Lori Harvey Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.


The company she founded in 2014 has an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

Lori Harvey’s net worth is approximately one million dollars. At the time of the divorce, she was self-employed.

Lori Harvey has been working towards her dream of becoming a fashion model for quite some time, and she has recently taken on the challenge of working toward the industry. Recently Lori has been working with top modeling agencies LA Models and Select Model Management in Europe. She is one of the up and coming faces that have recently made waves in the modeling industry.

She was an infant when she began modeling. But at the age of 3, Lori was already a famous model in the US. She is an older sister to comedian, Steve Harvey.

Early Life 

Lori Harvey was born on the 13th of January, 1997, in Memphis. American comedian and television presenter, Steve Harvey is her step-father, who also became her mentor.

She is an author and a stylist who blogs about her fashion and life. She attended the University of Georgia in Atlanta, GA. She also runs her own clothing label and her mother is the founder of Zou Bisou Bisou.


However, Lori suffered an accident when she was horseback riding and she had to deal with some injuries. This is when the people at the agency started to notice her. So after that, she started modeling for different photographers. And after that, she was able to start modeling on a regular basis.

Lori has also worked with some of the most well known designers in the world such as Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, Moschino and Ralph Lauren. Lori just completed walking the Met Gala 2017 for Dolce and Gabbana.

Though her parents have a very close and loving relationship, it was her mother who always encouraged Lori to express herself – no matter how unconventional – and to always strive for her dreams.

Lori is sure to find success in the fashion world because she is a smart businesswoman with a wide range of fashion experiences. However, she will need to make a lot of money to help her pay the bills.

With a net worth of over $1 Million, Lori Harvey’s current estimated net worth is $1 Million.


Lori Harvey is a wonderful model because she has such a big personality!

Favorite Quotes From Lori Harvey 

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Lori Harvey says that negative people are a disease and they try to spread their bitterness on others. She says that it is important for us to stay away from negative people that may try to make us feel bad about ourselves.


3 Life Lessons From Lori Harvey 

So, the most important thing you can do to increase your net worth is to focus on the things that really matter, and to keep them in perspective.

1. A Calm Mind 

Calm mind means being able to focus on your body and work out your training, and it allows you to be more relaxed throughout the day.

2. You Can’t Buy Everything 

A million bucks can’t buy you back good health.

3. Fashion Statement 

A healthy, fit and beautiful body is my fashion statement.


Lori Harvey is a model who began to model at the age of 3 and then also got into a horse riding accident.

In 2019 she appeared at the Dolce & Gabbana for Milan Fashion Week. In 2018, she appeared on the game show Hip Hop Squares.

The company she founded in 2014 has an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

Lori Harvey’s net worth is approximately one million dollars. At the time of the divorce, she was self-employed.

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