50 Incredible Skip Bayless Quotes

I like all of his quotes. I don’t like the way he says them, but I remember all the ones I’ve heard him say.

Skip Bayless is the host of the highly popular First Take which airs every day on the American TV station, ESPN2. He also hosts the daily sports analysis show ‘Undisputed’ on ESPN2.

Bayless has been a sports commentator for years and has worked with NBC Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, TBS, and TNT. He has also had various roles including color commentator on the Big Ten Network, and play-by-play announcer on both the NBA and the NCAA.

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Here are some fun quotes from Skip Bayless in his latest column. Enjoy.

50 Incredible Skip Bayless Quotes

There is a way to enjoy football played in the snow, as it may be a more realistic way to simulate a type of football that is becoming more popular now.

Skip Bayless is a great American sports analyst and commentator.

In this video, he explains his superstitions and how he developed them.

Skip Bayless is one of the best sports commentators as you will ever see. He is intelligent, confident, and has a great way of making a point. He was my favorite sportscaster and I miss him and his show.

When John Parcells was the coach of the Giants he was on the same level as Bill Belichick, Joe Gibbs and Bill Cowher. He was coach number 3 in the modern era.

ESPN has been a disaster since John Skipper took over as the president of the company. I believe there is now a total of three presidents at the network. John Skipper was the president, followed by Jimmy Pitaro, who recently took over for the president of Disney+. Then Chris Berman was appointed as the president of Disney Media Networks.

Kickers weren’t just kicking. They were also players too. Lou Groza was one of the first great place-kickers. George Blanda had a career year in 1971. And he set the single season NFL record for completions, while also leading the league in completion percentage.

Skip Bayless says he boils people down to “good heart” or “bad heart” meaning they’re basically good or basically not.

Tom Brady is a great quarterback. I’m still in shock that he keeps winning Super Bowls.

A lot of sports talk shows on ESPN don’t have a strong voice, which is a real shame. But if there wasn’t a Skip Bayless on there, I may not have found my way there.

10th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

10. It is easy to hate a jerk, but it is impossible to love a jerk.

I think the Cowboys are going to lose by more than the 17-point differential from a loss last year. And I hate Jerry Jones. And Skip Bayless.

Skip Bayless has made a career out of being a critic. He will often take on topics he finds controversial in order to prove his point. He has often made light of the physical demands of being an NBA reporter, and even challenged his colleagues to hold practices to prove his point.

Jordan is worried about his image and wants to let the world see him as well as he wants to. He wants to be a professional athlete who is a role player and wants to be liked.

Skip Bayless may be a tough guy, an aggressive writer and an outspoken personality, but he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and back up his opinions because he truly believes in them.

16. “Tebow is an idiot.” – Skip Bayless



The documentary film Tebow Nation: The Rise of a Cult and His Passionate Faith features interviews with Mark Schlereth, Gary Danielson, Tim Tebow, the author of The Book of Tebow, Tim Tebow’s parents and many more. It was released theatrically in the United States on March 11, 2010, and grossed $46,732 at the box office. The documentary won a WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Award for Best Documentary in 2010.

During the NBA Draft, Skip Bayless said he walked off the set of “First Take” and hasn’t watched any of the show since.

I’d agree with you Skip. It’s always better when your team comes back and scores the tying and winning basket from the free throw line. The fans in the arena are excited. The team’s momentum is on the upswing. The other team is on the downswing. A lot of energy and momentum is building. It’s always better for the fans to be entertained by the home team’s score.

The Hunger Games is for eighth-grade girls. Winners read The Art of War.

20th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

When he was in high school, Skip Bayless was really good at street racing. He didn’t win any championships, but he was awesome.

Skip Bayless is the most important person to have at your restaurant, because he will eat free.

In his second year as a host on Fox Sports 1, Skip Bayless has been accused of trying to make a series of debates seem like they belong on a sports news program.

I’ve worked with some people and they turn into that TV image. They become a caricature of themselves. I want to stay myself. I don’t want to lose myself in who I am.

Skip Bayless believes that he could outrun most people.

I’ve never made a meal replacement bar myself, but many people who have, including Skip Bayless, always snack on them during the day. If you’re going to eat this breakfast of champions, though, be sure to eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolic process going throughout the day.

The Mavericks could get their best chance yet to pull of an epic comeback in Game 2 on Friday night.

Skip Bayless says that his career is his life and his passion. You can hear more of Skip Bayless’s thoughts in our show on ESPNU at 12 p.m. ET.

Skip Bayless is watching games a little differently. He asks himself why did that happen? What’s really going on here? He doesn’t watch the games like it’s a normal day.

Advertising companies manipulate the spending impulses of males ages 18 to 34 by putting the cyber world at their fingertips. They want them to spend more.

30th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL, without a doubt. He is one of the greatest to ever play the position, and I’m here to call dibs on him being the best.

 I would not want to debate Skip Bayless every day.

He said in a press conference that he is hoping to win each debate and he believes he will.

My mom had a mouth like a foghorn and she was a big fan of the “both barrels” expression. She’d always use it when we’d argue. I still use it in my head when I’m having a heated conversation with someone.

“The hot medium” has a new hot medium. I love that phrase. But even more than that, my passion for debate runs hot enough without a camera transporting it into your living room with ten times more impact. “Hot medium”.

Skip thinks he’s way too passionate and in general, people think he’s way too hardheaded.

Skip said that he never listens to music when he’s running.

I find many people are afraid to express their views. Some just don’t want to get involved in an argument. They just want to watch the game. But I think it’s good to have opinions.

If only I was a member of the White Establishment, the way that this guy does it, and this is a quote from Bayless, but I cannot figure out how to get this to work. But I’d like to say to Skip Bayless, that I am a member of the White Establishment, but not by choice, and if it wasn’t for you, your ilk, and your friends at ESPN, I’d be a member of the Black Establishments.

… and he’s right!
Skip Bayless, the world’s most popular sports analyst and critic, doesn’t care about the NBA anymore.
He’s moved on to his next big thing: politics.
His new show is called “Big Picture With Skip Bayless”
and it’s all about the midterm elections.

40th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

There are more than 40 years of writing experience in this column. Bayless is a Pulitzer-winning sports columnist for a newspaper, and he is no doubt an expert in sports journalism.
[The Truth]: Bayless is not a sports columnist. He is a sports commentator.

Skip Bayless is an idiot. He doesn’t understand the rules of basketball.

The Detroit Pistons coach said that he had always been attracted to fast cars.

Although Skip Bayless never attended any school, he received a degree in broadcasting from Texas Tech University. Skip Bayless’ broadcasting career started at KREV in Houston, Texas, where he was a sportscaster, music host and producer for 24 years.

He loves to take on athletes who have issues with him.

Even though Bayless has been saying very negative and insulting things about LeBron for many years, I have never really read or watched any of these things. After reading this I am starting to have a different opinion about Bayless. I think he is very rude and arrogant. He has never once been nice to any of the many NBA players he has been insulting and has only insulted LeBron because he’s LeBron.

The first Cowboys game I went to was 1970 against the Giants. I’m about a month shy of turning 39.

In the 1979-80 season, the NBA instituted the three-point line in the league-wide expansion that year to appease fans. But Skip Bayless was a proponent of this rule, saying that the league was borrowing the trick from the “stepchild” American Basketball Association (ABA) which used a red, white, and blue basketball. However, he believed that the three-point line was an unnecessary rule change, and he was later proven right.

I had a crazy work schedule and I ate a lot of crap that I probably shouldn’t have been eating. I had some sort of a breakdown and started binge eating, which led to bulimia. It wasn’t until I had this experience at the gym that I realized I needed to stop.

That’s not a particularly impressive performance. How does he expect to be effective as a columnist if he can’t even understand simple English and does not know how to take care of himself in a fight? All these years, and he still doesn’t know how to interview a basketball player? His entire career is about the same, just different players.


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