50 Incredible Tyrus Quotes

Tyrus says “I’ll be there for you”, “Don’t hold back, do what you want”, and “I don’t want anything for us”.
This is me.

Tyrus is an American actor, political commentator, and professional wrestler who is best known for wrestling in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as Brodus Clay. He is currently signed to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and is best known for wrestling in the WWE as Brodus Clay.

Tyrus, then only 20 years old, began to wrestle professionally while still in his teens. During the period of 4 years, he and Tensai were undefeated. By the way, Tensai is a pro-wrestler from Japan.

He has been in several movies, such as ‘Scooby Doo’, ‘Supercon’, and ‘MacGyver’ where he was featured as one of the main characters.

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50 Incredible Tyrus Quotes

I was thinking about it, and the corner post thing that Tyrus is referring to is when Steele gets hit from behind and drives into the post instead of moving his feet to defend.

Tyrus says that the reason why heels are great is because of their ridiculous statements, and there are a lot of them.

You can’t be mad at people who don’t feel they’re getting enough of a job done.

A guy who thinks hanging out with Snoop is fun, is cool, you’re in for a rude awakening because he is the most down to earth, boring dude ever.

Every group deserves the same treatment. If you don’t want to listen you don’t have to listen to anyone else.

Tyrus had a lot of things to say about the industry and how it has changed but he did leave out the fact that the big guys are the ones that are the most endangered species. Studds and The Giant are not faring so well now as they have been overtaken by the smaller, more popular, wrestlers.

In order to prevent potential school shootings, President Trump has suggested that teachers and the school administration should be armed.

Tyrus was trying to be a rapper, baller, and actor, but he couldn’t find a balance.

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Tyrus was hired to bodyguard an older guy with a bad temper. After 10 days of training, Tyrus was asked to guard the same man for one more day, but he was now angry and Tyrus didn’t feel confident. So, he decided to become a talker.

He is very quiet and doesn’t get frustrated but when he does, he says it.

Tyrus added that a big thing to him was to be able to be in a situation where he had the freedom to speak his mind, especially when it came to his character. He also mentioned that he wanted to be able to get the right feedback, and not have too many cooks in the kitchen and let him be himself more.

In Canada, he suffered a serious injury in his first few months of training and that ended up holding him back in his career.

When you are good at what you do regardless of what is thrown in front of you, you will make it work.

Tyrus said that he’s just an outspoken guy. He said that he’s not trying to be a leader. He said that he wants to be a leader, at least for the team when they’re on the floor. He said that being vocal helps. He said that he speaks up for what he thinks is right, but not in a negative way.

Tyrus started wrestling when he was 5 years old, but quickly got bored with the sport. He then turned to wrestling in high school and he went on to win four state championships. He then went to Hawaii after graduating from high school to train for the US Olympic team in 1996, but was cut on the day of his trial. He then went back to school and graduated and then went to train for the 2000 Olympics. Tyrus did not win a medal, but this was the year he started bodyguarding and it was the start of his career.

Tyrus is not ready to be a big boy. He doesn’t like being away from the comfort of home for extended periods of time. Tyrus loves the “big boy rules” so he’s not going to try. Tyrus doesn’t know how to be a “big boy” and it shows.

When asked if he felt he was under appreciated or over-looked when he was in WCW, Tyrus expressed how he viewed the time as “great”.

Snoop is a special kind of dude. He’s a star. Everybody wants to be associated with him. Even though he’s not the biggest star, you still have to be in his presence to be recognized.

20th of 50 Tyrus Quotes

The Funkasaurus lost the heavyweight championship match against Brodus Clay.

21. I am starting to think a bit too much.

If you do what you commit to, people are going to respect you and respect what you’re doing.

Cameron was the one that went to take the ring out. The pyro went off for some reason which was a mistake. The girls did not want Cameron to get hurt and they panicked and she put the ring on.

This is the biggest understatement of the season. Tyrus has been playing very well these past few weeks. Unfortunately for him its in the middle of the summer and nothing he does at this point will help him during the NHL season. The goals he set for himself are probably too inflated.

It was awesome training with the wrestling crew in Florida. I learned a lot about what I want to do in life and how much I love wrestling. They were a really great bunch of guys and I hope to get a chance to work with them again.

The American Dream came to the Ring of Honor. He was known as “the toughest guy in the world” and he wasn’t afraid to share that. He had to be. Tyrus was the first in line to battle him.

Tyrus thinks that if we can prove that Trump was a racist, then we get a lot of good things to show for his presidency.

Tyrus had just finished high school and had the time and money to travel to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL to train at the WWE Performance Center. As soon as he arrived there, he was handed a contract and told to come back for a tryout on Monday Night Raw. Tyrus had to cut his hair short to pass his tryout, and this is when the nickname “Kushida The Tyrant” was born.

30th of 50 Tyrus Quotes

Snoop Dogg is a very physical rapper so even his fans will get in his face and push him off the stage, but to be honest this quote is much more positive than that.

Trump has promised that he will host wrestling at his reception. His staff has denied this. One of his advisers has denied this.

The Funkasaurus character was great and it taught me about being humble, it taught me about doing my own thing and not caring about what other people think.

I think that no matter who you are or what you do in life, you should set the bar high. That way, when you do get those things, you can say, I did this. If you didn’t get it, you can look at what you needed to do to get there.

34. Wrestling is the accumulation of a lot of things. All the shareholders come in for all the meetings with the suits and everything.

Being removed from last week’s Wrestlemania was a very tough experience and one that I will never forget. However, it allowed me to work on my confidence and improve my skills to be ready for my main event match against Big Cass.

Snoop Dogg has been dropping disses on John Cena for a while now, and Cena is ready to dish back. He didn’t walk into the venue and immediately call the rapper out, but that’s going to happen anyway. Cena got so pissed off that he didn’t even show up. Cena wasn’t on time and just showed up like an hour late. Cena didn’t even give a courtesy hello, and he just walked into the room and started singing a song. Snoop didn’t even give him the time of day and told him what he was doing was a “f*cking joke.” Cena has been in this game for a long time, so he’s used to things like this.

Vince McMahon said that Triple H said that he didn’t know. They decided that they would make me the face of WWE. They came to me and told me that Funkasaurus was the fastest way to get on TV. The thing with Funkasaurus is that it was such a big deal. There was only time to do the character. I liked the way it worked out. I think I did the character well, but there were a lot of things going on.

I think it may be that people want the government to work, so the only way to do so is to have a bipartisan government. I don’t believe that those two things are mutually exclusive, but that is what a Republican would claim.

Tyrus wanted to make sure that fans know how much he loves Brodus Clay because of the match he broke up on Sunday Night Football.

40th of 50 Tyrus Quotes

Rob MacIntyre, who I trained with, was a big reason behind me dropping a hundred and fifty pounds and making myself fitter.

Tyrus believes that people lose themselves when they lose themselves in the music they produce and that’s why he likes the way he performs, because his passion for the craft comes through to the audience.

The good babyface run, and the track record that was “a very good WrestleMania” was just that, a run by the likes of The Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista. In the end, all four superstars could have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from The Rock, and WrestleMania 18 was the one on which that could have happened.

What’s crazy is, these guys would look at me like they were looking at Cena every single time I was in the ring. It gets annoying because I don’t know if they’re comparing me to Cena or they just have an intense jealousy issue.

One time, I worked at a place called the Saddle Ranch.

I was in a club with a few guys from his hometown and we were all playing football. That’s when I started chasing football.

A lot of people came up with the concept for the title. I was trying to come up with a title that would be a play on words; the phrase “funky” and “saurus” is just a play on the word “funky.” It was really just an idea that popped into my head.

The nickname I was told was Heavy G. I honestly don’t like the name Heavy G at all – it’s like Heavy Metal G or Heavy Rock G. Worked for Heavy D though I guess, for whatever reason. But I honestly don’t think the name Heavy G is my bag at all. I don’t like it.

Make America White Again is a reference to Donald Trump’s campaign of the early 1980s, in which he promised to rebuild the United States by deporting non-white immigrants and removing all federal judges, judges and attorneys who were not white.

If you’re a father, it doesn’t matter what a 5th grade boy did. And if you’re not a father, it doesn’t matter if a 5th grade boy was born.

In my childhood, I didn’t think that anyone could beat up the WWF Champion. I also thought that Andre The Giant was bigger than life, Hulk Hogan was the greatest, and that WCW was great. Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Vince McMahon were great promoters. And Vince always pushed the envelope and made things happen.


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