20 Motivational Beyonce Quotes About Life

But I don’t think it’s fair to say that “all” of her songs are hits, I just believe the number of quality, top ten hits that Beyonce has are pretty ridiculous compared to most other artists.

In January of last year, Beyonce released her album ‘Beyonce’ which was met with rave reviews from critics around the world. The album went on to sell close to 5 million copies in the first week of release, and was at the top of the charts for most of the first quarter of 2012.

Here are some of the best Beyonce quotes about life and beauty.

“If you like this list and you want more lists, you can always check out Jay Z who has more than his share.

20 Beyonce Quotes

When I truly accept myself, when people who don’t know me accept me, and when I learn from my mistakes, I will stop caring about what people who don’t know me think.

I can’t even begin to think of a more awesome way to begin a spiritual journey than to ask God to reveal the truth of something. Be mindful that we are told not to be anxious about anything, whether it’s the answer we get or not. The important thing is asking the question and the fact that we’re asking the question. If we have a genuine and righteous desire to know the truth, and we ask God to reveal it to us then he will do it.

I think that Beyonce is really amazing. I like her, she’s talented, she’s doing very well. I’ve actually been following her ever since Destiny’s Child and she’s done very well. I’ve always followed her and I used to listen to her music all the time. I think she’s really talented. She’s good.

When you really don’t like someone they want to be around you, and then as soon as you try to be social they’re no longer interested.

Music can be a great tool to get you in other kinds of things, like, you know, doing cool stuff, you know, having fun, you know, and being around people who are fun, but it has to fall back.

6th of Beyonce Quotes

There are two things in life that give you true happiness and power: hard work and sacrifice.

This is a classic statement by the Queen Bee. She is passionate, and that’s why she gets a lot done. The more you like your job, the more you’ll want to do it. And if you’re already passionate about it, even better.

I know we all have our imperfections, but some people choose to do other things about them than to do anything about them.

Beyonce’s husband is a major rapper, and she doesn’t just play a supportive wife to him. Beyonce has sold out stadium shows, and is a major force in music and fashion.

Beyonce is a very spiritual person. She said that she felt like she had an obligation to carry her culture on. The way she expresses herself, and the way she treats others, comes from a very spiritual place. It is her way of respecting and carrying on her culture in a positive way that everyone can receive.

11th of Beyonce Quotes

Beyonce told an interviewer: I get nervous when I don’t get nervous. If I’m nervous I know that I’m going to have a good show.

Shutting down and thinking about things logically is a great way to deal with frustration, but it’s not always the best way. You may want to try taking a few deep breaths while focusing on your anger and see how that changes your perspective.

There’s an old saying that once you start down the path of least resistance, you’ll be forced to go all the way. Sometimes the only choice you can make is to go against the grain.
It means you have to keep striving, keep asking for more. When will you reach the next goal?
Once you’ve achieved that first goal, you’ll be forced to set a new higher goal.

Women, you should be able to control your own money, as well as who you spend your time with. You should be able to be financially independent from your boyfriends- and you should be able to define what’s sexy.

This is the quote I use in every one of my articles! It’s also something that I’ve been thinking about and pondering on for some time, and it’s something that I want to continue to think about. I feel like a brand is something that’s very commercial and something that is very, very specific. What I want to strive for is something that is, at its core, a song. A song that makes someone feel something. It gets them to think or react to something.

Successful people need people around them who’ll support them. They also need people around them who’ll bring out the best in them.

If you don’t like the person you are now, change it. If you are unhappy with how you present yourself, you might want to change that as well.

18th of Beyonce Quotes

I use the negatives to fuel the transformation into a better me.

Travel has always been a big part of my life. Traveling has taken me to many exciting and mysterious places both for work and leisure, but I am looking forward to exploring more of the world in the next few years.

She loves her job and she knows what is needed to stay in it.

Bey was just a normal girl growing up. She wasn’t adopted or anything. She made sure to clarify this point in her performance. I have my dad to thank for being my dad, but I never had a Jacksons family. But I do have a family, and I want to make sure my family is shown in a good light.

To be successful in your own life, you must get to a point where you love yourself! You must be happy with your life, your purpose, and your strengths!

The message I want to get across is that you shouldn’t feel bad for taking a break.

When you see the big picture of the world as a whole, the problems and the challenges and the struggles, you’ll be overwhelmed with the need to be able to help others in whatever you do.

I want to see the world change, but sometimes I don’t get the chance to change the situation.


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