everyone.” – Billy McFarland

There were also numerous complaints that this commercial was “trolling”.

The initial launch of the islands had a few issues from the infrastructure standpoint. They were under the impression that they’d be able to get things up and running in six months – and they didn’t.

“I deeply apologize for what has happened. You deserve better. I will do better.”

(2) In the second paraphrase, the speaker is talking directly to the audience — the audience he is apologizing to and for — and not to a specific person, or to God. His audience doesn’t include himself.

3 Lessons from Billy McFarland About Fraud 

Bill McFarland, the founder of Blackbox Intelligence, has been in the business of doing something we know he is good at, and that is to steal money from the government.

1. Fraud Exists Everywhere 

~~Yes, we are looking into the issue of corruption…~~ We know that corruption is a symptom of other issues.. It does not matter if it is from the government or from the private sector, if the system is not designed or developed right, it will be abused.

2. Fraud is an Escape 

Anything that sounds like hyperbole is probably exaggerated to make it more interesting and/or sell more widgets. This is especially true of the “get rich quick” scheme.

3. Worst of All Frauds

This paragraph is the second longest in the whole essay.


Some of us were victims of the Fyre Festival. They were conned by people doing well with social media to promote and sell tickets. People invested in it thinking it was going to be a cool cultural experience.

At the end of 2019, McFarland’s net worth is estimated to be as large as -$16.5 Million.

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