50 Maya Angelou Quotes On Life And Death

” I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
I don’t think that’s too much of a paraphrase…

but she will always remain an inspiration to black Americans and people of color.

I learned more from her than I can put into words. She taught me about what was important in life; she taught me about spirituality; she taught me about living in the moment; she taught me about laughter and joy; she taught me more about love than I can ever know.

Maya is not only a successful American author, poet, singer, dancer and actress, but also a teacher and a motivational speaker too. Even though I don’t know if she has ever visited the Philippines, I could still relate to some of her quotes because they are not just inspirational in the US, but to all the people around the world.

Life is not about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.

50 Maya Angelou Quotes

I’m not going to sit out on this one. My mission in life is not simply to survive but to thrive. And to do so with passion, compassion, humor and style.

Most of the time we don’t get to choose to be reduced by things. But through our choices about how we react to what is happening, we can make something good out of our bad situations.

When someone shows who they are, they should be believed without question.

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry while I work on my project and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.

A positive attitude is all you need. You can do anything you want, as long as you put in the time, effort and energy. When you apply the effort, you can experience success.

I don’t have to forgive someone I don’t like. I have the power to forgive myself but I am not finished with this situation as it relates to my heart.

The pain of bearing an inside story can be worse than any other pain.

Every person, no matter who they are, has a place. They have to do what they can, and the way they know best.

The world is a place of learning. You can never learn enough from the people around you. Take time to listen to your friends and family, and they’ll give you advice, support, and encouragement. This will help you a great deal as you go through life.

10th of 50 Maya Angelou Quotes

I have a deep respect for the work that people of different races do. I think people should work hard and play hard. I believe life loves the liver of it. I live it.

Growing up is too damn difficult. Most people never grow up. They age into their adult years. Most people get married, they have children, they find parking spaces, they honor their credit cards, they become more conservative, they become more religious, they find meaning in work, they stop being lonely, and they become bitter. They do all these things, but they never grow up.

We all lose self respect by our mistakes. When we make mistakes, we lose our self respect. If we lose love and self respect for each other, we will die.

If you want to get something done, go slow and do it in many steps, not because you are timid, but because you are patient. Then you will accomplish something that you would fail to achieve once you rush.

As a mother in the kitchen, or as someone who loves to cook, it is comforting to know that we are opening ourselves to someone by inviting them to sit at our table and share our nourishment. It is the most intimate way possible for humans to connect with one another.

Some one once said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. This is so true, it can literally transform the lives of a few people.

Maya Angelou is a celebrated African American scholar and author. She has a strong voice and opinion. She uses her voice to speak out against discrimination and to share her views. She is not afraid to speak her mind.

My paraphrase is:

It doesn’t matter how old you are – I promise you that you will get wiser. If you want to get wiser, you need to dare to get older. But get older, not because you want to be wise – getting wiser is not the point here – but do it because it’s fun!

There are a lot of things we want in our lives, but what many of us fail to realize is that we already have everything it takes to be happy and content: family, friends, a safe home, food, and a roof over our heads. There are so many people in the world who don’t enjoy any of those things, and when I think about how lucky I am to have them, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to live in the world.

I’m a free lance poet and author. When I look back at some of my books I can see that they are a collection of poems that I’m laughing so hard that I’m coughing.

20th of 50 Maya Angelou Quotes

There is nothing you can do to stop the process of ageing. But, being in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond, you can do several things to slow down the speed of ageing. And one thing you can do is to make your lifestyle healthier.

I think it’s really important to take a moment and acknowledge life’s lessons especially when they’re so hard to face and it’s so easy to blame others while we’re at it. These last few months have been hard especially as my father has been diagnosed with cancer. But I’ve been learning a lot about myself, about my priorities, and about life and the world.

As the future of the Republican Party is uncertain, it’s important to keep in mind the words of one of it’s greatest orators. Don’t give up!

When you read something, you understand more – just because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s not for you!

I have found that life is about progress. Progress never happens, it is the journey that is important. I am a master at progress though, you can see that from my Instagram!

People will forget what I say and what I do, but they will always remember how I made them feel and they will always remember the lesson I taught them.

We should care for ourselves by getting our self care and self care routines established to a base and make sure we are making sure that we are helping other people on their path.

People need to realize that no one is perfect and sometimes make mistakes. I admit that I’m not perfect, and I don’t think everyone should say they are perfect either. If you can be honest about your mistakes, people will be more likely to accept you.

The poet never saw herself as boring. She saw herself as a person who wanted to know a lot things and she was also interested in everything that was going on around her.

Many people think that they are bad or worthless because of the way they look. This is not true. We all are made of the same stuff. What matters is what we do with that stuff.

30th of 50 Maya Angelou Quotes

I love the butterfly, but I want to see the changes that were made to achieve its beauty. I want to look at the transformation and see who transformed it.

The person you can trust when you make a decision with your open heart.
You will usually make the right decision.

If you’d like to make a difference, and you’re interested in a field where people make an ongoing impact, then work in public health, environmental, public interest law, international development, or communications.

Life is the art of drawing without rules and you can improve without quitting.

We need to work less than we think we need to.

If someone doesn’t take care of me, how can I expect others to be nice to me?

5. Make a list of ten positive things that happened during the day.

If you don’t have the courage to do anything great, you can’t really be a great person. You need to have the courage to follow through on your ideas. To be brave enough to try.

There are times when I am just plain stupid and have no business being here. Other times, I am so smart that I think I have found the only way, the only way, the only way
to do it! Life is very strange, but in some ways, it is also very simple. It is a matter of letting go of what is and learning how to live in what is.

I learned to be brave and to love again, and to be loved and to love more.

We are sometimes very hard on ourselves. We have to keep trying and make mistakes in order to become better individuals. If you are always trying to be normal and do the same things over and over again you will never know what your true potential is. You should try to be yourself and don’t be scared to make mistakes.

40. On the other hand, I’m so glad you were not normal all the time.

40th of 50 Maya Angelou Quotes

It often seems that we only make time for others when we become so busy with our own lives and relationships that we simply don’t have the time to give.

It is good to have enemies, but it is better not to be an enemy. It is good to be generous, but it is better not to become someone’s victim.

Be Creative: Learn to find your own ideas on your own. The most creative people are not the ones who have all the answers, but the ones who can find the solutions to their own problems.

I always felt that way about my life, though I didn’t know it until I lived to be 99 years old and I realized that I didn’t want to go on, in a way I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to stop living. I think that’s what life is all about.

If one is lucky, a single fantasy can totally transform one million realities.

Many problems have been caused by hatred, but it cannot solve anything.

The book “Thinking for a Change” by Robert H. Frank highlights the importance of liking ourselves. He states that if people like themselves, they will behave better and the world will be a better place.

I don’t think there’s a problem with facts being used to obscure the truth, but there’s a difference between fact and statistics.
Statistics can be manipulated by many sources. I’m not saying it was, but I would be very interested in seeing the methodology used to create the graph that was presented by the author.

The reason why you should not go through life caught up in the things that you want, but should go through life on the offensive side of the fence.

The point is, I was just curious about her thoughts on men and the fact that it seems like every other guy I know thinks he’s supposed to be superman.

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