50 Famous Thanos Quotes

I don’t know what I’d do if I was in the shoes of the one who made the decision. I can’t stand the guy.

A fictional supervillain character in Marvel Comics who was able to absorb the energies of the other Infinity Stones in order to empower himself.

He is a powerful villain from the Marvel Universe. He has many encounters with many heroes of the Marvel Universe, including Avengers, Guardians of the Galactus, Fantastic Four and X-Men.

The character Thanos has appeared in various comic adaptations, such as animated television series, video games, and comic books.

Here is a collection of the most famous quotes from the movie.

50 Famous Thanos Quotes

The universe has rules and, as we have seen, you have to be willing to kill to be the one to fix things.
[Original:] 2. “It can be done.” – Nebula
[Paraphrase:] You can do anything you want.

The Avengers are now in possession of the Mind Stone. Now, it is the Infinity Stones that Thanos is after. This is a good point.

“There are resources on Earth that can be exploited, those are finite, and if we do not pay attention to them they will be exhausted.
If we do not give a damn, that won’t happen, but if we do not act, life will cease to exist”.

I don’t understand why everyone is saying that this is the true quote.

The first line Thanos speaks to Gamora is very important (to me at least) because she has to have a reason to get up and walk the long journey to Thanos.

Thanos is in complete control of where he and his team are headed. He is very pleased with the situation he has created. He is also taking pleasure in the fact that it’ll be fun to “win” the war on the Mad Titan. It’s clear that he is having a good time.

Thanos is a powerful villain and a bit of a mad genius. He appears in almost every Marvel movie, and has been portrayed in comics by many different writers. He is a genius at manipulation, and sees himself as the hero of the story.

I know you’re using those to convince Iron Man that these things aren’t good for him, but it isn’t my best effort.

What it’s like to be someone that fails to achieve all or even any of his goals.

10th of 50 Thanos Quotes 

Reality is whatever I want it to be.

Thanos believed that everything was going to go his way up until the very end.

“I really don’t know what you mean by an undying enemy. But I do know that you have already lost”.

The final dialogue between Drax and Gamora is presented in the same way.

So he ignored his destiny for his little girl, and then he was killed off in the Battle of Doctor Strange.

But he is also the one responsible for the destruction of half of all life in the universe, including the life of Hope Summers, so it’s not fair to put the blame solely on Thanos.

I believe it’s okay for you to have your own beliefs, that doesn’t make you any less of a hero.

There are a lot of stories involving Thanos. This is one of the few one that don’t have to do with a specific character. It is just a reference to the “The End”.

I am disappointed. But not because you didn’t find what you were looking for… But because you did. And you lied.

The next day, the Avengers begin to wonder if Thanos’s plan is still in effect.

While Thanos is referencing the destruction of half the population as a statement to the audience, instead we are left to assume he is referring to his own death and the deaths of his friends/family.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is a Mad Titan, a former Titan turned mad over the years, and his mission is simple: destroy the Infinity Stones in order to undo any damage they’ve caused throughout the history of the Universe, in particular, undoing the existence of the Avengers and making himself the supreme leader of the Universe.

20th of 50 Thanos Quotes 

Thanos was a highly-respected member of the universe’s most powerful race, Thanos was the most powerful being in the universe, and Thanos was the most feared character in the universe.

We can’t run from our destiny. We will encounter it in the here and the now.

I don’t think he actually said that, but I could be wrong.

The perfect balance of being at the top of the food chain and being a total dick to all the people that you want to fuck over.

It is possible for the half of humanity that will still be alive not be sentient.

The knowledge the Avengers acquired from Thanos on Earth made the Avengers too aware of the realities of existence. The Avengers would have a life time of knowing the truth behind Thanos’ words.

There is a small price to pay for salvation.

I’m a strong advocate of personal freedoms, but I’m not comfortable with the idea of people being imprisoned for doing what they think is morally right.

Thanos said that fun is a new variable to add to the equation. With all of the other variables he had already accounted for, this new one will make an indelible impact on the whole universe.

30th of 50 Thanos Quotes 

Thanos does not care about anyone based on his opinion of you. From his speech, we know that he does not like either the rich or the poor. He also has a strange way of speaking. He says things like “they called me a madman” when he talks about how the people of the world reacted to his prophecy. He says “and what I predicted, came to pass” when people doubted the “Mad Titan” because of his death of the universe.

I’m really happy that they chose to mention that. It’s nice that they didn’t just have her stand there like a passive character.

Destiny will arrive even more, you bastard!

The choice of choosing between “good and evil” can cause many people to lose their will to continue on with life.

I don’t think I was really close to it. But it’s true, and not even a momentary lapse of judgment. I should’ve gone for the head.

The stones were used to destroy the stones. It almost killed me. But the work is done. It always will be.

The quote is a bit convoluted and hard to piece together, but “a grateful universe” does sound like Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. This could all just be a throwaway line in the script that has no connection to Thanos. I could very easily be wrong about all of this.

It’s a pun, based on the quote “your optimism is misplaced”

In my original comment I added a quote from the movie. I’d like to add a paraphrase. So I did some changes
I changed your name to Thor, to fit with the movie.

We’re probably going to get a post-credits scene. The trailer was made with the same animation style as the rest of the movie, and it’s almost entirely in black and white. We might see some more of that in the post-credits scene.

40th of 50 Thanos Quotes 

I never knew that I would learn to accept something more bitter than a heart that had been torn. I realized that one ever has to learn to accept the reality where a heart that had been ripped could be mended by time, or maybe not, it was painful to know.

You should choose your words wisely if you ever expect to convince me of anything.

People who voted me the most likely to destroy the world in the next 10 years…
Hulk has a very good idea there.

You can’t live with your own failure and you can’t live without me. You need me.

There are only two things to worry about: your own soul and the soul of the Infinity Stone. You don’t have to be in fear that the soul of the stone will take over your heart and force you to use it against your friends or other people. This isn’t the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there can’t be any resurrections and soul swaps and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

The universe is a great place full of great people. We need each other, not just to live, but to strive towards a great future.
No matter how hard you try to fight, or how weak you might become, you still have a purpose. You still have a place in the universe.

The Avengers are not in charge of the world, but they need to think as if they were. And I think they might as well be.

This is the part of the dialog I like the most. At the end, Thanos says that he won’t stop until he has destroyed everything. And he means what he says.

You are right, it is true that Thanos can snap his fingers and that would result in all people on Earth being wiped out. But there are also two other ways Thanos is weaker than Mjölnir.

Thanos will become unstoppable.


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