50 Motivational Dave Portnoy Quotes

Dave Portnoy is the most famous Jewish guy in sports. He’s not as famous as Mel Brooks, but he’s got a lot of charisma. He’s great. He’s a riot.

David Portnoy and his colleagues started an internet sports media company called Barstool Sports in 2014.

Portnoys success is coming from several different sources. One being the pizza reviews, but another being his twitter account, where he posts comedic sports content for his followers.

There are many things that you can do, but motivation is the one thing that can’t be bought for money.

50 Motivational Dave Portnoy Quotes

One of the best places to reach people is a website that not only has a great design but also a good and active community. People often visit Facebook, Google+ and Twitter first but in my experience many people do not even visit these because they are mostly filled with advertisements that aren’t always informative. It’s easy for a website with many people to form a great community because everyone can share their opinions in a constructive manner.

It’s odd; there are feminists who like Barstool and then feminists who hate Barstool.

Dave claims that comedy is not limited to any particular gender, race, or religion and that his site has made comedy, which has been called for a long time, that have an impact on society.

Comedy is a very serious business. All those jokes you make about politics, or race, or religion, or anything else, you have to be very careful. You could get people hurt, or arrested.

You know the difference between a business and a government. You make the decisions and you’re accountable to the people because they elect you to be their servant. You are not the owner of the government. You are not the master of the government. You are, in fact, the servant of the people.

It seems like we’re on a roll with the news coverage of our show since we posted the video. We’re being interviewed by various media outlets, and we’ve taken a few hits in this round of coverage. We didn’t intentionally try to pick a fight with the president, but we’re having to deal with the consequences.

Dave Portnoy doesn’t like fancy pizza. He likes to think he can go to Pizza Hut and get a pie that tastes like the pie that his grandfather made…or something like that.

It seems like people are using the “crying is the best response” rule as a way to ignore people they don’t agree with.

There is a line you can’t walk, anything you say or write that comes from a racist or homophobic perspective will never be acceptable at Barstool.

10th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

In New York City there is a certain type of pizza that is coal-fired and has a thicker crust, that Dave Portnoy loves and recommends.

When the NFL tried to get into the streaming business and tried to work with Barstool Sports, everything the NFL touches that maybe we should be involved in, they always get the message that the NFL frowns upon working with Barstool Sports.

I think the Boston media has a certain opinion of a certain segment of the Boston media and I am not included in that segment.

Yes, a true expert in pizza can tell you the difference between a real Italian style pizza in Italy and a substandard pizza that’s been shipped halfway around the world. The same is true for local Mexican, Italian, Greek and other pizzas.

It’s not our policy to apologize just because we’re in a rough spot.

The last few weeks have given us a glimpse into what is going on in the minds of the people who are willing to use the name “conservative” to cloak their real motivations. There is a lot of anger in the people who identify themselves as “conservatives” and that anger is being directed at all of us.

In the late 1800’s, the term “T-shirt” was used by the military, and in the late 1920’s, the term entered the mainstream.
In 1969, the phrase “Think global, act local” was born.

Dave said he wants to make a boatload of money and make it on the senior tour in Europe. He may play a few warm-up events in the US. He definitely doesn’t want to live on islands, and is not sure what the bigger Nantucket house will be.

Boston, Massachusetts, known as the “cradle of the American Revolution,” is a city filled with history and a rich cultural environment.

20th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

Fans were pissed that this show was cancelled. Even though they were pretty much paying for it themselves, they were pissed and they said mean things about the show at the time it was cancelled.

10) Season 5: The last season premiered in September 2017 and it was cancelled in 2018.

ESPN is not accepting Dave Portnoy because Dave Portnoy has burned too many bridges.

Dave Portnoy says that he doesn’t back down when he thinks that he’s being attacked.

Dave Portnoy said this about Jake Paul, “I always love a Jake Paul guy.” He also said people know that he is a Jake Paul fan. The Jake Paul guy has got more haters than Dave Portnoy.

Barstool Sports really has to be a brand that doesn’t just mean me. I think a lot of the time, people associate Barstool with me. So, in order to not only do things I want to do, but also things I think are really important, I think that there has to be a Barstool.

Dave Portnoy is a DJ, producer, and vocalist best known for co-founding the alternative rock band Blink-182, one of the most successful bands of the late ’90s and early ’00s. Blink-182 is still going strong today, and Dave Portnoy has since formed several other bands, including All Time Low.

It was always our belief that the fans will like our music even if we release albums that do NOT represent our current sound.

A successful game development company must be willing to put its own money where its mouth is.

The writer and comedian Dave Portnoy once said that the secret to being successful is not caring what others think. I totally agree with him.

This is the same opinion that many people have. I understand that but I don’t think that that’s the right way to work.

In the interview, Portnoy is asked about his opinion of the media. He has a hard time answering this question, but when asked “Why do you think it’s always the same agenda?” he responds.

30th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

It sounds like an ego thing. People like to believe they’re unique and are the only ones paying attention to ESPN, even though everybody is paying attention to ESPN.

I like to think of it as adding another element to the conversation. If we just take two sentences, then we have a monologue. However, if we add an element of a story, we get something else entirely.

Here’s an example I gave in the other Question 2, the one about the “What is the most interesting book you’ve ever read?” question. I gave a few examples, but there are many more. This is an example of a conversation in the form of question-and-answer.

I always enjoy the sight of Roger Goodell, the league’s overlord, trying to maintain a semblance of self-control. But when he finally breaks down and we finally see someone or something that can truly ‘squirm’, it’ll be even more satisfying.

> You will always be the second rate country with the second worst

The fact that Manti Te’o thought for a long time that he was dating, like, a fake girl and then that she died and did the tribute and the girl never existed. I mean inherently that’s funny.

Manti Te’o is an incredible fake boyfriend and his wife is a really nice fake girlfriend.

Dave has built a very strong presence on the internet. He is funny, entertaining, knowledgeable and he’s been a pioneer of the industry for a long time. There’s no doubt he’s a pioneer in the business and a pioneer in the internet space. When he was asked about his role on the show, his answer was both honest and thoughtful.

One of my new favorite things to do is to simply connect with people and to let them know that I’m not hard to reach.

Fans who support the Pats are considered patriots by other fans.

38. I’m not a sell out.


I’ve cleaned this up a bit, and changed the punctuation and wording a bit.
I’ve also added the missing quotes for each of your lines.
I’ve also added line breaks to make it look a little cleaner. It’s actually very good!

Portnoy stated that the NFL was a much worse organization than the NBA and the NHL. He said that the NBA and the NHL were more lenient and that the NFL was a lot more strict. He stated that he did not know if this was true or not. He stated that the NFL had the ability to “sue your ass [if] you say something”.

40th of 50 Dave Portnoy Quotes

Dave Portnoy and I are not slaves to cubicle life. We don’t take ourselves very seriously and we view working at Barstool Sports as a way to avoid becoming slaves to cubicle life.

It’s the whole idea of using data in order to understand the customers better and provide better services. It’s about creating a better service experience.

What do you think of the business of advertising and marketing?

I think it’s a funny business.

There is no way anyone could live in Miami. It’s a place where no one goes to sleep.

As long as Barstool is a money making enterprise, he will be an internet sensation. It’s a fact.

Portnoy is referring to Viva La Stool, an inflatable stool named after him (and his roommate Scott Weiner) that became a viral sensation.

The most hated man in the league since Goodell is the most popular man in the league. He unifies the fans of New England for a cause that is greater than football. He hates everyone equally.

Work is always work, but if you are finding a hobby or something you like because you are not motivated by money, you are probably on the right track.

I’m not trying to claim ownership over my words like some other people are, but I’m going to say something. I just came into Barstool’s offices, and he immediately went into “union busting” mode, and I came here with a friend of mine. And I was just saying that we really want to come to a mutual agreement, not an adversarial agreement, nor do we want to have a union.

That was an important step for Dave. He had an idea and set out to make it happen.

It’s a good point, but the “real money” difference in food costs is probably the real money difference.

The pizzeria was judged by the slices of cheese on their pizzas.


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