45 Amazing Matthew Fox Quotes

Matthew Fox is my favorite male/sex symbol.

Matthew Fox was born in New York, and is an American Actor. He is most notably known for his character ‘Jack Shepherd’ on the iconic show Lost. This character portrayed an important role in the original series.

‘We Are Marshall’, ‘Emperor’, and ‘Bone Tomahawk’ are his upcoming films.

When Fox made an appearance on the TV series Wings, it was not a big hit. He then continued to land a few supporting roles, but he was most excited about landing the part of Gabrielle in the popular teen drama series Party of Five.

A collection of best quotes from the actor Matthew Fox.

45 Amazing Matthew Fox Quotes

The only way to learn compassion is to know your own anger, hurt and pain. You have to back up and pass through your own pain.

In a world where showing emotions is frowned upon, you could find that those who don’t show their emotions are good at their jobs. Acting is like any career – if you want to be good at your job, you can’t feel emotions.

We all have ideas about what heroes are supposed to do. But when it really comes down to it, all we know is that we are either doing it right or doing it wrong. And you just do the best you can. You’re not always going to succeed, and you should not feel bad about that. The only thing you should be ashamed of is doing nothing.

Work is vital to our health. The type of work is not important. All work is honorable if it is honest and done to the best of our abilities and if it brings joy to others.

I agree with this sentiment. There is a movement that has been gathering strength in recent years that is very much a movement of Awakening. It has been spreading around the world, and that movement has reached the United States in the form of the Awakening Movement. I think that it has reached us in a very beneficial way, but there still has to be a further rise in consciousness for this to continue to occur.

Matthew Fox starred as teenage vampire hunter Alex Cross in the short-lived 1997 Fox series Party of Five. When the show’s producer came up with an episode that required an alien to become a student at Cross’ high school, Cross told him that he was unavailable, and the show’s producers approached Fox. Fox directed the episode, but couldn’t shoot it until after the third season had already aired. It was the only episode he shot on that show.

The actor tells the audience that he didn’t learn to swim until he was 21 or something because he grew up in the mountains in Wyoming and all the water is glacier runoff and cold.

This year, Matthew Fox was at the top of his game and was nominated for an Emmy for his role in the hit series “Gilmore Girls.” Although he was not able to bring home the trophy he was grateful to have been nominated and said that he would not want to return to a show that dictates his career.

All the stuff you can make from scratch as a result of your thoughts, feelings, and actions is literally a material manifestation of your universe. Whether the universe is infinite or finite is irrelevant; what matters is your own personal perspective.

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A beautiful person is anyone who is a person who possesses qualities that are considered to be beautiful. A beautiful person is someone of whom the world considers positive.

Beauty unites all living things on earth and helps us return to our origins. It heals us when we are sick and has the potential to heal our planet when we are broken.

There is a relationship between justice and sustainability. Justice is sustainable. Unjust things are not sustainable.

~~Some people have a very narrow view of reality. This includes people’s views of spiritual beings (angel or demon), and their views of themselves. We need to realize there are no limits to our potential to improve ourselves, and that no one (and no one that we know of) is beyond help. We just have to do the necessary work to change ourselves.

When we start the process of creation, and we start to learn to live in a very creative way, and when we start to learn to connect to the living Earth in a new way, then a whole new process of creation begins.

People filled with the hunger of soul don’t care what food they eat. You can only take from the table what you desire. No one is a food critic. No one is critical of food. We eat whatever is available because we are hungry of soul and we are hungry for life.

Life is like a tree; it grows from the earth up. The roots are the first part of the tree so we must focus on our roots first.

Self-expression is a way of getting to the heart of who you are. When you do it, you may feel that you are revealing your heart, but you are also keeping something back. It’s a balancing act. One way to make sure you’re revealing your heart is to look at it, and then to share it.

In the end, most of the moments of compassion that I’ve seen are not because of pity or sympathy, but because it’s all about togetherness.

When our inner self connects to our work and our work to our inner self, we will become a servant of our inner self and our work will become servant work.

Creation is us in relationship with all things. It is us in relationship with all things as well. All things, the ones we see and the ones we do not; the whirling galaxies and the wild suns, the black holes and the microorganisms, the trees and the stars, the fish and the whales – the molten lava and the towering snow-capped mountains, the children we give birth to and their children, and theirs, and theirs, and theirs.

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As long as they don’t cause more pain than they relieve, pain is good for us. In particular, it can help the sufferer to make changes that would be too hard without it. Pain forces us to act. The pain itself might be caused by a medical issue or it might result from an emotional issue. If the pain comes from an emotional issue, that means that you’re stuck in a cycle. You might feel that you’re stuck forever, but in fact, if you can get yourself out of the cycle, you can begin a new stage of your life.

Just like our body, our soul has its wrinkles and wrinkles and imperfections, just as our body has its wrinkles and wrinkles. And, just as our body is not the end in our search for health, our soul is not the end in our search for God.

Matthew Fox has played football since he was a child, and played in three colleges, and now in the NFL.

Compassion is not pity. Compassion never considers an object as weak or inferior. Compassion works from strength born of awareness of shared weakness, and not from someone else’s weakness. And that awareness is mutual. Thus to put down another as in pity is to put down oneself.

The universe is in the habit of making beauty. There are flowers, songs, snowflakes, smiles, acts of great courage, laughter between friends, a job well done, the smell of fresh-baked bread. Beauty is everywhere.

Today’s Catholic church seems to attract and reward people who are clearly ill, violent, sexually obsessed and unable to remember the past.

I think we are all filled with darkness, but don’t be afraid to recognize yours.

If we are to go beyond war, even the war between nations, and recognize the universal struggle that we all share, we must, at the same time, see the great and growing need for all kinds of cooperation within the family of humanity as well as with all other kinds of cooperation and mutual support. We must understand that true human fulfillment takes place when the heart-mind and the wisdom of the soul realize a deeper unity than is ever possible in a world of dualisms.

Otto Rank was a psychoanalyst who was a champion of Freud’s ideas. He was also a social activist, and was a champion of social change and social justice. At the time of his death in 1939, Rank had been engaged for many years in helping people with psychiatric afflictions, especially in Palestine. The book you are reading is his book Art and Artist, which he coauthored with his daughter, Anna Freud.

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We are living in a period when the established way of doing things is changing, and many people don’t know what to do with that.

There is no positive thinking. There is no positive thinking in faith. Faith is about going beyond the positive thinking and the negative thinking. Not saying that there is no faith in the positive and the negative. I am saying that faith is a way of life that is not easy at any point in time. Faith is about going beyond the positive and the negative. It’s about going deep into faith.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of advantages that come along with a career in movies, especially one such as this one.

I’m a Pacific Islander and most places in the Pacific have seasons. I love the Pacific Ocean but 2,500 miles from the closest continent is a little too far to experience a true winter. Besides, there’s not much here, only a couple of villages and a handful of hotels and resorts that I’m not welcome in.

When I meditate I feel less alive. I feel less alive because I’m not in the present moment but I’m reading blogs. When I read a good blog, I feel better. I feel bad in a way because I think I’m not paying attention anymore, but the blog makes me more aware of being here, more alive.

When we are open to our suffering, we can choose to live in the light – to face who we truly are. We can be fully present with our pain – and embrace it with our whole being. We can heal the pain of our past, and we can let go of the pain of our present. We can choose healing over suffering – because healing is possible. I hope you will choose healing!

In summary, people think they are unique. They are not. But animals are not unique. They are the same as the other animals. They love. They strive to survive, to celebrate, to propagate. So certainly something we learn from animals is love. To survive and to celebrate, propagate, and to love life. To be the best we can be – the right to be here and the responsibility to be the best dog or bear or horse that they can be. Humans have the tendency to self-pity that other animals don’t indulge in.

There are few people who are more intense than this particular actor. He’s always been a man of extremes, and that has served him well.

I believe in a universal design, but I also believe in the value of human labor to the world. Jobs are important, but work is the ultimate end that they bring to our lives.

In his book “Coming Up For Air: A Journey into the War Zone,” Matthew Fox says that the majority of Christians are actually not “Christians” but rather fundamentalist. They believe that giving money to the church and obeying certain rules will keep us out of hell. He explains that they have nothing to do with Jesus and his message of love.

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Political movements for justice are part of the fuller development of the cosmos, and nature is the matrix in which humans come to their self-awareness of their power to transform.
Liberation movements are a fuller development of the cosmos’s sense of harmony, balance, justice, and celebration.
This is why true spiritual liberation demands rituals of cosmic celebrating and healing, which will, in turn, culminate in personal transformation and liberation.

When we pray, we are making our hearts strong by talking to God. And when we talk to God, we are strengthening our hearts so that fear cannot penetrate there.

I agree with Matthew that we should save species that are at risk of extinction, and there are many species that are threatened. But I am not so sure about preserving areas of land so they look like the animals are free to have their natural behaviour. There is no “wilderness” in nature, any more than we have created “free-range” animals to be free to behave as they wish. We should stop viewing the earth as some kind of “wilderness,” for if we do, we will eventually destroy it.

In my opinion, it [filmmaking] is always sort of building a mosaic of this arc of what the character is going through. And this is something that I learned from working in theatre. And it is about the arc. It’s not about the event. [It’s] like a life cycle, like a life journey. It’s like a hero’s journey…it’s about what the character is going through. And I think that is so important in filmmaking.

We can work on our soul through experiencing life-the beauty and joy as well as the sorrow and pain. Soul work requires paying attention to life, to the laughter and the sorrow, the enlightening and the frightening, the inspiring and the silly.

We believe a renaissance is right around the corner, because we are at the end of the end of the world.


So we’ve got a lot of stuff to do, so a lot of talking to do, and some thinking to do, and some praying to do, and some dreaming to do. So we’ve got a lot of stuff to do.

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