50 Of The Best Branch Warren Quotes

I love his comments on human nature. They are so profound.

He began showing signs of bulking up in his early 20’s, and by his mid 20’s, he was already very well respected figure in the show business. The way he carried himself made him look like a big old man!

The first few times that I did it, it was very easy. A lot of people said I would never be able to do it, but I did it in 12 months.

These are the top quotes from the bestselling author of The Book of Mormon.

50 Branch Warren Quotes

Well, Branch Warren, there are a couple things you should know: one is that it’s rude to eat when you’re in someone else’s house. It’s also very rude to walk around in someone else’s house without asking permission first. If you feel the need to eat, then eat in the kitchen. And the last thing is that no one should ever tell someone else what to do.

I really think the key to surviving is to have a positive attitude and don’t give a damn.

There is a strong case to be made that you should build from the ground up. This is often referred to as the “heavyweight to big-period and big-period to heavyweight” cycle.

I agree. The more strength you have, the better the physique you will build. The body needs to be strong in order to perform at a strength level.

He was on the other side of the coin. You can’t really beat someone who’s bigger than you or stronger than you, so he beat them by being better. That was the one thing that stood out to me.

If you don’t work towards being the first choice, then you will always be the second choice.

The great Branch Warren, in the first round of the 1980 US Olympic 100m freestyle. He came from the outside to lead off the final leg. The USA team failed to qualify for the quarterfinals.

10th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

I can relate to this! I did everything I could to fix myself but still found myself to be a loser in the end. Branch Warren got me to stop trying to fix myself and just started believing in myself. I needed to believe that I could do great things. And I did.

Bodybuilding isn’t a sport to be played on weekends. You build muscle with hard work. Nobody has earned the right to be a bodybuilder like I have.

Branch would say that he beat guys that he should not have beaten, but that did not imply that he would actually kill them.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a good company or a bad company, you can still be in the right place working for the right people.

It’s hard to say if the man is a quitter or someone who doesn’t know what the word quit means.

If you feel like you were brought into this world for no other reason that to serve others – to help others and support others – then you should strive to be a better person. You should live your life in a way that you would want to be remembered when you were dead.

Branch Warren said: The thing with me is that not only do I have to stay busy, but also bodybuilding will only last so many years.

17. I go all out when I go hard, and I always come back to failure.

Branch was born to be a winner. His work ethic and determination are beyond belief. He has an insatiable competitive drive. He knows what he wants and goes after it. No matter the opposition, he is relentless and relentless competitors are winners.

He was 19, he was already a pro bodybuilder, and he was already a professional.

20th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

In most cases, your brain would have a hard time telling the difference between a weight lifting and a bodyweight exercise. In other words, the more weight you lift, the easier it is to convince your brain to do the same in a real world setting.

Branch says that when he was preparing for the Arnold Classic he was so busy that he literally did not think about eating or any of the other things that we must do to survive, he was so busy.

Branch had a way of being intense with a touch of his funny side.

Branch was just a natural athlete, and knew he was stronger than everyone else.

When he was around 40, he figured he’d stop. He wanted to leave on his terms.

Branch Warren, during the time of the 2018 NBA Draft, was considered by many to be the hardest working player in the room. He was listed as the 12th-best prospect by Draft Express, who said he could be a solid three-point shooter and play physical defense.

It is true that God’s people are going to face opposition from the world around us, but God’s Word also tells us that He will be with us and when the going gets tough, He has given us the power to overcome it. If you have hope and are willing to fight, you can overcome anything that gets in your way.

“I can’t let him leave his house without knowing what he’s doing.”

[Paraphrased]: “I can’t stay in my house with my wife and son.”

The following text is from an article in the New York Daily News:

The following three statements are paraphrases of portions of an interview between Donald Trump and George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

If you work hard enough for it, you can get anything you want.

 I love the outdoors, enjoy hunting and fishing. I’m also a sportsman, I believe we ought to leave the environment in peace.

30th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

When he was 18, Branch Warren could have had anything, if he wanted to.

I never wanted to lose a contest because someone outworked me. I wanted to lose a contest because I had no heart. I wanted to lose a contest because people were mean to me.

There’s a fine line between being willing to work for a win and work hard for a win. The harder you work, the sweeter the victory.

A lot of things contribute to genetics, genetics is a factor in most of those things, but no one can control genetics. People can though, you can train your genetics, you can change your genetics by changing how you think about your body and how you look at yourself.

A big part of the plan is to increase your intensity levels in order to make your gains.

Branch’s comment is a rare example of a gay person being openly gay and in a leadership position in media. He has been openly gay since before he came into the public eye, but he has been very vocal about it since being on the cover of Playboy in the 90s. As a member of the ‘New Guard’ of gay men in media, he was one of the first people to come out, and he has been one of the most successful.

Branch Warren was the hardest worker in the game. He said that as a teenager, he knew that he was going to have to outwork everybody and that that was the way he became the best player in the world.

Branch Warren said that he learned from the beginning that if you’re the hardest worker in the room, and you can outwork all your contemporaries, and you can outwork everyone on stage, they might get you in the beginning but down the road, you’ll catch them and pass them, and they’ll never catch you.

Branch Warren was a very lean, lean guy who was very light on his feet. He had a great physique, but he did not compete in a sport where muscle mass was relevant. He was also very articulate, a gentleman and a scholar, all while competing in a sport where few athletes are that articulate, gentlemanly or scholarly. He had no clue. Branch Warren was no weakling and no weakling was Branch!

I have learned from a very young age that nobody owes you anything and nobody’s gonna give you a damn thing.

40th of 50 Branch Warren Quotes

Branch Warren is a black former American football linebacker who is best known for his time in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders. He played in the league for about 10 years, making the playoffs five times. The other half of the quote comes from the same video, where Warren talks about how he changed his physique with the aid of steroids and was able to transform himself into a man who is able to be the same man we saw in the video. He was able to achieve this feat, as he grew a massive physique that is very similar to the ones seen in the bodybuilding video.

Branch Warren is known for being incredibly active in the MMA community outside of his training with “No Doubt” members. He is a coach for the UFC’s upcoming Brazilian-based Fight Pass show in November.

Branch Warren didn’t want to be known as a great bodybuilder. He wanted to be known as a great businessman.

Warren found that once he hit the workout room, he couldn’t help but push himself. Whether it was in the gym, on the court or on the field, it only brought him more success.

Branch Warren has been out of shape since being drafted out of Kansas State in 2004. Despite his conditioning, he is a solid blocker and a willing participant in pass protection. The Rams may be able to get by without him, but if he is the only option to block or the team wants to change things up, they could look at an interior lineman elsewhere.

I always like to keep a consistent diet, and I also try to keep a consistent training schedule.

I’m not surprised that Branch said this. He’s one of the strongest fighters in the game.

The former Ohio State quarterback added that his love of football has only grown since he began working out with coach Urban Meyer. “I just love working out and going further than I ever did before,” said Warren.

I hear this quote, but, it’s just a variation on “practice makes perfect.” I can’t recall any athlete or coach who claims that you can’t win if you don’t train to the best of your ability. Branch Warren, the great distance runner of the late 1920s, had the best running shoes available and he had the best coach.

Branch Warren was a great wrestler, but in the end he was the strongest man. You can get stronger at anything, but there is no substitute for strength.

Warren describes himself as “laid back” and “easy going.” He likes to party with his friends, but he also likes to keep his distance at the same time.


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