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Heard is a 30+ year-old actress. She made her film debut when she starred as Amber in the 2004 horror movie, House on Haunted Hill. Amber is best known for her work in the 2014 blockbuster, Thor: Ragnarok. The actress currently stars as Selene in the Starz series, American Gods.


I have already written her to tell her that.
Thank you, it is a gift from us.

When Heard made her film debut, it was a supporting role in a sports drama, followed by other small television roles.

Amber Heard is worth -$6 Million as of July 2022. He’s currently worth an estimated -$6 Million.

Early Life 

Heard entered in the modeling industry when she was 16 years old when she was discovered via a photographer named Ben Watts.

Her experience with her mother when she was a teenager made her hate relationships, which is what she had with her father and her brother. She was interested in the works of Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche, ideas that promoted individuality and a belief that people were responsible for themselves.


The first time he performed live, he sang the song ‘Mama, I’m a Big Boy Now’ at the American Music Awards in January 2009. He made his second appearance on the Grammy Awards in February 2010, singing ‘Mama, I’m a Big Boy Now’ again. In 2010 he released his first official live album, ‘An Evening with Kenny Chesney’, and his next album, ‘Life on a Rock’, was released in November 2010.

Soon, she starred in some minor roles in various films such as Drop Dead Sexy, Price To Pay, and Alpha Dog.

In 2011, she starred in the drama ‘The Secret in their Eyes’ alongside Daniel Radcliffe. She played a journalist who begins investigating a story where the main character’s wife is possibly still alive after she went missing. The film received mixed reviews. In 2012, she starred in ‘Endless Love’ alongside Gerard Butler. She played a doctor who must find a way to save a terminally ill patient. The film was not very successful and received mixed reviews.

For 2016, Heard embarked on another blockbuster year, with 4 big movies -‘Fault’, ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Chappie’, and ‘Suicide Squad’. At the same time, it also marked the beginning of the end of her acting career, as she announced that she is leaving acting to pursue a new career in music.

She is no longer married to Johnny Depp, as she was in this image.

Amber Heard’s net worth is negative six million dollars.


She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 18, 1989.

Favorite Quotes from Amber Heard 

Amber Heard has gone on record saying that while her name hasn’t been signed up to play the female lead in the film adaptation of ‘D.E.B.S.,’ she is considering taking on the role, despite the fact that she is not the first choice.
According to an industry insider it has been reported that Warner Brothers has already offered the role to Zoe Saldana and Ashley Judd, but both actresses have declined.

I love this quote, because in a world of social media, I think it’s still hard for most people to understand the feeling of having to let go of your performance before you go home at night. It’s also hard because we’re often so focused on what we SHOULD be performing, rather than what we are. I think we often end up losing the magic of the performance. It also reminds me of the quote from the movie, The Illusionist.

Amber Heard said that she’s been lucky enough to work with big names (like Johnny Depp) and people that are really famous for doing what they do and doing it well.

Since the death of her best friend, Amber is doing everything she can to make sure the world is a better place. She supports causes such as Clean Water Action and the World Humanitarian Summit.

3 Life Lessons from Amber Heard 

Success is not a matter of talent, but a matter of preparation, of work, of perseverance, of luck, of hard work. No one can succeed by his effort on the field by his ability only.

Success is not a destination; it is a journey.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy objective.

Success is a journey, which starts with a single step and ends in a final destination.

Once you’ve reached your destination, you’ve still got another journey ahead of you.

1. The Path Back 

No matter how far away from yourself you may have strayed, there is always a way back. You already know who you are and how to fulfil your destiny. And your ruby slippers are ready to take you back home.

2. It’s Okay 

Failure makes our heart beat faster and sheds light on our reasoning, it makes us feel alive, puts us to the test. I have had more failures than successes so far.

3. Opportunities 

This is for your benefit, not for mine, you’ve got to see the bigger picture.


Amber Heard is an American actress from Texas who has starred in various movies in different and unconventional roles. She had her best hits in the box office hits, including ‘The Pineapple Express’ and ‘Never Back Down’.

She is no longer married to Johnny Depp, as she was in this image.

Amber Heard’s net worth is negative six million dollars.

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