50 Sean Connery Quotes That He Actually Said

“This show will forever be known as the one where Sean Connery is awesome”.

Sean Connery was born on October 11, 1925 in Scotland to an actor. He graduated from Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He became well known after playing James Bond and won many awards for his good looks. He married twice and has two sons.

Sean Connery is one of the best Bond actors out there. Sean Connery also has a very successful solo career in film, television, and theater.

Sean Connery was an actor, a famous one, who has done many roles from James Bond to Doctor Who. He became famous because he was often on screen and in people’s favorite TV shows.

50 Sean Connery Quotes That He Actually Said

To speak with an English accent is already a departure away from what you are.

I think we have all felt the pull of challenge at some point. We all have found ourselves wanting to do, or be, more.

Math is the language of science. Math is our foundation. We are defined by our ability to apply math to the creation of new phenomena.

There’s a lot of fantasy about what Scotland is. Sean Connery is a fictional character who doesn’t exist. The shortbread tins were created for the 2014 movie The Legend of Tarzan.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with our society where we spend 17 years of our lives trying to convince somebody else that they’re not entitled to live the life they want while the rest of us are all crammed into small apartments and forced into a system that’s been designed so that we’re forced to work longer and harder.

The brotherhood of golf is that people are all the same, including the guys who are making fun of you and the guys who are mocking you.

Although Sean Connery didn’t say he wanted to be a great artist like those names, he still wanted to be a great artist.

Sean Connery wins over his rivals by a landslide. He proves that he is the greatest actor to ever live and has the talent to have won that prestigious award for any sport.

I’ve never really understood how Connery ends up staying for so long in one place. It doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s like people who don’t want to learn don’t learn, or people who don’t want to work don’t work. I mean, Connery can look at his body, he can choose to do something, he can choose not to do something, right? He can choose to be miserable or choose to be happy. That’s what I’m saying; why should it be so hard to understand? I’m not mad at Connery, or my grandpa, or my grandma, or any of my family. I just can’t believe that life is that hard for people. That’s my issue.

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I have always been a Scot. And I will always be one.

I have learned this lesson from one of my favorite actors. Sean Connery said the above line when asked if he was an Englishman. I thought it was quite an interesting response. He had actually stated the opposite a few years earlier.

Sean Connery said that perhaps he’s not a good actor, but he would be even worse at anything else.

I can think of one woman in the history of literature who just loves to get smacked. Her name is Sappho and she’s a little short in the legs and she thinks she can out-do the boys at their own game. You know, they call her a lesbian, but I think we can all agree that when it comes to smacking the boys, she’s just a regular girl.

The Scottish government should have nothing less than the equality of the other nations in the world.

There are a lot of problems, I do not want to go further into them, they have their own section on this site. The first problem is that the person who wants to be in charge will always have the upper hand.

The knighthood, which was the highest honor given by British Queen Elizabeth II, was a rare and beautiful gift. Sean Connery never used a knighthood.

You should write first, not think, because if you worry too much then you will never get to the writing stage.

The way our economy has been structured, we shouldn’t be too proud of ourselves for having a good health care system.

The Irish seem to me more passionate or spirited than the Scots.

When Sean Connery was a teenager, he left Scotland because he had no qualifications for anything other than the Navy.

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The three bottles of alcohol that Connery asked the stewardess to get for him were the only ones available on the flight.

love has nothing to do with it

I didn’t have any trouble with your sentence fragments.

Happiness is something that we are born with and we gain by sharing it. We will always keep this feeling when we are together.

You can never be “good enough”. You have to find new challenges to keep you motivated.

Although Sean Connery was once the heart and soul of James Bond, he has since left that role. And in fact, he’s not even an actor anymore. And still, people would ask for their money back.

If people really cared about what
they were doing, they would stop
fearing and stop loving.

Sean Connery said that, as far as he was concerned, “I like women. I don’t understand them, because I can’t tell them apart, but I like them.” He was the first James Bond.

I still have to do my homework for this assignment, but I’ll try to get it out soon. As for the film that I already have in mind, it’s going to be a drama. I’m considering that I might be able to work a bit with the screenplay I wrote 2 years ago.

Sean Connery was not lying when he said that only 4 Percent of all the companies that are owned in Scotland have their head office in Scotland, he was not lying, he was accurately stating the 4 percent figure.

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I believe the world is ready for a new nation. I believe Scotland will become a nation without any problems. I believe there is nothing more creative than creating a new nation.

The James Bond producers and the United States government thought Roger Moore was the ideal James Bond for three movies, but they wanted a more physical, athletic actor for the next one. Moore declined, so the producers turned to Sean Connery, who took the role for “For Your Eyes Only.” He did the same for the next two Bond films, but he had just given up acting to become a fisherman.

Sean Connery who starred in many of the James Bond films said that he never took up acting again as his children got older and he didn’t think it was a good idea to get involved with younger children.

The best of your life is the best of your life. If you’re happy you’re happy. It doesn’t matter where you go, you’re still happy.

James Bond has a lot of things in his life where he has to put himself (and others) in a situation where the problem can’t be sorted out.

All the Bond films are really entertaining. They made me feel like I was really there watching the film. They do make my heart go boom when I watch them.

There was some weird shit that happened, and I was getting really lonely. I also had a thing for golfers. I met this French guy on the internet and couldn’t stop talking about him. He really liked it and we started to get to know each other. Then they would bring us together and we would talk for hours. I would then make an excuse and leave. It made sense to do it in secret and I thought this was a great way for us to avoid having boring conversations. It was the most exciting time of my life.

For Sean Connery, being Scottish or Irish, didn’t matter one bit. What mattered is that he felt strongly about what he believed in, and that he was a citizen of Scotland. That’s what matters most. Now, when people talk about a Scottish Independence Referendum they can use the above statement to support their point of view, and people can understand why Sean Connery stood for the position he did.

I have been to a lot of countries. Most are in no-man’s land…and this one isn’t even under the sea!

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When I opened my copy of Dom Pérignon by the bottle and looked inside, I realized this book wasn’t written by a writer. Instead, it was written by an accountant.

The following is a list of the best insults.

Well, I am swimming every day and I am even trying to get the golf swing working again. Maybe that will take a little bit longer.

The actor was quoted about his reluctance to take the role in the James Bond movies.

For all the people who say it does not get better, you are wrong. There is a time when you get to the top and you can do whatever you want.

As he said in his speech at the premiere of The League of Gentlemen: The Resurrection of Brian O’Blivion.

The only thing that could have saved my career would have been a hit Indiana Jones film.

I was a pilgrim in an unholy land. I’m sure I’m going to die in a terrible car accident.

Life seems so much more interesting with romantic interest. People are more happy and more interesting to be around.

“I don’t mind if you tell the truth or not, but I will not let you get this job done.

The most important thing is to give a woman a present at a time that she’s not expecting it. It’s not expected that you will come to her birthday party a year later. You need to plan ahead.

The Beatle scene was like a cross between a war zone and the Roman Colosseum. It was impossible to avoid crowds of people all over the place, and it was impossible to miss the blinding flashguns. The Beatles had to run the gauntlet as well, but at least there were four of them.

2. The Beatles were originally called the Silver Beatles.


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