30 Famous Selena Gomez Quotes

Selena Gomez has always been considered as one of the most successful child actors for Disney.

Her name is Leila Djansouni, and she’s thirty five, which is quite old for a female actor who is known all over the world. In fact, she often gets mistaken for being older than she is, but that hardly gets to her heart as she is just as excited as everyone else to be a famous actress.

This gorgeous soul singer, whose real name is Léontine Chikala, said that her inspiration comes from the famous Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner.

I don’t really have anything to say right now. I’m just, like, getting my life together.

30 Famous Selena Gomez Quotes 

She says that you need to be yourself with someone who knows all your secrets and when you’re alone, sometimes you just want to be you with someone who knows your secrets.

Selena Gomez doesn’t want her fans to think she is perfect. She says that she tries to be perfect, and she makes mistakes. She doesn’t want her fans to think she is perfect.

Being yourself is the best compliment you can give someone and Selena Gomez is giving the best advice of all time.

You can’t believe how people can be so mean.

Just because your a kid doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself or have fun. It’s pretty cool when you’re a kid because you can be yourself and still go to school.

Gomez tells ‘Paper’ that when she was younger, she had a hard time making friends. That’s why she had to really stand out so that friends would want to hang out with her.
This is why she has such a strong presence online and why fans love to follow her. She also told ‘Paper’ that she is a hard worker.

If someone tells you they are defined by an Instagram photo, a like, a comment, do not listen to them. That does not define you. People have many different definitions of self.

7th of 30 Selena Gomez Quotes 

She talked about how the first big change in her life was from being a cheerleader to becoming a singer. She said that she experienced a “moment” when she was 18 when she became a mother. She said that she wanted to be successful “so bad” that she wondered whether she was good enough for it. But I was wondering if that “moment” wasn’t the same moment she had to change because becoming a mother changed her life and she needed to change in order to be successful.

Make new friends even when you are at a new place. Just like Selena said, you don’t really know who you can trust when you are at a place different than your surroundings. So make sure you befriend someone that you will be comfortable sharing your secrets with.

9. There are plenty of reasons why I should give you up. However, The heart wants what it wants.

Gomez said she would not want to limit herself creatively, and that the new album is going to be different than any of her other albums before.

I don’t like to tell anyone what I’m feeling. I just do. I love to keep things to myself, but at the end of the day, I’m eighteen, and I’m going to fall in love.

I agree with Selena here!
Kids are way harder than my job!
I mean honestly, I’ve been working in schools for 15 years and I’ve never seen a kid pick on a teacher!

Selena Gomez has a dream life. She is beautiful, and has a family who loves her. She has all the things that we wish for, and I hope that she will live it fully and enjoy it all.

Selena Gomez wants to be able to be eighteen and have the friends she chooses and to live freely.

If we never existed, then the things that we’ve done would be nothing but the memories we made.

Selena Gomez has stated that she was born with a certain gift in her heart for love. She stated that her heart felt “right” with her boyfriends. She has mentioned that she is happy with the person she is and that she is not going to change.

If you love someone, let them go, and set them free. If they come back that means they love you.

18th of 30 Selena Gomez Quotes 

Gomez wrote “Who Says” when she was still in high school, and the song is a poignant celebration of the power of music, not only to bring people together but to help those who feel alone.

Gomez spoke about she wants to be in New York because she loves the music industry and her fans, and she is having fun where she is so she does not want to go back to Texas.

Selena Gomez does her job and also likes to have fun. While she’s busy doing interviews for movies, her friends and coworkers can tell how happy she is. Her job is fun because she likes it, and she also takes it really seriously.

I’ve always felt that single people have more time to be more creative and to get noticed. You don’t have a lot of responsibility to other people and so you don’t have to care as much about pleasing and that can open you up to doing new things and meeting new people.

There is one thing to be said for being a part of the movie industry. They can really make you feel what it’s like to actually be in the situation of being affected by a tragedy. I think that Selena Gomez is totally right about that.

Selena Gomez wanted to be a singer from the age of 6. She worked as a singer, dancer and a model. She got to the place where she was signed by her label at the age of 14. Before that she was known as Selena Gomez Miller. She recorded songs and gave a live performance at the age of 10.

She was talking about her appearance and how it is something that she appreciates but that she feels is not what is important. She said that the inside is far more important than the outside.

25th of 30 Selena Gomez Quotes

Selena Gomez says that she is a role model for the rest of the world. She also says that she learned manners (that makes no sense) when she started appearing on Barney.

It takes a lot of guts to go back to your past and to move on from it! The truth is that what has happened
has shaped our lives and has made us what we are today. And so you have to learn to deal with it and move on!
Sometimes you have to face the past!
And once you have managed to get out from under the past, you will discover that you are in a much better place.
So, if you have a problem with your past, you need to let it go!

The singer has always believed in standing out and not looking like all the other girls. She looks best when she stands out. She is not trying to look like all the other girls. Gomez is different from all the other famous entertainers out there in the way she represents herself.

I think she has a lot of things to talk about. I think she is really smart, and I appreciate how she can be a really good listener. It’s not like she’s sitting there and just giving a bunch of boring answers. She asks the right questions, and she listens to the answer. I think she’s really good at what she does.

You need to be the smartest person in the room, even if you don’t want the job. You can always learn and grow from experiences and people.

I don’t know if I believe in fate, but I do believe in what Selena Gomez says: that things happen for a reason.


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