40 Best Bob Weir Quotes On Life & Music

Lately i’ve been really lucky with getting a lot of good shows, and having a lot of fun, and having a lot of fun with the fans, and just have a really good time, and i play some of the most fun shows i ever played in my life.

Bob Weir is an American musician who is most notable for being one of the founding members of the popular rock band ‘Grateful Dead’.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bob Weir released several musical projects such as his own solo albums and as a member of RatDog. At one point, Bob Weir played guitar with the acclaimed jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano as well as with an eclectic group of musicians called ‘The Golden Road Trio’.

After the Grateful Dead’s disbanding, Jerry began to work with his friends in a band called ‘Dead & Company’. In this band, he got to work with a number of his old friends who had also been active in the Grateful Dead. They played some concerts and also recorded some music to make a live album.

As a fan, Bob’s words of wisdom are quite profound.

40 Best Bob Weir Quotes On Life & Music

While these lyrics are from a Bob Weir solo song (You Tube), it seems most other songs by Weir do not have any “Paraphrase” versions. There are, however, many songs with a completely different song/chorus (examples below).

Bob Weir said that they were going to be on the road a lot and that they might do some more studio work. They recorded “Taste The Hassle” at their house in early 1990.

Bob Weir said that he started writing when he was 18. He also said that he was the first person in a long time who he had been able to be himself and be comfortable.

I can’t say enough about how much of an influence Bob has had on my career. His playing is so much better than mine and his lyrics are so much better than mine. So, just from there, we really kind of developed a relationship together that still continues today.

Heat isn’t very popular but with the increased use of computers and laptops to help you keep cool; it’s becoming a bigger problem.

Bob Weir has a plan for a setlist that is mostly acoustic-based. This has been confirmed by Bob Weir during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The only exception to this statement is when Robert Plant joins the band onstage for a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.

Bob Weir had a good line of how he got back into his writing. He talked about writing because it was one of the ways he still remembered what was going on in his life. There was a lot going on for Bob.

Bob Weir discovered he had any talent by making music doggedly over many years
His persistence is key to his success, he was not lucky and he has worked hard at it.
In the same way, we may discover our gifts by persevering.

Let’s say, the song I’ve been playing all day is a new song. I played it today for the first time. For the second time, I play the same song, because I’ve already played it yesterday. For the third time, the new song is a completely different song than the other songs I’ve played all day.

10th of 40 Bob Weir Quotes

Jerry was just kind of writing down whatever came to mind. He was pretty much the leader of the writing in our music. I think we all wrote songs together, but I just remember him being the one that just would always go back and forth with the lyrics and the chord progressions and the melodies.

Bob Weir said that Hunter played the ukulele and that we would each write verses on it.

For a number of years, Bob and I have been working on a project – a collection of songs that have been floating around in our heads for a long time. The only way it could become a reality was to do it ourselves, with our own two hands and our own two ears, in a manner that was true to both our vision and what was possible at the time. We thought about the songs we were going to put together for years – it was a slow but meaningful process, and it was like sitting down with the intention of creating a record.

There are some songs on Go to Heaven that I helped write, but I don’t think I played on it.

There was an element of risk involved in early days of the business. A lot of people were in the business and not everyone was friendly. The guys who joined the business later had less competition, and were welcomed. It helped the industry grow to the point at which it’s now.

The Dead played for three hours, plus soundcheck, at each venue they played at, and they played in at least five major American cities during the same timeframe (including two dates at San Francisco’s Altamont Free Concert).

A new, immersive, interactive music show is being created for the 2016 Bonnaroo Music Festival by the Grateful Dead. The new Bonnaroo show will integrate the world of Bonnaroo with the world of stage and film.

This is the key quote. The Grateful Dead didn’t really practice much, and what they practiced was done in a different way. You could say that there was never a defined songwriting process for them, since they’d jam so much and make up songs in the moment. With Hunter and Barlow they were much better at that than Weir was. I know that Weir feels that way. I’ve been told by others that they always just had a good time when they jammed, and that’s it.

Maybe something to do with not wanting to spend another 10 years on a song like “The Wheel.” I would have thought that “Throwing Stones” or “Truckin’” would have been in danger of being cut, but he seems to have moved on from those songs.

Bob said being a cowboy was a terribly romantic thing to do, but shoveling stalls at the ranch was very hard physical work.

20th of 40 Bob Weir Quotes

It was the first time that Bob Weir publicly revealed that he didn’t want to be involved in the making of his daughter’s album.

My very first one was a blues song. Some people may even know it but I think more people don’t know it. It’s called Nickelwood Blues.

Bob Weir believes the music industry should turn its attention to new models.

One of my favorites is “The Sun Always Shines On Tv’s,” which I just put on my new record. But it’s really Bob playing, it’s a real Bobby tune. And I think it’s really got a good groove to it. In fact, it’s probably one of the better ones I’ve written. And it’s really, really, really fun.

One of the things that I think people forget about is that music is very similar to dance in the way it can make you feel. Music is just different than dance in that it can make you feel things in different ways than the way you would do it in the real world. You can have a lot of dance that doesn’t mean anything, except for something the group is doing, or for movement, but music allows you to do all of those things, and more.


I was listening to the Grateful Dead Live at Winterland ’88 album about a year ago and when they played a track from the “Terrapin Station” album I heard one line that changed my interpretation on this song from just a concert recording to an actual song. I wrote it down, and decided to make it a topic for this week.

“Sometimes you get hit on the head with words first, sometimes you get hit on the head with music first.” But “you’re never hit on the head with both at the same time”.

I think that if Trump wins, the whole thing is going to blow up, but I think we’ll start over, which is always a good thing to do.

There are many different types of music, and the music I make is one of them. I make music that is a part of me. I make it because I am who I am. I write about who I am through the songs I write. I don’t write out of obligation, I write because I like to.

Bob Weir says he has lived an unusual life because he had to endure all kinds of problems during a long life.

30th of 40 Bob Weir Quotes

I think it’s really interesting that Bob Weir says, “I love it when the time goes away.” It’s not about time anymore. If time disappeared, we’d be out of a job because we don’t have time in our schedule, but actually in this case he’s saying, the time has gone away and he’s able to appreciate that.

Bob has always tried to live life on his terms, and not be a burden on others. He is grateful for everything he has and uses it to help others.

There is no doubt that the Grateful Dead was the “It Girl” of 1970. They were the band that people wanted to see. And when the band began to make a name for themselves as the “new” act, you had a group that was pretty much on the edge of the spectrum. For them to get to a level of popularity that made them an alternative to the other big rock bands was something that couldn’t have been easily predicted.

Bob Weir is too busy running his business, Dead & Co., to write music for a living. He says you may fall in love with music or life or writing, but you’ll always have a job to do, so you might as well do it well. This is the first in a series of posts about managing a creative career and being a father, a husband, a musician, a business owner, and all the other hats one wears in this life.

Weir says they wanted to explore, and in some ways, create a new audience in Europe. They also wanted to challenge themselves by making music for this new audience.

A lot of the stuff that the band played on the road, people wouldn’t be familiar with until they heard it on vinyl. That’s one of the things that the Grateful Dead brought to the table. They’d write songs that you wouldn’t be familiar with until they broke out at shows, and they’d bring in more obscure stuff than you would normally hear from a band of this size.

Bob said that the Cornell concert was a show that didn’t stand out for him on that tour – the whole tour was like that. I’d really like to see a recording of that show – not that there are many of those, but it would be great to see what someone heard that night that wasn’t on the official release.

Bob Weir has spoken out about his belief in reincarnation, saying he believes he is going to be reincarnated as a woman in his next life.

The Grateful Dead continues to be an important part of the country’s music scene.

It’s easy to wake up in the morning and think you shouldn’t dream. I don’t want to suggest that this isn’t the case, but I believe that it’s important to get in touch with your inner dreams, to understand what you want, what you enjoy, and what you would truly love to do. It’s easy to focus on the things that bother you. I think that our dream should be about the things we don’t have enough of.


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Bob Weir had a chance to discuss the past, present & future of the Grateful Dead during this exclusive interview with David Peisner of the Grateful Living Podcast. This interview was recorded at Bob Weir’s house at his favorite venue, the Fillmore Auditorium.

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