35 Denzel Washington Quotes On Opportunity, Worry & Pride

Denzel Washington is an American actor, known for his performances in Training Day, Black Hawk Down, Flight, The Equalizer, The Book of Eli, and many more notorious films.

This collection of Denzel Washington quotes is based on the words he uses in his movies and the actors that play his role.

35 Denzel Washington Quotes

I can’t agree more with Denzel, and I hope to be luckier than he has been.

“The classic struggle” is when there is a struggle in a country.

It is not the way you feel or the situation in life that determines your happiness, but rather it is your relationship to God (or an Higher Power) that you feel in your heart and soul, that helps you find happiness.

If you look at the bottom of the list, the most important thing for people who want to get hired is that the applicant must be able to get along with other people. This is the second most important skill to be hired.

I can’t agree more with this quote. Being watched by a camera is not fun. Denzel was right, but on the other hand, there was something so satisfying about watching Denzel doing his thing.

My mother used to tell me, man gives the award, god gives the reward. I don’t need another plaque.

This quote is the perfect advice to remember when you are working on your next big project. Worrying about the project before you start can cause you to do all sorts of stupid things.

9th of 35 Denzel Washington Quotes

I just don’t really care about awards and I’ve been around Hollywood enough to know it really doesn’t matter.

Denzel Washington plays the lead in a movie. He has a specific role to play and he plays it well. That’s what’s great about movies. Once they’re done, they belong to everyone. Once you make it, it’s what we see. That’s where my head is at.

We all know Denzel when he said it, but when we heard it again, it was like a light bulb going on for us. In that moment, we understood it!

There’s only one thing you can fall for, and that’s family.

It’s important to know that sometimes, in order to get the job done, you gotta deal with the mud too.

Not using my abilities to achieve the things that I want, would cause me to be too scared to do it at all. And laziness and procrastination would be too much for me to handle.

I am very proud to be black, but black is not all I am. That’s my cultural historical background, my genetic makeup, but it’s not all of who I am nor is it the basis from which I answer every question.

If you don’t trust the driver, don’t leave your home.

Denzel Washington said what he meant is that his mother never gave up on him despite of his academic struggles.

19th of 35 Denzel Washington Quotes

The most work needs to be done “behind the camera” is not in front of the camera, but behind the camera, not in front of it.

We shouldn’t just be mad at other people – we should look at their faults and figure out how to get the best out of them.

Acting is just a way to make a living, but being a good person is what matters. I was raised in a family that always helped and supported me. I’m truly fortunate to have had good role models and have good values.

Wesley Snipes is quoted saying that he was inexperienced and not very good at acting when he made A Soldier’s Story. However, he grew in his craft while making Training Day, and now feels like he knows everything he needs to know about acting.

The road to achievement is long and it is filled with obstacles. Discipline and consistency are mandatory.

After being a huge success in both movie and TV, Denzel Washington’s work is finally being recognized and he’s finally getting the award he deserves but even so, he still stands by his morals that it’s not all about the money and in this quote, he says he wants to lift others while being the one who gets lifted by others too.

I never know who I’m going to touch. However, I am aware that the lives I touch might be affected by what I do. I must always be careful of my example and set a good one. It is a responsibility I must take seriously.

It can be hard to be spiritually, emotionally, and financially well-adjusted if you have a disability. It is important to remember to take care of yourself by being happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

You’re going to have a lot of times in the day, where your day is going to have a lot of work. It’s going to get to be a grind and that’s okay.

While it may be easy to be a great actor when you have the opportunity to work with great directors and star in great movies, it is a different story when you are working in a B-level movie. The opportunities to shine are very limited.

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I also enjoy playing around and just being myself. If you are always thinking about how you should be, there is no fun.

When it comes to his work, Denzel Washington is an artist. He puts his best into each project, and he gives his best when it comes to making movies. Like it or not, his work matters to him.

It is not my ultimate life dream project to have a family. My ultimate life dream project is to become an expert in the field of ‘being a good person’.

The statement was made by the actor during a press conference for the film The Magnificent Seven.

Women who believe in their men know that they are important to him. You can tell him that he is amazing by telling him and encouraging him.

It is very easy to see the beauty in people’s faces, but it can be difficult to experience it as they are. The soul is the heart of a person; the heart that they share with another human being. The soul is the essence of a person, their spirit, their heart, and their soul. The essence of a person is their soul. The more a person can experience a person’s soul, the more that person can know them. The soul is the heart. The heart is the soul.The heart is the soul.

If we have all been blessed with good fortune then it is our duty as a people to share that good fortune.

The original sentence says that we all have received ‘all of our share of good fortune’, whereas the paraphrase says we have been ‘all blessed with good fortune’. This example is a common source of confusion in the English language, as the word ‘fortune’ can mean both fortune and good fortune.



The American actor Denzel Washington has been playing roles in Hollywood movies for many years. He is most famous and popular for his roles as Detective Alonzo Harris in the movie Training Day, as Roland Pryzbylewski in the movie Flight and as Detective William R. Washington in the movie The Pelican Brief.

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