40 Greatest Elisabetta Canalis Quotes

Her quotes are very interesting and always seem to be on point.

Elisabetta Canalis is an Italian actress and model, famous for the advertisements she did for the popular cosmetics brand ‘L’Oreal’.

Canalis has been known for many seasons and she always looks very beautiful in any of her different looks. She has always received the best compliments, has amazing hair and makeup and her presence on the runway is always very powerful.
I like the way she handles herself on the runway being so well-coordinated and graceful.

André can dance! She is a qualified ballroom dancer and has trained in several dance academies. She has also been featured in Dancing with the Stars and has worked with renowned choreographers such as Kevin Tynan from ‘So you think you can dance’.

And here’s a collection of the best Elisabetta Canalis quotes.

40 Greatest Elisabetta Canalis Quotes

There might be someone else who has dogs that are more than “just a pet”.

When you are swimming you use all of your muscles and its really fun.

Elisabetta Canalis has always been against fur. The actress has been wearing fur for more than 25 years, and thinks she’s an expert on wearing it.

A fur-free Elisabetta Canalis denies that she ever wore fur.

“I love you” – Elisabetta Canalis

The word count is the same, but the first paragraph, the second paragraph, the first sentence, and the second sentence are all different.

“I’m okay with being alone.” The actress says that she’s not good with the social aspect of relationships, and that she prefers to remain a loner.

Elisabetta Canalis said that she has been training in the gym ever since she was a teenager. Elisabetta Canalis was born in Milan, Italy and was raised in an Italian family. She began working out in her teens.

This woman is great! She has a lot of variety and she loves it.

Elisabetta can not stand a weak man. She is more focused on guys that are able to take charge and make things happen. She is more willing to put up with a weak partner than a tough one. This is what she told the press when she was being asked about her partner.

10th of 40 Elisabetta Canalis Quotes

The actress, Elisabetta Canalis, who is the ex-wife of her husband, Antonio de la Rúa, says that she is happy about her ex, but that her happiness is just about her.

While she is not an Italian, it’s true that she is a little drama queen. She has been in the news recently for being in a catfight with her ex-husband.

Sometimes I bring cookies with me to eat during rehearsals because I know I need to keep eating a lot!

Canalis had a lot to say about her husband and how he made her feel hungry all day long. The Italian babe has a unique view on love because she doesn’t understand how her relationship with her husband, Joe Gatto, works. She claims that he makes her feel hungry all day long. Elisabetta also claims that she feels like he’s never home and that he’s never interested in being intimate because he’s always working.

American men are more open, they are ready to express their emotions. They get frightened easily.

I like skinny women, but some women tend to be very insecure about their bodies. If they’re skinny, I don’t judge them.

The actress said she was just a kid when she first met her current husband and it was all about love and fun. She said later on she realized she was missing out on her education and was too immature to take it seriously.

Elisabetta Canalis was a happy woman when she met her husband, Brian Austin Green. She is probably still pleased that he won first prize for her.

I was never able to love before. I lived in the past where I was told what to do and how to act. I was never able to choose my own destiny. I wasn’t strong enough and I would self-destruct when it came to love. I was always in a state of limbo when it came to relationships, I didn’t have any choices.

Elisabetta Canalis says that, to look good on the red carpet, one must eat a lot.

20th of 40 Elisabetta Canalis Quotes

Canalis says that she is looking for a guy who can provide her with security.

It is the most important day of my life, but I don’t have time to think of anyone else.

Elisabetta Canalis went through a tough experience when she was on the show and had to read out a text message she received from her then boyfriend Riccardo Tisci. After the season’s finale, the designer went on to comment that the paparazzi are like parasites.

Elisabetta decided to move from Italy to Hollywood for a new start. She’d been struggling.

The social attitudes in the US are a lot different than ours. For them, arguing and shouting are perfectly normal.

Canalis’s husband, actor Thomas Dekker, was arrested in March 2012, on charges of domestic violence, at the couple’s Beverly Hills home.

Elisabetta can’t imagine being married and being single at the same time…what about her career?!

For me, it’s about making sure that, you know, when I eat, I’m eating healthy foods and I’m not eating too much and all those things.

Elisabetta is a little bit on the right side of the political spectrum, so she is probably one of those “conservative” types you’ll find in Australia, in the UK etc. She has been dating Benjamin Button, an American actor, for the past two years and has been living in the US for a while with him.

When Elisabetta Canalis was 23 years old, she said that she wanted to get fit and see her abs.

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It is about a girl.

She is named Elisabetta Canalis.

She is a famous model.

And she was 23 years old when she finally admitted that she had always wanted to see her abs.

30th of 40 Elisabetta Canalis Quotes

My cupboards open and I eat everything. Every dinner, every night, every day, every day, every day, every week, every month, every year.

“The end of a relationship is complicated.” This is another simple, but powerful sentence. It gives the reader the understanding that a break up is a complicated process. It is not easy to end a relationship.

Elisabetta Canalis said she was a tomboy, but when it comes to love, she is a doormat.

I don’t care about that Prince Charming or any other Prince Charming out there. I’m happy with my husband. Period.

I’m afraid the swimming’s way more difficult than the fighting, but I’m happy to say that I do kickboxing and weight training. I feel much more fit than before.

If you look for a man who will be your life-partner, it has to do with values. The man should be considerate, patient, and able to love and care for the little children.

I have never been a fan of saying goodbye in a heartbroken way. I want to be able to say good bye to a person and not feel sad about it. Saying goodbye is tough for me and I don’t want to have a reason for it.

People often criticize Elisabetta for her figure and being curvaceous. She often gets teased for this, even though she is very proud of her body.

Elisabetta is probably the best at making her boyfriend feel understood and knows what he wants from her. That’s why she always gets what she wants from him.

“But I tell girls that they have to forget whatever they see in the magazines, that’s a world which has nothing to do with actuality, think of it as a cartoon.” The Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis makes some very honest comments about how bad she finds the fashion industry, and how she wants to see it destroyed.

It’s not about what you eat, but how you eat. I try to eat a balanced diet, and it’s healthy, but I don’t deprive myself of anything.


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