50 Greatest Tom Macdonald Quotes From His Lyrics

Tom MacDonald is a good singer and songwriter.
And so are you.

In the video, he is not afraid to talk about issues that are often seen as a sensitive subject but to him, they are not. He doesn’t have a problem talking about things like his sexuality and his upbringing, and this may be why his videos have such a big following.

I’ve collected the best quotes from Tom MacDonald on the site http://www.thomasmacdonald.org.

50 Greatest Tom MacDonald Quotes from His Lyrics

Tom made a huge mistake by going to the US illegally. He then spent some time in prison and was deported.

I’ve found that there are people and places where all the problems are known and they are shared. But there are also people and places that you go and you encounter situations where people are really hurting, and you really have to feel things to heal (or help).

In the Trump Administration, the government is filled with liars. People in the Administration are dishonest, and they only tell the truth to the extent that they can spin it while getting away with it.

Everybody has a tale that they’re too afraid to tell, you can see it in the cracks in their hands.

I’m doing what I want to do. Whatever this game brings to me, I will do it with no regrets. If you don’t understand, then you are just a bunch of losers who can’t be as good as me.

When their hair starts turning grey, they start thinking of doing all the bad things in their heart.

He says that Generation Y is afraid of opinions and intolerant of being told what to do by Generation X.

The world must be a very bad place when people would feel that a white person saying how they feel doesn’t match their “message”.

Words hurt you. We hurt you with them. You hurt yourself when you hurt other people with them.

10th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

My friends, let’s be honest, this guy was born to talk to feminists, because he doesn’t give a shit about feminism and he knows it. He is an extremely good comedian because he uses what he really thinks and gets away with it.

I think that is a really good comment. I think that the show is so well-known that people have become accustomed to it that no matter what the joke on the show, everyone is going to get it. And in that sense, it’s not even a joke that’s being made. But if people are so jaded with it that it doesn’t offend them? They can’t get offended.

When given the opportunity to fight a fascist, I’m going to fight a fucking Nazi.

Well you dumb down whatever fans want to feel, they are the ones paying the bills. To tell you to dumb it down to the fans and not just do it for your fans is the most fucked up thing I can think of.

When I’m awake, I’m gonna fight.
I’m not gonna let this shit fucks ruin my love for this city.
I’m gonna fight.

I did not say you are a racist because you are related to people who did not like black people. I said you are a racist because you are related to people who are still racist, and you still hold racist beliefs.

 I respect and support those who enjoy painting and the skill required to do a great job but this type of statement makes me think the speaker had a chip on their shoulder the size of a battleship. “God gave them pigments as a tool to help them express  themself” and we all use tools to express ourselves through painting, but I don?t hate a guy for being a carpenter.

I can tell when a guy is being genuine and when he’s just trying to make a good impression when he’s talking to me.

People exercise their right to vote then hate politicians even though they elected the people they hate.

I agree with Tom MacDonald. People like to complain (and gossip and complain about gossips), and it’s pretty much impossible to just sit down and relax if you’re in a bad mood.

20th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

20. Everybody has a story; if you look a little closer, you can see it in the wrinkles in their face.

Tom MacDonald has said that although many people have prejudices, he doesn’t. He says that he would never judge a person like that because there are plenty of people who are born with disabilities.

I’ve always been taught that in a relationship, the worst thing you can do is not talk things out with your partner.

“They probably offended me, and I probably offended them”.

What Tom said is that white people hate him. He’s an Asian-Canadian-American, who doesn’t like being categorized as part of a category.

The president and his chief of staff are just two of many people who regularly tweet out political messages and are accused of being addicted to being hopeless victims.

If you’re triggered by the word “trigger” then you’re probably not the right person to be on Twitter.

I have to admit that I’ve found myself saying this just a few times, but I hope I’ll always have a little more to help.

This song is really about Tom’s fascination with a girl in his life, the only other being that Tom is really in love with is Tom himself, which is the opposite end of the spectrum of what The Prodigy seems to be talking about in their song. The Prodigy has been doing weird lyrics for a long time now, and this could be one of the most famous ones in memory.

The song starts with this line, which I felt might be an invitation for the reader to imagine themselves sitting on the front porch with a radio. This invites the reader to play along and imagine what he or she is doing.

30th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

“They try to tell me to not be afraid of haters you’re gonna get revenge when you’re successful later.” – Tom MacDonald

And the last three lines are as we’ve already seen just plain wrong.
If you want a paraphrase of the lyrics, I’ve provided two below so you can see for yourself.

We are not asking you to put it all on paper yet. And we are not telling you not to respond. We were simply asking you not to use your lyrics to respond to every single political event that arises.

Tom MacDonald says he feels no guilt for the drug dealing that he was involved in, but he’s okay with the reason behind why his son thinks he should feel guilty.

Every day, as the world’s most influential songwriter, I have to deal with people trying to make themselves sound like they’re not, so they can look like they’re trying to tell me something.

It’s cool to smoke in public; to be so comfortable with the consequences of smoking that you’re willing to take a chance with the police. You never know what you could get away with.

“You fight the system, they’ll try to kill you.” Don’t take the government’s word for it.

Tom MacDonald talks about the way his life has changed after he joined the UFC and earned a UFC contract. The things he planned on doing before are now things he’s accomplished.

People experience and express their own individual perspectives. We each have our own perspective and our own view of life, and yet each individual has a common goal of survival. It may be that our individual goals and needs are all different; but we nevertheless have the same goal of survival.

A new study shows there are only three reasons for sadness: genetics, environment, and your life choices. That’s it. Sadness isn’t a thing, so you need to stop feeling sad when you’re unhappy. It’s a sign you need to improve something.

It is important that the patient and their team communicate their pain and symptoms, and that this communication is done accurately.

40th of 50 Tom MacDonald Quotes

The world is full of people who think they are right and people who think they are wrong. You can’t please everyone and you can’t change everyone’s mind. You can only influence them. So you have to be influential in the right way.

It is so hard to find any music critics who appreciate the way that old-school American rock & roll bands used reverb and echo, and they don’t always get the nuances of how a song is supposed to be heard. The “Faded” video is a great example of how this can be done.

There are many people who really lived, however, those who are living today are living in a ditch and will need to climb out of it before they find the right path.

I see that you’re leaving the wine store and drinking the cheapest wine in the fridge.

* * *

To make them more readable, I’ve reduced the font size and added margins and indentations.

Remember that if you are not speaking from a place of love, you will not change anyone. This is the most important tool you have in life. Don’t let others silence your voice.

In a lot of countries with a large number of immigrants, the birth rate among immigrants is higher than the birth rate among the indigenous population. This creates a situation where a large number of people without children are competing for social services.

In the beginning of life there was happiness. Life was fun. Then you lost hope. Life became monotonous.

In some areas of central and rural Britain, white working-class people were actively recruited into the far-right groups of the National Front and the British National Party in the 1970s and 1980s, often being used as front men to avoid accusations of racism against more mainstream right-wing groups. In addition, the National Front frequently used the slogan “I’m white but I never…” in an attempt to attract working-class support.

I believe that we are at a point in time where the world is changing so fast that it can never go back to the time when people did not suffer from hunger, poverty, and war. I believe that the world is moving towards a place where war will cease to exist.

There are two ways to look at the world: you can treat it as one big mess, or you can break it down into its component parts and focus on what’s important. If the record is meaning, you don’t leave it on and you stream the songs that repeat the same shit.


 In the process of planning an album with my friend Matt for his label, The Black Keys, he sent me some of his favorite pictures of the band from a shoot I shot awhile back. I realized just how much I had done in terms of the photography part on the upcoming album. It was a blast. Matt really let the band be themselves. He had some pretty cool ideas and we ended up going for a really classic approach that really suits the music.

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