Nick Swardson Net Worth

Nick Swardson is an actor, comedian and producer. His net worth is estimated to be $1,000,000.


Nick Swardson is estimated to have an overall net worth of $5 Million. He has a net worth of $4.8 Million.

Nick Swardson is an idiot who went to school to be a stand-up comedy writer and then decided to be a stand-up comedian instead of a stand-up comedy writer.

He is known as the funny guy who plays the tough guy in the show ‘Reno 911!’. He is also known for his comedy with Adam Sandler.

Early Life 

I think he came into the world a normal, healthy baby boy. I’m not sure if he was conceived on a date or not, cause I think his parents were married awhile, but the marriage didn’t last long. He’s an only child.

Swardson attended St. Paul Central High, where he developed an interest in acting as well as improv comedy. He used to be a very mischievous prankster in high school, for which he got expelled four times. He still remembers this now.


Swardson first began performing comedy in comedy clubs and as a standup comedian at the age of 18. He initially performed in comedy clubs and occasionally at the Balls Cabaret. His popularity gradually grew and he was invited to perform at the US Comedy Arts Festival.

In 2003, he performed for the New York Comedy Festival. The same year, he appeared as a guest host on the comedy show ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’. In 2005, he played a supporting role in the film ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

He appeared in several films over the next few years, such as ‘Blades of Glory’ (2007), ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’ (2008) and ‘Bedtime Stories’ (2008). In 2012 he made his Broadway debut as Mozart in ‘Amadeus’.

He began his acting career as a child with the TV-movie ‘The Lost Boys’, followed by his feature film debut in the cult classic ‘Stand by Me’. He was then seen in the critically-acclaimed ‘Pleasantville’ and ‘Clueless’. Since then, he’s been an Oscar nominee for the biopic ‘Lincoln’.

He also voiced the character of Arvin Sloane in the 2014 video game ‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’ and the voice of the character of Agent 47 in the video game ‘Hitman: Absolution’.

For a long time, Nick Swardson’s net worth was between 500 to 800 thousand dollars.

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Nick Swardson has been a pretty well-known actor for a long time, but he probably never had as much success as he had in 2016. The new trailer for the upcoming film “What Just Happened” looks pretty hilarious, and it’s also set to be released on August 14th.

Favorite Quotes from Nick Swardson 

Nick Swardson says that he really likes the idea of having a great skeleton and a great set of characters. It is really important that he be on board with everything that comes before him. If the character he is in can’t work, then he won’t be able to make it work.

Swardson has been through enough with his comedy that he could come out of this experience with a sense of pride. He could point to all he’s been through with his comedy and find a way to enjoy it.

3 Life Lessons from Nick Swardson

Never be the one who misses the bus and is still trying to figure out what to grab in the morning when you have the whole morning.
When you’re trying to start a company, never be the one who tries to do it on your own.
Never work for free.

1. Steering Wheel 

Things seem to have become a lot worse after Donald Trump took over as President of the United States.

2. Hold On and Let Go 

What matters is what’s in between. The present that comes after the past. The future that will never come.

3. Nature 

We create a meaningful life by the choices we make and the consequences we face as we pursue the truth, love, and beauty of the world.


His career started with the 1998 film ‘Jack and Jill’. He went on to appear in other movies such as ‘Hell and Back’.

A standup comic, he created and starred in the sketch comedy show ‘Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time’. He is a screenwriter and a producer as well. Swardson developed an interest in acting and comedy during his school days. He is also a standup comic and actor.

Nick Swardson earned $5 million in total from his career.

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