Terry Crews Net Worth

Terry Crews’ net worth is estimated at $7 million.


At the time of writing, Terry Crews’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $25 Million.

He first gained fame in 1992 when then-New York Giants head coach Bill Parcells was impressed with his performance, and recruited him to play for the Giants.
After playing for the Giants, Crews was drafted in 1994 by the Miami Dolphins in the 6th round.
He played in the NFL for ten years and retired in 2004.

He has also starred in a lot of movies; he starred in ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ (2009). He has an upcoming movie called ‘The Other Woman’ (2012). You can also see him in ‘Idiocracy’ (2006).

And also as a musician, actor, and he recently voiced a character in an animated film!

Early Life

Terry Crews Senior is a retired police officer. He was a Vietnam veteran and also served in the Navy. His first marriage was to Patricia Crews, a family friend and church elder. They were married in 1985 and they had 3 children together. His second marriage was to a woman named Sandra. The family has been together for over 30 years. He has been married to her for 17 of those years.

Crews was recruited by Western Michigan University. He was named to the All-Mid-American Conference Team and also earned a scholarship.

He was drafted in the fifth round by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991. He pursued a football career and became an actor in 1997.


Crews started to get noticed after making guest appearances on the TV show ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’. He was the second runner up on ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period’. He made a cameo appearance on the movie ‘Soul Plane’ and started to get his foot in the door.

He was in many films that came out in the same year, ‘Serving Sara’, ‘Friday After Next’ and ‘Deliver Us From Eva’ being the most popular.

The former bodybuilder was a popular actor and in the past decade, appeared in roles in various Hollywood films such as ‘White Chicks’, ‘The Longest Yard’, ‘The Expendables’ and ‘Norbit’. He also starred in the comedy film ‘Ride Along’ and his character was named Terrence ‘Terry’ Crews. Terry Crews has been very lucky to have successful movies as a main actor and has been working hard to establish himself as a leading man.

Crews joined the cast of NBC’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, replacing Andy Samberg who left because he was too busy touring. He played Jake Peralta, a police detective who worked at the fictional 99th precinct.

After the ‘Family Crews’ ended, Crews focused on his musical career. In 2012 he released his first mixtape, ‘Weird Al-Yankovic X Gon’ Give It 2 Ya’ which included three tracks with his wife. His first official studio album, ‘Mama’s Boy’ was released in 2013 and produced by DJ Premier and featured the single “Get Up 10”.

Crews also worked on the television show “Basketball Wives” and is a big fan of the program. He hosted a spin off of the show called “Basketball Wives LA”.

Crews is the star of Deadpool 2. He plays the role of Bedlam and is with Ryan Reynolds.

Terry Crews is now estimated to be worth $25 million dollars as of November 2019.


First, Terry Crews started out as an actor before becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Favorite Quotes from Terry Crews

The team of two men, including a professional wrestler, attempted to sneak into San Antonio Spurs stadium and play basketball during one of the breaks, before the NBA game between the San Antonio Spurs and the LA Clippers was cancelled because of concerns by the team about the safety of the players on the court.

Work becomes fun because we have built a life that we are proud of. Work becomes fun because we are inspired to work hard. We work hard because we have worked hard to build a life that we are proud of.

“I’d rather die doing something I feel is great and amazing rather than be safe and comfortable living a life I hate,” Crews wrote on his Twitter account.

It’s time to get physical and it’s time to bring it.

3 Success Lessons from Terry Crews

When you have a little bit of luck and a great attitude, you can achieve success.
You have to use what you have, not give up.
Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to enjoy your work.

And lastly,

You need to love yourself.

1. Don’t let your past define you

We all have to deal with people who are different in one way or another. We’re all different. People are people and their opinions are different from ours. It doesn’t hurt them to ask to help. There is no harm in asking. You don’t have to hurt them if they say no or if it’s not a good time. They’ll eventually come around if you give them a chance.

2. It’s okay to start over

Change is not easy. Once you realize that change is not easy, you can start to reinvent yourself. The goals that you want to achieve will require you to be someone more to make it happen.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

When it comes to success, I believe there are two kinds of people. There are those who are willing to make a decision to do something. Those who are not willing to go on being the way we are. That second group of people will not change their ways and they will never achieve the level of success they want in their lives. I am not one of them. I am the type of person who is willing to make a decision to do something. I have no problem getting out of my comfort zone.


Crews is one of the most influential icons in the film industry. He has collaborated in more than two decades. He has starred in numerous popular films since the early 2000s.

Terry Crews was born on September 2, 1968 and is an American Actor, Comedian and Television Host.

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